Cam Newton Is What Terrelle Pryor Was Supposed To Be

Auburn Tigers best player in the country Cam Newton

Cam Newton is dominant

Coming out of high school in 2008, one would have thought Terrelle Pryor was going to be unbelievable, and that he would lead the Ohio State Buckeyes to undefeated seasons and national titles. He was the #1 ranked player in the country according to Heisman trophies and other hardware were sure to be in Pryor’s future, but that hasn’t happened yet. Pryor has somewhat underachieved while at Ohio State and so has his team in a weak Big Ten Conference. Underachieved or overrated? Heck, Pryor isn’t even among the two best quarterbacks in his own conference.

Cameron Newton is what Terrelle Pryor was supposed to be.

Newton is polished both as a passer and a runner. Newton was the #28 overall player when he signed at Florida in 2007. In his first year as a starting quarterback in the SEC for Auburn, Newton has been virtually dominant in every aspect of the game – even off the field. He runs around defenses and through defenses like Pryor used to in high school, and he’s doing it in the toughest conference in America. When defenses creep up to the line to stop the run, he drops it in for an 80-yard touchdown pass. He is, without a doubt, the best player in the country this year and some are arguing ever. The Heisman will have his name on it in a few weeks.

Just take a look at this year’s stats from each player.

Terelle Pryor has thrown for 2,551 yards and 25 touchdowns. He has rushed for 639 yards and four touchdowns. Pryor has 29 total touchdowns.

Cam Newton has thrown for 2,254 yards and 24 touchdowns. He has rushed for 1,336 yards and 18 touchdowns. Newton has 42 total touchdowns.

Their measureables are the same, but the debate will go on forever until the two either race on a campus near you or settle it in your local bar on arm wrestling night.

Whether the proof is in the statistics or the fact he is doing what he is doing in the best conference in the country, Newton owns Pryor.

Sorry Big Ten, but our #2 is better.

Which quarterback do you think is more dominant?



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  • Well said! Anytime you see a good post about Cam Newton, you always have people that want to say mean and spiteful things about him but the fact remains that Cam Newton is the best college QB in the country right now! Whether the allegations are true or not (facts still remain unseen btw) that does not take away from the actual fact, that he is an outstanding ball player! WAR EAGLE!! USC the Tigers are coming to ATL for the SECCG Title!!

    • The NCAA has has ruled Auburn quarterback Cam Newton is eligible to compete after looking into his recruitment at Auburn and Mississippi State.

      The NCAA’s statement said:

      “Auburn University football student-athlete Cam Newton is immediately eligible to compete, according to a decision today by the NCAA student-athlete reinstatement staff. The NCAA concluded on Monday that a violation of amateurism rules occurred, therefore Auburn University declared the student-athlete ineligible yesterday for violations of NCAA amateurism rules.”

      There are no penalties against Auburn or Newton, and no wins are in jeopardy.

  • You have to cut Pryor some slack. He’s doing well despite being surrounded by poor players. Remember when John Elway was the only thing Denver had going for it?

  • Terrelle Pryor going to Ohio St. was like a Formula 1 Racer being brought to a Go Kart track. Way to much under the hood than what was ever going to be used under the circumstances. Pryor should have gone to his other top choice, Oregon. Could you imagine what he would have accomplished in the Quack Attack?

    What if Pryor would have listened to the SEC? LSU made a strong push for him. Talk about changing the dynamics and landscape of the SEC West……

  • Pryor has better players around him at Ohio State than Auburn if you are looking at any recruiting or NFL draft measuring stick. The Big Ten and the little sisters of rthe poor schools that they play are slower with the exception of a few power house schools. If Cam Newton could pad his stats with games the weak North he would look like Michigan’s Robinson but with a passing game and full command of the offense. The last time Ohio State and their Heisman quaterback met an SEC school for the natonal title I don’t think it went very well. Cam Newton in the Big 10 would be like the 49ers in Tecmo Bowl.

  • You can’t really sit there and say that strength of schedule has anything to do with why Cam Newton is better than Pryor. If you look at it basically the same Ohio state played just as many ranked teams as Aurburn did. With the exception that Auburn played South Carolina twice which does not mean much. On the other hand to say Big Ten is a week conference is a load considering we have more top ten ranked teams then the SEC does with Michigan State, Ohio State, and Wisconsin. Also on that note both teams played the same number of out of conference teams 3. Now to come to the most convincing stats of them all with all the games played how many close calls did Auburn have. Six games of just winning by 7 points or less all of Ohio State games were blowouts besides the loss to 18 ranked Wisconsin which is better than any team Auburn faced this year and Iowa who at one point was better than any team Auburn faced this year. So aside from South Carolina and Arkansas the SEC is crap and no one can say any different. So Auburn plays Ohio State schedule they go 10-2 maybe 9-3 Ohio State plays Auburn schedule they go undefeated or 1 loss at worst.

    • Kirk Herbstreit is that you? Big Ten is good enough to lose every year to the SEC in the National Title. The SEC West would dominate the Big Ten. Your close call point actually works in Newton’s favor. Dude can win a close ball game. Get Pryor in a close game, and he folds. tOSU would not run the table in the SEC.

    • When was the last time a Big 10 school won the National Championship? I know it was over four years ago because the SEC has won it four years in a row (and looks like it might be five).

      • It would probably have been five in a row, but they took the opportunity, with three undefeated teams, to leave the SEC and 13-0 Auburn out of the title game in 2004.

  • Cam Newton is undeniably superb this year, but I question whether it’s a fair comparison—comparing numbers in the SEC and the Big Ten where offensive and defensive play is entirely different is a bit like comparing apples and oranges, and that’s not to say which one is better. Last time I checked, both conferences have 3 teams ranked in the top 10 of the BCS, and one can hardly say that the SEC is the undeniably tougher conference when South Carolina wins the SEC East and the SEC West is Auburn, Arkansas (sort of) Alabama (almost), and then everyone else. You’d be hard pressed to find someone who thinks LSU wasn’t overrated after their numerous “just barely” wins this year. And have you seen Wisconsin play? Three 70+ points games and an unstoppable running game is hardly something to sniff at.

    On a final note, Mr. Hopkins suggests Pryor would have been much better off at his 2nd choice school–Oregon. We’ve all watched in awe this year as Oregon’s hurry-up offense has simply annihilated its opponents week after week. But it’s worth noting that Pryor’s long-awaited breakout game came against the Ducks last year in the Rose Bowl, where he confidently guided the Buckeyes to victory in a style typical of Big Ten play. Maybe Cam Newton would have thrown for 4 TDs instead of 2 and rushed for another couple, but it was a clear and critical win on a big stage. And it came against an offense that most expected the Big Ten couldn’t compete with. As for Newton, as long as he takes care of business against the Gamecocks this week we’ll get to see him try to emulate Pryor’s performance against the Ducks on January 10.

  • I do give it to Cam Newton as an amazing athlete but not some much at QB yet. I can understand why people believe that Newton is better then Pryor. He comes out week after week and runs the ball. I love that so nothing against him I wish Pryor would do more of it and some of the back and forth would end. With that being said I understand what he is trying to do and that is develop as a QB and one that could play in the NFL. But honestly in my opinion as a buckeye fan it is coming as the expense of a Heisman and the National Championship. If Pryor ran the ball he would be Newton that I am sure of we seen it all last year. Bottom line is this Pryor will end up being a much better next level QB while Newton remains a college stand out. I say Newton wants to prove himself do it next year then do the comparison Pryor already taken his team to a NCG and now 2 bowls all Newton has done is barely beat not as great SEC teams as they were in past years. All I say is I’m not hating just looking at what it is and I hope Newton can make me eat my words with a good season next year.

  • This is ridiculous. Nobody is what someone else was supposed to be. Newton WILL win the Heisman and he most definitely deserves it but Pryor is still an amazing talent who has started 3 years and only lost 6 games. I’m sure Cam would love to have 4 years of eligibility at an elite school but he threw that out the window with that lap top. Whatever your opinion of conference hierarchy is, the Big Ten is one of the premiere conferences in the nation, along with the SEC. Succeeding, at a top level, in either conference is an amazing accomplishment.

    Also: I’m a graduate of the University of Kentucky and I’m not one of those fans who fools themselves into thinking we’re talented. We will always be at least a 4 loss team, thats why we have basketball. But I went to the Auburn-Kentucky game and Auburn needed a last minute field goal to win the game. Newton rushed for 200 yds and 4 TDs against our pitiful defense and yet they still had to drive down the field at the end of the game to pull out the victory. If the SEC had all that awesome and superior talent you speak of then Auburn should have been able to dominate UK and our 2 and 3 star recruits but instead they had to rely on a lights-out day by from what I can see is their only real offensive talent.

    • It’s hard to get up every week, especially when you’re playing an inferior opponent just before a stretch of games that include Arkansas and LSU on back to back weekends. The mark of a champion is always coming out on top. At the end of the party, it ain’t how pretty you were, but if you went home with the girl.

  • Pryor came to OSU to develop himself into a QB that can be a success in the NFL. That’s why he doesn’t run the ball nearly as much as Newton, so that he doesn’t expose himself to injuries and so that his passing game improves. If he had gone to Oregon or Michigan, they would have focused on his running skills, which were far more advanced than his passing coming out of high school, and that would have hurt him from an NFL scouting perspective. So Pryor made a decision based on his future in the NFL.
    Newton will be a flop in the NFL because none of the pro teams will run an offense that allows the QB to run the ball, which is what made Newton a success. Pro QBs make too much money to expose them to that risk. His underdeveloped passing game won’t be enough to earn him a starting job. Hopefully his dad saved some of the money Cam got to come to Auburn, he’ll need it after he turns pro.

    • His underdeveloped passing skills? He’s the number 2 QB in the NCAA in passing efficiency with a 185.6% QB Rating, which is higher than ALL Big Ten starting QBs. His 10.3 yards per pass attempt is second only to Kellen Moore’s 10.5 yards per pass attempt among all NCAA starting QBs. He has thrown for 24 TDs, which is among the leaders in NCAA QBs. You’re right. he obviously has underdeveloped passing skills. You’re typical of all of the fans who have only seen him on ESPN highlights. You think that just because you see all of these great runs from him on Sportscenter, he obviously can’t pass. Cam Newton is the complete package!!!

  • Didnt Northwestern almost beat Auburn last yr in a bowl game?! One of the Big 10s weakest teams?!?1

    • Auburn was a 7-5 team last year when they played Northwestern, and in the first year of a rebuilding program.

      • Johnny Smith – you are the epitome of an SEC homer. Your arrogance (and those like u) is the reason that people dislike the SEC. You need to keep in mind the SEC hasn’t always been the dominant conferenceit is now and won’t always be. You look old enough to know college football dominance is cyclical and there will come a time when we, I mean the SEC, will be on the losing end. Will you credit the other conferences as much when that time comes around again?

  • The SEC won’t play anyone north of Kentucky, has a 16-14 edge on the Big Ten over the past 8 years and the player they all love to promote is a cheat, a thief, a liar, and the son of a minister who is a shake-down pimp.
    Now that’s one dominating conference. Hopefully, we’ll get to see several bowl games with SEC vs Big Ten match-ups (you won’t mind because they’ll all be in the South). Then let’s see what kind of noise you want to make. After last year’s bowl season I remember things got real quiet ( oh , p.s. McCoy stays healthy….Bama gets beat).

    Suck it SEC

  • SEC…

    So, Everyone Cheats!

    SEC! SEC! SEC!

  • Pryor has a record of 30-4 as a starter……and the Big Ten has 3 teams in the Top 10….So whats your argument….Cam Newton is great, but when Pryor leaves OSU he will have every single QB record at OSU…a school with far more football tradition than any school in the SEC except maybe Alabama……7 National Championships….7 Heisman Trophies…..78 Consensus All Americans……5th most wins alltime

    • Also OSU does not call many plays that are designed as QB runs like Auburn does, so it is only logical for Newton to have more rushing yards…they are very comparable in scrambling abilties. OSU uses its running backs a lot more which takes away from Pyror’s stats. Newton has over 100 more rushing attempts than TP.

  • Mike. Guess you’ll have your shot in the Sugar against Arkansas.

    • Ryan Mallett… now thats a QB that OSU should be afraid of especially with having such a depleted secondary…NFL ready….not going to be an NFL project like Cam Newton.

  • As an OSU grad and fan I would agree Newton is the more gifted player mostly on the basis of his passing, and he will deserve the Heisman. Both are very capable runners but OSU has made an effort to reign in Pryor’s happy feet.. Ohio state is on par with the better SEC programs for active NFL placements so it is hard to say going there is a career mistake and he was able to start beginning early in his freshman year. I bet several SEC coaches would have loved to have Pryor in their backfield when they faced Auburn this year. Oh yeah SEC coaches seem to somehow come from Ohio. I guess y’all folks down there are more gifted athletically than … well you know.

  • Yeah, Newton could buy and sell Pryor. Literally.

    If you think winning a conference 3 straight years is “underachieving,” there’s really no hope for you.

  • rofl. just now saw this site. extremely funny to read what the lesser half thinks.

    cam newton is good, but he is Vince Young 2.0 and will have 0 chance at being a decent QB. Pryor, while he plays for Ohio State, does not play in a spread offense that has no use in the NFL. Therefore, Pryor > Newton based on actually LEARNING TO PLAY QB.

    Look at Robinson at Michigan. sure he puts up stats but he has no chance at being an NFL QB. and this is from a Michigan State fan admitting that UM and OSU has a better team than we do. We beat Wisc who beat OSU.

    SEC is overrated. Good, but not as great as you think you are. You play no D.

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