Cam Newton Saga Getting Uglier

The Cam Newton “pay for play” situation is getting uglier.  It was sort of easy to dismiss the idea of academic cheating at Florida because who knows how accurate it was, it seemed to be sort of a smear job, and I don’t think fans really cared too much about it.

But, now ESPN is releasing more information via Joe Schad that there are documented phone conversations by Cam Newton and by his father (separate conversations), referencing pay for play.  Worse yet, the conversations apparently mention Auburn paying Newton.

This is where it can get bad because if Auburn did in fact pay Newton, Auburn will get the brunt of ramifications.  Newton will likely not win a Heisman, but Newton will be fine assuming he gets drafted by the NFL (which I’d assume he would).  Unfortunately, Auburn will be left holding the bag and will get hit hard by the NCAA.

Who knows what is what, but as more information comes out, you can’t help but continue to say that where there is smoke, there’s fire.  This isn’t just a conspiracy theory to get Cameron Newton.  None of this kind of stuff came out against Tim Tebow (and you know it would have if it existed – so many people were out to get him) or players like Mark Ingram.

This is not good for Auburn, and frankly, not good for the SEC.

Read the latest from ESPN here.

Update: TMZ Sports is now confirming that the FBI is getting involved.  Read more here.



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  • Well Well Well….one can only wonder if this will get back to the days when the joke was that “at Auburn, all you have to do is ride through campus with the window down and someone will throw a diploma in…” The last time they went undefeated, they couldn’t win the title because they were on probation, for that very reason. I just hope that this does not come back bad on MSU, as they are doing more with nothing that anyone else in the nation…secretly I am hoping that we did not pay for that!

  • Actually msumoose, the last time Auburn went undefeated was in 2004. And they weren’t kept out of the title game because of probation, the BCS was just a mess that year and Auburn finished the regular season ranked 3rd. BUT, the time before that, it was because of NCAA probation.
    It seems like every time Auburn is really good, something happens to mess it up.

    Even though this looks terrible for the SEC, as a South Carolina fan, I have to admit that I’d rather play LSU or even BAMA again in the SECCG. Not saying USC will actually make it to Atlanta, however. Losing to Florida this Saturday and blowing a promising season is exactly the kind of thing the Gamecocks love to do. But if they do, I’d rather see them play LSU and keep the game low scoring than watch Cam Newton pick apart our awful secondary. Of course, given the right circumstances, Arkansas could end up in Atlanta and I don’t think theres a team in the SEC period that USC matches up worse with. That was made pretty clear this past Saturday.

    No matter what happens though, Auburn will be fine. Newton might be cleared to play and Auburn will win the BCSNC. If not, I’m sure they’ll be back in 5 years to go undefeated again and still not play for the title.

  • It`s called Karma. Enough said.

  • what do you mean players like Mark Ingram? I guess since Auburn is under possible investigation for paying a player, Alabama has got to get dragged into the mix somehow. Alabama and Ingram are NOT under investigation (this time), Auburn and Newton are, so get your facts straight before you start looking around for others to accuse.

  • Kevin, you have to excuse his lack of reading comprehension. very few of the Alabama fan base ever went to school there. Most are WalMart bandwagon fans who graduated from a junior college, or have no college at all. The few Alabama fans who did go to school there display a lot more class than the bandwagon variety.

  • There’s a difference between “documented” phone calls and taped phone calls… if they don’t have tapes, they’ll never prove it.
    I still believe in innocent until proven guilty.
    After all, the Florida academic stuff — Florida said it wasn’t true.
    I’m waiting to hear from the NCAA – until then, there are a lot of rumors.

    The TMZ story – the FBI is investigating an MSU player.

  • @ Johnny…personally I am a bama fan and I did not go to school there. I did attend junior college, however that does not mean I lack class or education! The way you just stereotyped bama’s fans just shows how much class and education you lack. Try not to have such a shallow mind.

  • well a lot has been said about a guy who everyone thought at the begining of the year was an outstanding guy and football player and now with a little success somebody has opened a valve and the unknown facts continue to leak out no proof just hearsay i say if guilty then punish him until then lets just damn play football WDE

  • It seems to be human nature when someone is doing so well another person has to step in and attempt to tear them apart! There are a few things that I feel play a big role! Cam seemed to be Tebow’s shadow (I do not mean that in a negative way either) he needed the opportunity to shine as an athlete and Auburn was just the school to do such a thing. Also if Auburn was not undefeated right now I bet there would not be talk of a scandal! Many teams feel threatened by our team this year!

  • If these conversations, which the NCAA supposedly has had a hold of since january (according to this same article), did show that the newtons so obviously admitted to a pay for play scheme, why is there even an investigation? That would be like, you’re investigating a murder, your main suspect says he did it, but you continue investigating anyway instead of convicting the murder. What? That doesn’t make sense. Also, I don’t believe they admitted to this at all…simply because this article gives us a total of 4 words from cecil newton out of the entire conversation, and 5 words from cameron. So, ESPN expects me to convict, in my own mind, a young man who has done nothing wrong SINCE TRANSFERRING to Auburn University on the basis of 9 words taken out of context? If thats not a good definition of being an idiot, then I am not sure what is. Anything taken out of context can be spun one way or another.

  • Thank you Laura! I am diehard Alabama and never attended there either. I just love how people want to talk about Bama fans having no class, then they act like they are the biggest fan of whoever is playing Alabama on any given Saturday! They act like the team they actuall are a fan of has won a national championship just because Alabama gets beat! Doesn’t even matter who beat them, they all of a sudden love em! Talk about class!!! I call it pride! And Bama fans are full of pride for very good reasons!!!

  • ESPN sure is working hard to deface Cam Newton, I wonder how much they are getting paid? Is it not possible that Cam’s statement “The money was too much” could be because he doesnt come from a rich family, and his family couldnt afford the money for him to attend MSU? Maybe they werent willing to offer him a full ride like Auburn was? I agree with James, a few words taken out of context could say bad things, which is just what the general public, and the media want. It’s a shame that people want smut in the media so bad, that they are willing to ruin the career of a young man who comes from nothing, and has hopes and dreams like i am sure most everyone’s children has that is either reading this smut, or writing it. Think about that one for a little bit.

  • For the Auburn fans Crying conspiracy or taking the Cam Newton allegations as a personal attack on their School. Sorry to disappoint you but unfortunately there is always a price to pay for Fame, fortune and for being # 1. Last year the press was trying to make a big Deal about Mark Ingram’s Dad being in Prison and you better believe they tried to find something on Mark too. The year before that it was Tim Tebow. when they couldn’t find a smoking gun on him, they tried to ridicule him on being a Virgin. but he took it head on and handled it like a pro. he didn’t provide more bullets by saying no comment or refusing to talk about it . LSU had its trouble with Perilou while they were at the top. Perilou left LSU and went to Jacksonville and never got into any more trouble but if he had left Jacksonville after a year and went to a Major University and become a super star Like Cam newton then there is no telling what additional details would have came out. The Reggie Bush /USC story was reported while USC was at the top. but the investigation didn’t grow legs till after the 2nd sports agent got riped off and lost money. While these current allegations may or may not ever be proven they are not going away as long as Auburn is #1 If Auburn really wants this to just go away then they should just lose a few games and go back to being an average team But if they want to be Number 1 they better have all their ducks in a row because when your number 1 the smallest drop of blood in the water will cause all the sharks to go into a feeding frenzy and they will not stop till every drop has been reported. Its not personal its just how the world works today.

  • My FAVORITE thing, especially when it is a story like this, is to hear the words “unnamed sources”. What, are you the National Enquirer now? If anyone in the media is reporting and citing “unnamed sources”, then I believe nothing. I have heard columnists, sports writers, and reporters for the last week say “we have reports from an unnamed source that told so-and-so at MSU…. blaaaahh”. How much validity is there in that kind of story? Give me a name, give me a recorded (not reported) phone conversation, give me PROOF. CAN’T DO IT??? Shut up about it.

  • I think he was referring to the 1954 or 1957 (can’t quite remember which year) when Auburn did win the National Title but it was revoked because of cheating. 2004, they were undefeated but ALSO they didnt go to SEC playoff OR to a bowl and who knows IF they would have been undefeated if they had… but I took the article as if he were referring to the 1950’s championship, not the undefeated?? season.

    • Lisa, Auburn’s 1957 AP National Championship team never had their title revoked. In fact, Auburn was on probation when they were voted the AP champions in 1957. In fact, if Auburn used the same loose criteria for counting National Champions as Bama does, we would claim eight national championships.

      1910 6–1 team (Loren Maxwell)
      1913 undefeated 8–0 team (Billingsley, James Howell, 1st-N-Goal)
      1914 undefeated 8–0–1 team (James Howell)
      1957 undefeated 10–0 team (Associated Press, Billingsley, Fleming, Football Research, Helms, James Howell, Massey Ratings, National Championship Foundation, Nutshell Sports, Poling, Sagarin, Sorensen, Williamson, David Wilson)
      1958 undefeated 9–0–1 team (Montgomery Full Season Championship)
      1983 11–1 team (ARGH, Billingsley, DKC, Eck, FACT, Fleming, Football Research, James Howell, Massey Ratings, New York Times, Nutshell Sports, Sorensen, Sparks Achievement, David Wilson, 1st-N-Goal)
      1993 undefeated 11–0 team (Harry Frye, National Championship Foundation, Nutshell Sports, Sparks Achievement, David Wilson)
      2004 undefeated 13–0 team (Darryl W. Perry, EFI, FansPoll, GBE, Hank Trexler, M Cubed)

      In fact, the 1914 Auburn team outscored their opponents 193-0 that year.

      So, no Lisa, our only claimed championship of 1957 was NOT revoked!!!

  • oh and I believe he was complimenting Ingram and Tebow, simply stating that they were under the exact same scrutiny as Newton…and NOTHING came of it cause they are clean players.

    • Lisa, Mark Ingram and Julio Jones were forced to sit out games for illegally selling textbooks; ie., getting extra benefits outside of their scholarship. Unlike you, I’m not going to call Alabama players “unclean” because of that incident.

  • It’s bad for Auburn, it’s bad for the SEC
    I went to BAMA and the whole thing comes down to if the truth is ever really exposed, the ramifications will be at Auburn. Hiding behind TEBOW, cheating, transferring to a Junior College. HE will be a one year wonder and the pay for play will really begin if he makes it in the NFL!


  • Albert Means…remember him, Bama? Don’t act holy…

  • well jr63 very typical of u to say that hiding behind tebow. u idiot tebow was a great player in the sec cam had no choice but to be behind him but every time he has stepped out and played he has shined. second of whats wrong with transferring to a junior college to try to get more exposer from a different area alot of big name colleges dig deep to get great players and guess what it worked even if the allegations r true that doesnt set aside how great of player he is and as far u knowing the ramafications will be at auburn i didnt know u could get a degree at bama for telling the future cuz if so yall wouldnt have lost two games already wde

  • What ever happened to the concept of “innocent until proven guilty”.

  • Let he who hath no sin, cast the first stone!

  • @Lisa, Maybe you should just quit making comments. You don’t know what you are talking about. Auburn went undefeated in 2004 and I’m sorry to tell you they were also SEC and Sugar Bowl Champions that year. How stupid can you be? Also, there are no playoffs in College football. This is how ignorant some Alabama fans are. They don’t know shit about football or their precious Alabama team. They just want to run their mouths in attempt to discourage Auburn fans. They don’t even realize how stupid they sound. Auburn fans know what up. If you live in Alabama you know what I’m talking about. Drive to the trailer park and see how many Alabama flags you see. I know that a lot of Auburn students live in trailer parks, while they attend college, not while raising a family. Most Alabama fans are white trash idiots that have never been to Tuscaloosa. They also don’t know what a dentist is. I know that there are a lot of Bama fans that are not like the ones I described but majority of them are. I would guess that you are one of the trailer trash fans or you are a dumb shit but probably both. When did you get the internet at your trailer park?
    @TIm What the hell is your point? Don’t try to be number 1?!?! Lose some games intentionally? Speaking from experience? You act like Alabama has been number one for 5 years in a row. Guess you have nothing more to look forward to since you team has dropped out of the race this year and now you turn to praying that something bad happens to Auburn. Maybe you should be a Boise fan. They spend their whole season watching their teams beat up on weaker teams and hoping that other teams lose. Your theory is so brainless. Why isn’t anything negative coming out about Oregon, Boise, or TCU. Oregon is ranked #1. Haven’t heard anything about them.

    • Where the hell do you get off calling Bama fans white trash that fly the banner in trailer parks and don’t know what a dentist is? This isn’t supposed to be a base to insult a really large number of people, many of which are well educated living in high priced subdivisions or estates. When was there ever a poll on Bama fans teeth and what would it matter if that were even the case, which, of course, it is NOT. Please keep to facts and don’t go stereotyping fans of ANY team. Every team has fans of every income class. Your post does nothing but insult BAMA fans and make you seem like a complete idiot. KISS…Keep it simple stupid!

  • If Auburn wasn’t undefeated and Cam wasn’t the front runner for the Heisman would this even be a story??

  • yall r all stupid. Sit down, shut up, nd watch football dammit. Cams gotta deal with his own demons theyre not affecting u so y n the hell r u worried about it? Im a bama fan nd im far frm stupid, hell! This is stupid! Who cares if auburn makes it? Its SEC! Thts wuts its all about. Support tht young man or shut the fuck up. I kno wut it is, its jealousy really. All u other fans wish he wouldve repd yalls colors, i kno, i thnk he’d look fantastic n crimson but it didnt go down like tht so now we play em, oh well big deal. Thts wut football is about. Roll Tide!!!

  • @Kevin You are the typical Auburn fan, attacking Bama fans so you can feel better about yourself. Hey, your boss is calling so shut up and go scoop some more cow manure, crybaby. When did you get the internet in your barn? No, seriously, I want to know. Between having your way with the goats and drinking yourself retarded, how did you come up with the time to figure out how to use a computer? Maybe the cows or the sheep typed that out for you. Maybe Auburn should join the ACC or even the Sunbelt Conference, then they could win 10 games a year legitimately, maybe. Auburn always has been, and always will be in the shadows, cheating to try to get to the top. Just about everyone involved with that school is crooked. Remember Colonial Bank anybody? Auburn’s #1 supporter?
    All in good fun…

  • wdg ur a freakin idiot talkin about us attackin bama fans u r just like these so called jack ass reporters writing a story about sum shit they know nothing about u dont know shit about auburn and probably dont know shit bout bama u just know ur mom and daddy made u where them fu ked up colors when u was a little boy so shut up and as far being in a shadow yall r lookin pretty damn shadey BIATCH! WDE

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