Should Justin Wilcox Leave For Texas – Hello Al Wilson

Tennessee fans are wondering what will happen with Justin Wilcox and possible mutual interest from the Texas Longhorns to court him to be their next defensive coordinator. Let’s step out on a limb here and say Wilcox does indeed accept the Texas offer. What direction will Tennessee turn?

Derek Dooley has recently said that there are tons of coaches who would be begging for the defensive coordinator job at Tennessee if Wilcox were to leave, and I completely agree with him. However, I know exactly what I would do if I were in Dooley’s shoes. I would promote current linebacker coach Lance Thompson to defensive coordinator and hire the hottest linebacker coach in the country that no one is talking about…except Tennessee – Al Wilson.

Wilson had a great college career and NFL career. He played for the Volunteers in the late 90’s and everyone who touched the ball while playing against him feared him the most. After Tennessee, Wilson was drafted by the Denver Broncos in the first round. He went on to have a decorated career and recently retired from the NFL in 2008 after a tremendous, All-Pro career.

While at Tennessee, Wilson led the defense in 1998 all the way to the National Title. His crippling hits will be remembered forever in the minds of Vol fans.

If Dooley could somehow get Wilson on the coaching staff, especially at linebackers coach, linebacker recruits would be flocking to Knoxville.

If Wilcox were to leave for Texas, Volunteer fans should be hot on Dooley to bring Al Wilson back home.



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  • So exactly which school is Al Wilson such a hot LB coach for?

  • I love the idea, but is Al even a coach?

  • Still waiting on Peyton to get tired of the NFL and come back to coach the offense

  • How about posting the Kentucky-Tennessee score on the schedule on the right side of the page? It was played Nov. 27!

  • Al Wilson is currently developing football camps for youth in the Knoxville area and was named to the SEC Legends Team at the SEC Championship in Atlanta this month.

  • I don’t care if he’s coached a day in his life he know the linebacker position in a 4-3 defense as well as anyone. And even if his Xs and Os aren’t the best his ability to relate to, shape, and motivate our players would be priceless. Al was the best leader any Tennessee football team has ever seen and there’s not even a close second (yes, that includes Peyton)

  • hey man quit posting under my username in volquest please, or send me a check cause it aint cheap. If you keep doing it i am changing my username and password. Thanks rkc1234

  • Al Wilson is the single biggest reason Tennessee won the National Championship in “98. He simply willed the team to victory – wouldn’t have won the SEC Championship game if he hadn’t put the fear of God in his teammates at halftime – lol. He would not be denied – and you were going to answer to him if you didn’t agree. He still is around the program a lot – just not sure what type of coach he would be. He wouldn’t be able to handle things the same way he did as a player. If Wilcox leaves, I would like to see Thompson get a shot as DC – he’s our best recruiter and is a good coach. We definitely need to keep Lance on this staff and happy.

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