30 Florida Players Have Been Arrested Under Meyer

30 Florida Players Have Been Arrested Under Meyer

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Coming off the heels of the Chris Rainey arrest, Urban has hit a milestone.  A milestone that he surely didn’t want to hit.  30 players have been arrested since Urban Meyer took over at Florida.

Not sure if this is exactly indicative of Meyer, but more indicative of the type of player that must be recruited in order to win championships.  It’s impossible to keep an eye on these guys 24/7.

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Comments 3

  1. Jon
    Commented : 4 years ago

    Undoubtedly, there is a strong correlation between teams that have a lot of talent and problems with the law. Just look at Tennessee when they were winning under Fulmer, many kids were in trouble but they won. I think we are obviously seeing that with Florida in the Meyer era.

  2. Bo
    Commented : 4 years ago

    How do you know with these kids though. Rainey has never had any trouble with the law and was highly recommended by his high school guidance counselor. He also spent a ton of time at Meyer’s house hanging out with his young son. Then he gets in trouble for this, a terrible accusation. Some kids are risks, I get that, but when a good one does something dumb why does the blame fall on the coach?

  3. Jon
    Commented : 4 years ago

    I agree; however, Meyer’s name is on the program. It is not his fault, but he is the one who takes the most heat from the media because he recruits the kids into the program. The kids are the ones who do the stupid things and Meyer has no control what they do after hours, but 30 arrests since he’s been in Gainesville puts a dark cloud over the program.