Alabama Paying Dr Phillips High School For Use, Will Upgrade Their Facilities

Interesting news out of Orlando in that Alabama will be paying Dr Phillips High School for using their facilities.  Alabama will also be funding the upgrades of some of these facilities.

The reason this is interesting is because DPHS is home to prized recruits Ha’Sean Clinton-Dix and Dee Hart.  Clinton-Dix is committed to Alabama, but Hart is currently committed to Michigan.  This will be interesting to see how it shakes out.

So… shady recruiting tactic, charitable act, or standard procedure for bowl practice?

More on this here.



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  • Wait! So, they are paying $50/hr to use the locker room, painting it, and leveling the field! Man o’ Man, was kid wouldn’t change commitments after that. I’m mean it’s not like they are building a stadium or giving them top of the line equipment. I mean, who wouldn’t want to practice on a level field for a bowl game? Who wouldn’t reimburse someone for the use of facilities that aren’t theirs? It’s unheard of! It’s shameless! Maybe it’s just being respectful for a school/program allowing a visiting team to use their facilites and thanking them for it.

    • Why even use this field in the first place when you have a D-1 college in the same town that they could have used/payed to use. UCF is also there….this is blatant bribing from any normal person’s perspective.

  • Does this afford the Alabama players and coaches the potential for unlimited contact with these recruits during this period, or are they having the school keep everyone away from their practices? If they can do this, you know there is going to be construction projects at high schools all over America next year.

    • You are a moron – the schools are out for Christmas break… Why do think that the school offered to allow Bama to practice at their facility… You seriously are getting dumber with each post and that is almost impossible…

      • Brian, even with the schools being out for Christmas vacation, do you seriously think their head coach instructed his players to stay away from the football fields? Why do I think that school allowed them to practice there? Maybe it was the promise of a free upgrade. Do I think Alabama would do anything underhanded? Of course I do, and it doesn’t take a “moron” to figure out that a team that has been on NCAA probation three times in the past decade would do whatever it takes to gain an advantage in recruiting, legal or not.

      • BTW Brian, if I was posting dumber and dumber, it would sound something like this. We all know the NCAA is going to hammer you. Enjoy those wins while you can, because you’re going to have them all taken away from you. And you’ll be lucky to ever have a team again when you get the death penalty. RTR!!!

    • All the high school officials have to do is say, “I didn’t know what was going on. I had nothing to do with it.”…isn’t that right? Seems to work with other NCAA rules.

  • If I may quote every bama fan this season, “Where there’s smoke there’s fire! GUILTY, GUILTY, GUILTY!” (See how dumb that sounds?)

    • Hahaha so so true! That & “War Scam” are the only things Bammers knew how say this season.

    • Excuse me but you are “quoting every bama fan”??? I am a Bama fan I don’t think I have ever met you so how can you quote me????

    • Let’s make a deal. Since I don’t know you from Adam, I won’t stereotype you. And you’ll afford me the same courtesy. Thank you very much. Go SEC! And first and foremost, Roll Damn Tide!

      • Where’s the smoke? It’s called innovation within the rules, much different than innovation outside the rules, i.e. paying Cam Newton’s dad to allow your school the opportunity to sign him. Of course Bama is expecting to gain an advantage out of upgrading the facilities. If whatever school you pull for wouldn’t do the same thing, I suspect that particular school is a bottom of the pack school. The people who are most successful will do whatever it takes, within the rules, to gain a competitive advantage. If you don’t then expect to suck.

        • Brad, let’s deal in reality. There have been no allegations about any dealings between Cecil Newton and any of the schools that were recruiting his son, other than his involvement with three rogue Mississippi State boosters. How you jump from that, to Auburn paying Cecil Newton is beyond explanation.

          With that said, I agree that every major school will create situations that will give them an advantage. When Gene Chizik first came to Auburn, he instituted the “Big Cat Weekend”, which was very successful and has since been copied by other coaches. He also rented stretch limousines to carry all of the coaches to visit a recruit at their home or school. The NCAA has since stepped in and stopped the limousines, but every coach tries to be imaginative, to impress these kids in any way possible.

  • Okay, I am from Orlando and very familar with the Orange County school board facility use policies. $50-$75 an hour is the going rate for non-profit agencies to use the gyms, fields, etc. The donation to the program is surely a good faith gesture from Alabama to say “thanks”! ROLL TIDE!!

    • Again, I’m by no means saying this is a recruiting violation. If anything its a calculated, smart move. If coach Salapa is pro-Alabama, it doesn’t hurt to have him nudge his guys towards Alabama, no?

  • Really? Are people really trying to go there? Its not like the father of one of our players acted as his pimp. Give it a rest!!! This is respect, and thank for the facilities. Alabama has a top rated football program, and coach. RTR!!!!!

    • Kelly, did you really want to go there? It’s not like Auburn is the team that’s been on probation three times over the past decade.

    • Kelly, did you really need to go there? It’s not like our team is the one who is on their third probation over the past decade.

      • Johnny Smith do you really want to go there? My team has not been on probation seven times (second most in the NCAA) going on eight. You went undefeated in 1957 and went on probation. Undefeated in 1993 but no one could see it because of……. you guessed it probation. Funny thing is it wasn’t the first time your team had been put on a tv ban(1979-1980). 2004 Sociologygate ring a bell. Your pathetic excuse for a university almost lost it’s accredidation. So yeah I would say there is a good reason to think that barner U is cheating again. The saying shouldn’t be if “God be blessin the devil be messin”. It should read “If the Barn be winning, the boosters be spending”.

        • JerryWorld, it’s funny that you would put down our 1957 national championship because we were on probation. Here’s a more recent one for you. The Alabama team that won the BCS Championship in 2010 was on NCAA probation. Tit for tat. Yes, every school that wins on a higher level in the NCAA has a run-in with the NCAA from time to time, but everyone is also aware of the fact that Alabama was off-limits to the NCAA during the 25 years that Bear Bryant was coaching. They are also aware that every time Auburn, or any other SEC school, began getting too competitive with Alabama, the NCAA came snooping. All of that changed when Bear Bryant died. Suddenly, Alabama was being held to the same standards as every other SEC school. Since Bear Bryant’s death in 1983, Alabama has been on more probations than Auburn.

          “…Alabama has seen it all over the last 20 years. Shady loans. Athletes illicitly accepting cash payments from agents and boosters. Multiple probations. Postseason bans. Scholarship reductions. Lack of institutional control. You name it, the Crimson Tide has done it.

          Welcome to Alabama, where the NCAA probations are nearly as prevalent as national championships. Actually, in the last decade, Alabama has recorded more NCAA probations (three) than it has national titles (one)…”

          “…It should also be noted that the iconic Bear Bryant may not have ever been caught cheating himself, but he tutored some of college football’s biggest outlaws.. Charley Pell, Pat Dye, Danny Ford and Jackie Sherrill all were Bear disciples who went on to provide some of the most unique interpretations of the NCAA rulebook in the history of college football…”

          “…It also came out in ’89 that two-thirds of his (Bill Curry) players were on academic probation.” This was his SEC Championship team.

          Gene Stallings: …Stallings fit the ‘Bama mold perfectly, delivering the school its 12th national title in 1992. Unfortunately, his tenure also produced the Tide’s first-ever NCAA probation. An investigation found that boosters had provided loans totaling $24,000 to former player Gene Jelks — whose audio-taped conversations touched off the scandal — and that the school failed to declare cornerback Antonio Langham ineligible during the ’93 season after he signed with an agent. The Tide had to forfeit their ’93 wins, were banned from the ’95 postseason and lost scholarships in ’96 and ’97.

          Mike DuBose: “… A month before the start of the 1999 season, DuBose admitted lying about an improper relationship with a female employee, the school settling a sexual harassment claim by the woman for $350,000 and reducing DuBose’s pay. DuBose bought himself time when his team went 10-3 and won the SEC championship, but he was fired a year later when the Tide went 3-8. Soon thereafter, the former high school coach for DuBose recruit Albert Means announced that he received $200,000 from boosters to ensure Means signed with ‘Bama.”

          Dennis Franchione: “… In February 2002, the NCAA announced its punishment for the Means incident and other violations: five years probation, a two-year bowl ban and the loss of 21 scholarships over three years. Despite that, Franchione managed to retain every player on the roster and lead the Tide to a 10-3 record in 2002. But he started to make fans nervous when he delayed signing a contract extension and word came that further sanctions could be in the offing.”

          Mike Price: “… But then came word in late April — four months before his first game — that ‘Bama was investigating Price’s behavior at a golf tournament in Pensacola, Fla., reportedly involving an expensive visit to a strip club and a woman charging $1,000 in room service to his hotel room.”

        • Jerry- You are just another bammer with a very raw ass- AU just gave you a beat down in T-Town and you just can not stand it- I know it hurts, knowing that AU has caught up with Bama after only 2 years, but you have to accept—- There is no team in the SEC that breaks the rules more than Bama, but you feel you are entitled to the best just because you are Bama- You do not mention the 60’s and 70’s when the Bama alumni provided so much cash that up to 150 players were on scholarship, while other SEC schools had only 60 to 80. This is why Bama got smashed by the Nebraska’s, Notre Dames’s, USC’s, because these schools also had heavy cash for players– But then you are too stupid to say anything but “roll tide” but you should say ‘row tide”- Can’t wait to hear your dumb ass when saban leaves for the NFL shortly– So rammer jammer bammer 28-27- See ya next year in AU!!

  • Very calculated move by Saban and Co, there are many other schools closer to the stadium and that have nicer facilities. Only reason they chose DPHS is because of Hart and HCD. Saban will invite them to every practice and be in their ear during this “dead period.”

    • Actually, the Capital One Bowl is the one that chose the facilities. Also, Alabama upgraded the facilities they used last year in CA before the BCSCG. They weren’t recruiting anyone from that high school last year.

  • I live in Central Florida and Dr. Philips is not a football factory if that was the case Bama should go to Miami and upgrade the high schools there, then we might have a story… What a worthless blog/post…

  • Absolutely legal and standard procedure by 100% of every BCS school in America that uses local HS or public facilities to pay and or upgrade to accomodate for their useage. And if there happens to be some local talent nearby the mores the merrier. Part of the bonus of becoming bowl eligible. It might also shock you to know colleges donate their old equipment, sometimes in the 6 figures wirth to high schools and yeah some of those schools either have or will have prospects at some time. Many schools even bring their own weight room equipment in several moving vans and set up shop and entertain athletes and non athletes from local schools to practice. PR moves to induce attendance at practice from athletes and general student body students. Now that is not so prevelent at a championship event such as BCS when the atmosphere is more serious.

  • I truly hope this Clinton-Dix kid doesn’t have to go through anything like Cam did this season. While the media is looking for the next Alabama – Auburn scandal, remember the young men whose lives are being affected by the crap that is being reported. It would be nice if the media would put as much effort in reporting the games as they do in stirring-up trouble. All I’ve got to say is: Good for that school!!! With the economy the way it is today, it would be ridiculous for a school to turn down an offer for free improvements. ~WARRR EAGLE~

  • By the way, when does Alabama come off probation for their last recruting violation?? Oh yeah that is 2013 because it was 5 years for paying players to come play at Alabama. Go look it up. What hypocrits. War Damn Eagle!!

    • It seems to be you who has your facts wrong. A coach was paid not a player. That was ten years ago. Probation now is because of the textbook scandal. Auburn and Eric Ramsey should know about paid players. “Keep it down home cuz”. Roll Tide Roll
      And if you care to look more into this story Capital One chose this school for Alabama.

  • “shady recruiting tactic, charitable act, or standard procedure for bowl practice?”

    I am sure we could find evidence supporting all three possibilities. But lets beat up some posts first.

    @Brian – “You are a moron – the schools are out for Christmas break”
    You seriously think that because the school is out on break that the students wont want to watch bama practice? Especially the two students who are deciding on going to that school for that very reason?
    Stupid Point +1

    I dont think its a matter of if they are being fair in paying or paying too much or not enough. It is just amazingly coincidental that they happen to pick a school where two highly sought after recruits are attending.

    @Kelly – “Really? Are people really trying to go there?”
    Yes, turn about is fair play. Alabama is just as shady as every other school out there. Everyone picked on AU all year at the “coincidence” surrounding Cam Newton. So, expect another “scandal”, but dont worry Bama is used to them.

    @Brian – “I live in Central Florida and…”
    Kevin already dinged you. So I will just assign the next stupid point. +2

    @Jim – “PR moves to induce attendance at practice from athletes and general student body students.”
    Awesome post. But you seem to enforce the question even more. Does allowing prospective athletes the possibility to interact with the football team a dirty tactic, if this is not seen as a recruiting violation?

    @Richard –
    Before debating, it helps to go read the actual violation.
    Stupid Point + 1

    @joe – “A coach was paid not a player….”
    A Coach, a father, a player… either way, it was still a recruitment violation and they came off probation in 2007.
    Auburn has had 4 major violations since 1953. Bama has had 4 as well. Since 1990 Auburn has had 1, Bama has had 3. Auburn was on 2 years probation and Bama is still serving part of its 10 years. And lets not even get into secondary violations.
    Seriously, your ‘zing’ was from 1993. haha. Holy crap. Pot, meet kettle.

    “And if you care to look more into this story Capital One chose this school for Alabama.”
    And if you dont think that Bama “suggested” this school, you are on crack. Either that, or they gave Bama a list of possible schools in the area.

    Stupid points +10

    /sigh I miss debate team.

  • At least Alabama isn’t buying a championship, dipschitts.

    And mikey, your post was idiotic.

    • I can tell you put a great amount of thought into your rebuttal. You have shown me the error of my ways. I shall, from now on, try to have my posts resemble yours. Short and pointless.

      • You meant to say “ALL” of his thought went into his rebuttal didn’t you Mikey? Try to be patient with him. He’s just extremely proud of the fact that he can actually define AND SPELL idiotic. Impressive, eh?

  • I just hope that Lil’ 5’3″ Nickie Saban doesn’t get mistaken for one of Snow White’s dwarves while he’s in Orlando being so close to Disney and everything. He does after all bare a striking resemblence to “Dopey”.
    Just sayin…

    • Well, they didn’t grab Chizik last year did they? You do know that he’s actually shorter than Saban, right?

      • As to be expected another ala fan living in fantasy world. Just another reason they might nab Lil’ Nickie. Nick Saben is approx. 5’6″ but wears inserts in his shoes like Tom Cruise to make him appear taller. Did you not watch the Iron Bowl. Saben was the same height as the female announcer that was interviewing him. Granted, Chizik is only 5’9″ or so but not the squirt / napoleon size of Trickie Nickie. Again, did you not see them together at the end of the game? Don’t remember that? Go back and look if you didn’t erase your VHS copy just cause ya got spanked. The score was 28-27 Auburn in case you forgot that too! Ya BLEW a 24 point lead, remember? Just because you make up some crap and say it, doesn’t make it true.

        • Here we go again. Jumping up and down about “28-27!!!!” As I recall, no one, besides you of course, said ANYTHING about the Iron Bowl. The Iron Bowl is over, get it? O-V-E-R. No one cares about the past anymore and no one cares about how short NICK (not Nickie) Saban is. But if we can talk about the past I would just like to say, our Bama merchandise may be 28-27% off, but our merchandise sells at a ratio of 13 to 1 over AU’s. All of that may have fell on deaf ears but I hope you had a Merry Christmas and have a safe and Happy New Years!! Roll Tide!!/ Go SEC!

  • Just for clarification purposes, if a recruit were to visit the Alabama practices, they would be in jeopardy of making themselves ineligible to play for Alabama. December 20th-January 3rd is a dead period in recruiting. According to NCAA rules: Dead Period – The college coach may not have any in-person contact with you or your parents at any time in the dead period. The coach may write and telephone you or your parents during this time.

  • LSU practiced at this very same school for last year’s Capital One Bowl. Nothing is being done other than making the field more college-level type for good practice and THAT is being paid by the Capital One Bowl. Give it a rest people. Yawn.

    • Uhmm a couple of things that I have noticed on news sites.

      1) It has been said that Alabama Athletic Department is paying for the upgrades, not the Bowl.

      2) If it is a “common” practice, then why didnt LSU do anything for the school? All they did was pay the fee. The school didnt get any incentive upgrades when LSU practiced.

      3) Apparently “making the field more college-level type” also includes a complete renovation of the facilities.

      I have no problem with the upgrades or anything since its not a violation, but seriously people, take your head out of the sand and admit that there is a REASON beyond just being nice.

      Although I am going to laugh if Clinton-dix gets caught talking to the coaches while he is watching practice.

  • This will turn into another rule the NCAA names after Saban like the “bump” rule. Funny stuff……

  • All of y’all are stupid beyond belief.

    Alabama didn’t pay for any of this. The Bowl (Citrus) did. This has been confirmed by Alabama, the high school, and the bowl committee. Furthermore, the site was not chosen by Alabama but by the Bowl committee. This has also been confirmed by all parties.

    The only renovation to the facilities was top dressing the grass so Bama’s players wouldn’t twist their ankles. And the locker room was vacuumed. That’s it.

    GTFO with all the BS.

  • Where did Auburn practice for the BCS game? Did they pay for their facility? If they practiced at a university, I am sure they payed for the right to do so. Just because Bama practiced at a high school and payed as is the NORM for Orange County, FL schools – they are dirty? The coach might be a Bama fan. How cool would that be to say to other high schools in the area “Alabama practiced here.” Trying to fan the flames toward Tuscaloosa as the plains burn down around your ears isn’t going to make the fire stop. The national press and all other fans in the nation know Auburn is dirty and that Cam was paid. Deal with it. Not proven yet – but investigation isn’t closed either. Just because you say otherwise, doesn’t make it so. You all sound like you are in some stupid cult. From the outside looking in Auburn looks absolutely ridiculous.

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