Cam Newton & Girlfriend Take Fun Photos Together

The biggest name in college football is Cam Newton.  Whether it is the Top Ten on David Letterman or learning about his personal relationships, the public can’t get enough.  Website published some playful images of Cam Newton & his girlfriend.  Since they’re not explicit in nature, we’ll post them here:

Cam Newton Girlfriend

Cam Newton Girlfriend



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  • He must have just stolen that hat. He forgot to take the tags off. Thats a tiger for you.

    • It is so funny that you can tell what team you pull for just from your hateful responses. It must be tough being green with envy and the fact that people feel the need to comment on these people they hate so much! What a douche bag you people are!

      • Auburn folks been hatin for decades! Every once in a blue moon ya’ll get a winnin team and start cryin cause you get the bullseye that comes along with it! boohoo ROLL TIDE!

        • Every once in awhile Auburn gets a winning team. How many times has alabama beaten auburn since 2000?? Think before you write!

  • Are we shocked that he has a girlfriend? Do we care?

    I think you should post pictures of all football players who have girlfriends.

    The kid is a phenom athlete and is going to be a millionaire in the not so distant future. I wish him the best, but I don’t care who he dates, what color his socks are, or how long he can hold his breath.

    Is this site becoming a sports version of TMZ? We could have a gossip-girls round table to discuss fashion and dating.

  • haha this is a joke. this kid sucks, plain and simple. he had to be paid to play for auburn cause they suck so bad. and then they have a winning season and now everyone becomes Auburn fans, you people are pathetic. real fans don’t jump on the bandwagon because their team actually won a season. a real fan has been a fan for life! He will never make it in the NFL just like Tim Tebow is proving he can’t make it!

    • Wow. Just wow. The ignorance you are displaying in this comment is astounding. How dare you assume that all auburn fans are only auburn fans when we are winning. I’m a Tiger and I am damn proud to be a Tiger all the time! I love being a part of the Auburn family and genuinely feel bad for people like you with nothing better to do but spend your free time hating on others. If you don’t like Cam or Auburn that’s absolutely fine…won’t change my life in the least…but does us all a favor and keep your hateful negativity outta here. Nobody wants or needs that sh*t around and if that’s all you can bring to the table then the same feelings apply to you.

    • John…you are just an ignorant jerk. Auburn fans have hung in with their team for years…through thick and thin. I personally have had an Auburn tag since I was in college…at Auburn by the way. Did you even go to college?? AL fans seem to bring out their shiny new flags only when their team does well…so don’t show your ignorance by posting something so stupid. Have to agree with Ashley too…maybe your life would be a lot happier if you didn’t hate so much. I feel sorry for you.

    • John, that is just wrong. I’m a Bama fan but you have got to admit Auburn has had a hell of a great season. Not a Cam fan either but he is THE college football player this year.

      I’m proud for Auburn and I recall how much I enjoyed last year. Let them have their moment.

    • Lemme guess you tried sports but washed out so now your pissed at any player who is any good .. am i right? and why jump on the*bandwagon* i have been an auburn fan for years WAR EAGLE!!

    • Obviously this guy has not watched one Auburn game this season. Maybe he mistook LSU or Clemson with Auburn…..Anyone who has watched at least one Auburn game knows that Cam is the greatest football player in a LONG time. Get a life, HATER! You may not have to respect the Auburn team, but if you are a football fan, you should at least respect the game!

    • I hear that 5 Wal-Mart stores and 2 Goodwill stores in Alabama had to close because the sale of Bammer T-shirts were down by 90% from last year.

  • Is everyone so obsessed with Cam that they can’t enjoy the fact that there’s a beautiful young lady in the pictures? As for the TMZ remark, isn’t that essentially what sports reporting is all about now?

    For Jamey, I would like to point out that this team that wins once in a blue moon has a winning record over Alabama for the past 10 year, the past twenty years and the past 30 years. Since the retirement and passing of Bear Bryant, Auburn has won 6 SEC Championships, second only Florida. During that span, Auburn is playing for their third undefeated season, the most of any SEC team during this era.

    • I think YOU are the one obessed with Cam Newton. You show it again and again. I personally think (going by that picture) that Cam can do better. I don’t find that girl beautiful at all. But I do think she is SMART. Hang on to him honey, he will be worth millions!

      • Bamafan, you may be surprised to learn, but if you look around at the authors on this site, there are several, and all of us tend to write stories about Cam Newton. He is the hottest name in the SEC at this time. I didn’t post this particular article, nor did I post the picture. Sorry to disappoint.

  • @John You are a pathetic whiner. I have been an Auburn fan since I was a young child. Yeah Auburn has been the underdog for years but I still love them. Win or lose I’m a tiger for life. I was rooting for Bama during their probation and their losing seasons and felt sorry for them….not any more. Not all Bama fans are this hateful. But the ones like you make me despise UA and the city of Tuscalooser!!!

    • I agree, i pulled for Bama in the championship game… Being an Auburn fan, you think that Bama fans would support Auburn or at least pull for us in the TItle game. Now i have no respect for most Bama fans, especially the haters

      • ok i totally agree. I cheered on bama last year and am an AUBURN girl through and through. The rest of my household (2 teens and hubbie) are bama fans. I gave them no smack talk on alabama last year i supported that team. And all i have heard is bad mouthing about auburn from bama fans even my mom. Support the state you are from no matter the team. If it was Troy I would be happy if it was UAB i would be happy. But bama fans would not they are just haters.

  • BTW, Jamie, about your crack about Cam Newton probably stealing the cap, I would assume that if it was a picture of Courtney Upshaw’s girlfriend, she’d have a black eye. Interestingly, Saban gave Upshaw what he called “behavior probation” after his arrest for domestic violence. Basically, it means that Upshaw was never sat out a game or practice. It would be interesting to know how his “behavior” was placed on probation.

  • Looks like Saturday Down South is turning into another Perez Hilton/TMZ blog.

    Seriously, guys…this is crap. You’re better than this.

  • He better watch out or he’ll wind up like Steve McNair !!!

    • Cam isn’t married, so I would assume that he doesn’t have the same problem in this department as Steve McNair did.

  • Why do Alabama fans feel compelled to come to an Auburn news article and hate! I am proud to say that I belong to the Auburn FAMILY! FAMILY…..hummm…….never heard the Bama fans refer to themselves as anything close to FAMILY! Yes we Auburn fans are very proud of tour team and coaches……Chizik did in 2 years what took Saban 3 years to do. I won’t bash the sometimey Alabama fans that just came out of the wood-work since 2008, but I can say that where I live and places that I am familiar with, the Auburn fans are real and true, winning or not! I am proud of our Tigers and I hope that they can pull out a win in Glendale. Go Cam Go! God has surely turned his life in a different direction, I truly believe that the accusations that have came out from the laptop to money, had to be just that…..sure he made mistakes, nobody is perfect. But my God is a forgiving God and I just can’t see him blessing Cam with such talent and blessing his life the way he has if Cam was guilty of all this wrong doing he is being accused of. Good for you Cam…..go for the Gold and don’t let anyone bring you down. But don’t ever forget where you come from.


  • Will all of you shut up! I’ a huge Alabama fan and I have been all of my life. I’m going for Auburn and I am happy for Cam Newton.

  • I could care less. I hope they win. I’m praying he keeps his head straight and does not wind up, like O.J. Simpson cause of his choice in women.

    • OJ’s choice of woman is not what caused him to kill her……it was his choice to kill or not to kill! It had nothing to do with Nicole! Cam has a good head on his shoulders, I am confident that he will be smart where women are concerned.

  • Okay, bama fans are sooooo jealous of Cam. Everytime they make a comment you can tell it even more. Bama fans are so immature and need to get out of their fairytale world and be realistic. Nobody is perfect, not even Cam……i will say that. But, i have always believed in giving people chances. Ever heard the saying forgive and forget? Lets check into it bama. Kay? All i am saying is to give Cam a chance, we all make mistakes in our lives, just some are bigger than others. I personally think Cam is a great guy and has a good head on his shoulders. He believes and trusts in the Lord, and thats really all that matters. So, bama fans you must be worried and obsessed with Cam if you went this dang far into searching him. I mean seriously! Anyway, i have better things to do than sit here and at least TRY to talk some sense into Alabama people. haha. (: so, WARR CAM EAGLEE! & keep your heads up bama, there is always LAST YEAR!

  • Back Denise up Auburn all the way…been with Auburn before cam yeah he’s great and proved he’s the best this year but he wont be there forever and one he leaves ill still be a WAR DAMN EAGLE fan and agreed merry christmas AUBURN FAMILY!!

  • It is really a sad situation that most of the so called Alabama fans are spending more time bashing Auburn than they are supporting their team in their preparations for their bowl game.
    I have heard that some Bama people said that it would be a cold day in hell before Auburn played for the National Championship. Well, I understand it was 17 degrees in Tuscaloosa today.

  • one thing to say: if y’all (non auburn fans) don’t like us, why you even bother looking at auburn part of this website. period…not just this story! just saying….
    go look at your own team…make everyone’s life easier! MERRY N FAMILY!!! WE HAVE A HELLUVA SEASON THIS YEAR!!!

  • well.. this broke my heart

  • im a georgia fan but i agree alabama fans act like retards and hate cam newton. im rooting for auburn in the national championship

  • I love how if you don’t like Auburn or their convict quarterback you have to be an Alabama fan. I just saw some of the funniest Anti-Cam pics on the Go.gators site. Auburn is the victim in eve

  • WOW. She looks like a damn Klingon. A whole year at Auburn as the BMOC and THAT’s the BEST he can do?! She must’ve played the “I’m pregnant” card. He should hook up with Robin Givens.


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