AJC Blogger Rips Mark Richt & Georgia

Not that this is shocking, but certain members of the media that cover the 2010 Georgia Bulldogs are starting to turn on Mark Richt.  Whether you’re for or against Richt, it doesn’t matter, this is how it always works.

AJC blogger Jeff Schultz goes after the Dawgs in his latest piece.  His main point is that the troubles are not isolated to a single area of the game, but are widespread, which of course is definitely not encouraging for Georgia fans.

The head coach (Mark Richt) is 2-6 in his past eight SEC games. The vaunted offensive line coach (Stacy Searels) frankly hasn’t done bupkis since his arrival, recent evidence being that his supposed top group of linemen just allowed six sacks to a projected average defense. The new defensive coordinator, Todd Grantham, isn’t looking much better than the old one (Willie Martinez).

When all of those things happen, we’ve transitioned from downward trend to potential new identity. Georgia is an average team right now.



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  • The Dawgs were 3-6 in SEC play going into the second half of the 2007 season. At the time of the 2007 UT blowout loss, there was such a weeping and nashing of teeth in the Dawg Nation that it sounded like the program had imploded. Following that 2007 loss to Tennesee, they rattled off an undefeated streak that ended with a victory in the Sugar Bowl and being ranked #2 in the country at the end of the season. Not to say that this will happen again, just to say that Georgia has been in exactly this spot before just three years ago.

  • When you start citing Jeff Shultz (or any writer for the AJC), you have lost me.


  • Dumpster:

    Good thoughts there… interesting comparison.

  • Did anybody else hear that AJ Green didn’t play in the Arkansas game?

  • he states that Grantham isn’t looking any better than Martinez right?
    ’09 Carolina Scored 37
    ’09 Arkansas Scored 42

    Both have better teams and offenses this year, and combined scored 48. The defense is looking much better. The offensive line that was supposed to be our strength is so far, our weakness by far. Everytime Murray tried to throw Saturday someone touched his shoulder, not good. Bobo really isn’t the problem, sure he could call a better game… but so could anyone when you dissect every play call. We have to get this vaunted o-line playing like one fast or this is going to be a long long year.

  • Defense is better under CTG and will continue to improve. O line is lacking and even when the holes were open the running backs are not gaining what they should and I think that will get turned around. Murray is learning on the job but has all the talent to be great. This team will get a lot better. Those who would like to see Richt gone, please list the coaches who could come into Georgia and do a better job. Not wish list coaches who are running top programs they’re not about to leave or guys like Gene Stallings or Jimmy Johnson who aren’t going to come out of retirement or leave the broadcast booth. Before GA fans start wishing Richt gone, take a moment and remember what happened at Tennessee (not taking a shot at Dooley, just the process of Kiffin arriving and departing and hits the their program took).

  • You lost me at AJC… Shultz is an idiot and is merely writing for headlines, and blogging out his butt.

  • After watching the replay of the game, I have to say this:
    We need Caleb King back more than I realized.

    Ealey can’t pass block… at all…
    That big 3rd down sack in the 4th Qtr that tore Murray’s helmet off resluted from the “lay down and pretend you’re in the way” routine Ealey tried on the OLB… it was the most horrific piece of non-blocking I’ve ever seen.

    And he missed a huge block earlier (though it was a tough one) when he was selling the fake at the same time they blitzed the play-action hole. If you’re gonna sell it, SELL it… If not, BLOCK the guy coming thru the gap.

    Hat off to Petrino… that was a great play call on the last TD… 45 had burned us all day long (and the preceding 2 consecutive plays) with the underneath routes and Petrino KNEW the CB would bit down hard on it and leave the outside WR a window before the safety could get over to the sideline… great call, great play… Williams really needed to make that tackle tho… but he was coming pretty hard to make the adjust on the fly…

    Just a big ole bummer of an ending…

  • Dumpster,

    Who was it we beat 2007 ?

    I must have missed that game. We lost to a South Carolina team who ended up 6-6 even with their win over us and did not even play in a bowl game. The vols in 2007 were obviously not a great team either; but they too beat us. On our side of the ledger, our bowl win was over # 19 Hawaii. That’s like 2002 when we beat a 5-loss # 24 ranked Florida State team in our bowl game.

    We have 3 wins in the Coach Richt Era over Top 10 Final AP Poll teams. 2001 when we beat # 4 vols but lost 4 games 2001. 2005 when we beat # 6 LSU in SEC Championship Game but lost 3 games 2005. 2006 when we beat # 9 Auburn but lost 4 games 2006 as well.

    We have LOST every other game against a Top 10 Final AP Poll team.

    We have also LOST 8 more games against teams NOT ranked in the Top 25 even Final AP Poll, even with their win over Coach Richt, not ranked.

    If you found the 2007 year was NOT OVER with the early losses to South Carolina and Tennessee, then by all means this season is not over.

    And, we are NOT DOWN.

    Just because we have LOST the last 3 games in The SEC to the likes of Kentucky, South Carolina and Arky.

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