Hey CBS, I’m Calling You Out

Hey CBS, I’m Calling You Out

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While watching Saturday afternoon’s game at a sports bar in downtown Tuscaloosa, I found myself in great dismay not at the score, as it was bound to be a tough game, but at the frustrating sports casting. The CBS coverage of Saturday’s game failed to meet my needs as a viewer and left me feeling increasingly frustrated throughout the cast.

Where CBS Failed

CBS College Football Sportscasters Verne Lundquist Gary Danielson
CBS' Dynamic Duo Verne Lundquist and Gary Danielson leave much to be desired
Throughout the game Gary Danielson did a poor job at remaining unbiased in his coverage. His voice rose with so much enthusiasm during a positive play for South Carolina I found myself wondering if he was secretly pulling a Brandi Chastain, wildly waving his shirt around above his head in studio. He then followed this enthusiasm with periods of almost complete quiet during an Alabama drive, muttering excuses for South Carolina’s failures. If Danielson can not at least pretend he is neutral during coverage, CBS should allow someone else to cover the game instead.

Verne Lundquist did an adequate job covering the game however I did find myself laughing as the following jewels left his mouth during coverage:

• “Here’s a cashew of information for you”
• “It doesn’t mean a hill of beans now”
• “It was hard and high”

And my personal favorite (drum roll please):

• “Guys running on the field, guys running off the field, time called.”

Thanks for the brilliant insight Verne, but I could clearly see that myself. The role of the sports caster should be to explain the intricacies, recaps and confusing plays- so cut the fluff and let me watch the game.

I do expect sports casters to know who key players are however, and Lundquist and Danielson made a large error on a second half kick return calling Barron as the receiving player until after the large play was over, all the while the ball remained in the capable hands of Marquis Maze.

The actual game footage also lacked on Saturday, due to poor angling and failing to realize the view that the casual sports viewer wishes to see of the field. Before plays began, the cameras zoomed in too close to the field, making it impossible to see the line up and predict the next actions until about 5 seconds prior to the snap. This left viewers scrambling to understand what to look for in the next play.

I also enjoyed the perspective shots from ground level looking up into the blaring sun above William-Brice – they brought back memories of watching The Lion King as a small child. However, I do not watch football games for a trip down memory lane to recollect pride rock and how it made me feel; I watch football for the action, grueling hits and playmakers. Scenic panoramas of the stadium are all well and good before the game, but after four views, everyone can see that the stadium is packed with crimson-clad fans. I do not need a zooming shot before each and every play.

Apparently CBS does not believe in replays. I am accustomed to watching the live play, immediately followed by a replay in which the casters explain the game. The explanation was there, but few replays. Instead, I got head shots of random players putting their mouth pieces in, a slow awkward pan of the bench or a gem of Coach Saban mouthing what appeared to be a curse word.

The Bottom Line

As long as CBS continues propagating poor camera angles coupled with a very biased sports caster, they will continue down the sad path of network decent recently travelled by NBC, continuing to serve their role as the awkward step child network of the sports giants of Fox and ABC.

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Comments 36

  1. C Austin
    Commented : 4 years ago

    These Alabama fans take it out on everybody when they loose. . Its now the commentator fault they lost cause he was pulling for the other team

  2. OPIE
    Commented : 4 years ago

    I had no problem with the broadcasters this Saturday.

    But what about the Duke game???!!! Why did no one whine about that? The female in the booth was absolutely horrible, and the guy “color commentator” was even worse. He seemed like he didn’t even fully understand the sport.
    And the TV broadcast was a full play behind the radio broadcast, so I couldn’t even turn to sound off and listen to Eli Gold!!!

  3. Nowhere did the writer say it was their fault Bama lost. He said the coverage was inadequate. Read again. V. L. misidentifies players, as in the BCS game on the opening kickoff when he said Julio Jones was not on the field, similar errors throughout the year. SO, as a Bama fan I say S. C. outplayed Bama without a doubt. They were “golden”. Bama didn’t play well. And STILL, the coverage was not great!!

  4. BC
    Commented : 4 years ago

    Gary Danielson has never been good, Lundquist routinely makes mistakes, time for a change CBS.

  5. Charlie
    Commented : 4 years ago

    You say you want the sportscasters to “cut the fluff and let you watch the game” yet you for some reason have an issue when they were quiet during an Alabama drive. Just a wee bit hypocritical. Also, it’s hard to remain completely indifferent when casting a sporting event, especially when one team is working really hard and is really close to an upset that big. Pretty much everyone other than Alabama fans were pulling for south Carolina after halftime. Not because of any disrespect for Alabama, But because it’s always fun to watch teams pull off huge upsets like this. I know you surely wouldn’t be complaining had they been as emphatic about Alabama drives and not south carolina’s, and nobody else would be either. It’s a game. Nobody (other than you) cares about sportscasters being indifferent. Just deal with it.

  6. Kae
    Commented : 4 years ago

    It is evident CAustin doesn’t know anything about Bama fans — we have not reason to alibi, we take the loss and go on to the next game. The problem with CBS’s annoucer (Danielson) is a lack of knowledge about each of the players on each team ( evidently the meetings the producers have during the week do nothing for him). When negative things do prompt saying at least be consistent. He is a total dumb a– and this is proven every time he opens his mouth.

  7. Sydney Branch
    Commented : 4 years ago

    To C. Austin:
    If you notice in the very first paragraph of my article I state that I was not surprised by the score and that I expected it to be a tough game. That being said, this article says nothing about the game’s outcome, only that the sports casting was irritating. If you look at the game recap posted yesterday you will see that it is apparent that I am not trying to blame the loss on anyone’ it was a difficult game and Alabama was outplayed.
    - Sydney Branch

  8. JP
    Commented : 4 years ago

    I have to know the answer to this question: Have you ever watched an SEC game on CBS before the Bama-SC game? This is not new. Back when Alabama was irrelevant (you know, 3 years ago, ancient times), these guys routinely pulled for Alabama vs. Tennessee, Florida, LSU, Auburn, etc. Even better, did you ever hear them announce a SINGLE Florida game Tim Tebow played in? Talk about not only nonstop love for one team, but for one PLAYER (and his roommate, or course). Here’s an idea: mute these buffoons and stream your favorite announcers online or, better yet, don’t watch games they broadcast at all.

  9. James Myers
    Commented : 4 years ago

    Gary Danielson pulling for South Carolina?? Please.. Throughout the entire Florida game all Verne Lundquist and Gary Danielson would talk about how great Alabama is and all this and that. No credit was ever given to Florida when they made big plays (I know it was few and far between), but still. They don’t give credit when it should be given, instead it’s “Oh well Alabama just lined up in the wrong formation, if they are in the right formation that’s an interception and Alabamas ball.” Verne Lundquist has been an Alabama fan and Supporter for as long as I remember and yet they still continue to let him call the games. When it’s announced that he will be covering an Alabama game, I guarantee he gets all happy and giddy while he is smiling from ear to ear. I’m dreading watching any CBS game for the rest of the year. It’s absurd that they let these two men call these games over and over.

  10. capersh
    Commented : 4 years ago

    I guess it is all a matter of perception- I’m a South Carolina fan and according to most of the people I talked to- they thought it was pretty much an Alabama love fest until near the end when it was clear SC was going to win- then the story took over. Most of the play by play is sloppy on CBS- Just par for the course.

  11. Bert
    Commented : 4 years ago

    Yes I know that Bama got beat an they did play poorly But if you listen to CBS they do tend to pick out certian teams and coaches and put them on top of the world and they do no wrong. The writter of this artical may be writting for Bama but has a very good point. I say watch CBS week to week and you will learn what I have said. For listening to the radio and watching the game its always behind the play with tv .

  12. People love to pull for the under-dog and Broadcasters are only human. ROLL TIDE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. J Brown
    Commented : 4 years ago

    The CBS announcers are absolutely biased against Alabama and have been for as long as I can remember. I totally agree with the author of this article, they are terrible. As stated above, nowhere in this article did the author say anything about it being the announcers fault that Bama lost, South Carolina beat them, we true Bama fans can admit that. There were many mistakes made by these two during this game that were just awful. I would much rather watch a Bama game on any station other than CBS. OPIE, I do agree with you about the Duke game, that one was awful too!

  14. Huh
    Commented : 4 years ago

    Sally, Verne did not call the BCS game.

  15. Hollie Montgomery
    Commented : 4 years ago

    The commentators were idiots and they sucked! They made it obvious they were pullin for the COCKS. CBS needsta do a better job with commentators anyway including those who interview the coaches at halftime! and for those non-BAMA fans, TIDERS don’t havta look to blame anyone when we lose, because we rarely do and when we do, we own up to out mental mistakes with PRIDE and INTEGRITY and DETERMINATION to fight harder!

  16. Joe
    Commented : 4 years ago

    I agree. Verne was the best in his day. He is getting too old and he is constantly misspeaking, misidentifying players, making wrong announcements… “he looks to have enough for the first down… wait he is two yards short”. Gary is 100% biased and he is a Big 11 guy. He has never loved or respected the SEC and I am unsure why he is even part of the broadcast. Finally CBS’s HD is awful. I switched over to the Arkansas game on ABC and the picture quality was 100 times better, Step it up CBS. If you are going to continue broadcasting the best SEC game each week, you need to raise the bar.

  17. James
    Commented : 4 years ago

    I tend to not have an issue with this one station being biased against Alabama, since every other station on television is biased for them.

  18. buzz
    Commented : 4 years ago

    poor bama. i really feel sorry for them. they get no love or attention at all. give me a break. go cocks!

  19. Vette
    Commented : 4 years ago

    Hey Lady,

    Now you know how the rest of us in the SEC feel when we play the Tide.

  20. J.R.Rah
    Commented : 4 years ago

    A “Mia Hamm,” huh? Nice display of that superior Bama knowledge…

    There was no bias in the game. If anything, Verne and Gary combined their collective lust for Tebow last year and lathered it on the Tide all Saturday. Every time Alabama moved the ball an inch, one of the two would make note that “this is Alabama football,” and slobber over the efficiency of Greg McElroy and his high school winning streak. Did they suck? Yes. But they suck every week. They don’t just pull out their inept cards on the Bama losses. Something you have obviously missed every other week.

    Welcome to college football. Glad you finally got to watch your first game on CBS.

  21. Rizz
    Commented : 4 years ago

    Even though I despise Danielson and Lundquist, it appears you’re taking your frustration out on anything you can. I’m sure you would have been delighted with the commentary had Alabama walked away victorious.

    Bottom Line:
    Bama fans b!tch about everything little thing if they don’t get their way. YOU LOST… GET OVER IT!!!!

  22. I’m actually a pretty big fan of Gary Danielson. I think his analysis is excellent during the games and I rarely disagree with him. Verne? What can you say about Verne, he’s a looker.

  23. Warren
    Commented : 4 years ago

    I do expect sports casters to know who key players are

    seems like the writer did not do her homework either….it was Brandi Chastain who took off her shirt to celebrate a goal in the Women’s World Cup not Mia Hamm

    if you are going to be critical of folks who don’t know peoples names you should hold your self to the same standard —

    good luck

  24. Paul
    Commented : 4 years ago

    So it’s CBS’s fault that Bama lost? Sour grapes and a whiner. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. This article is worse than any broadcast ever done by the CBS broadcasting team.

    Oh yeah – if you are going to be an “Alabama writer”, then learn grammar, spelling and how to write.

  25. Ryan
    Commented : 4 years ago

    If you are going to call someone out for lackluster coverage, make sure your work is in order…

    “His voice rose with so much enthusiasm during a positive play for South Carolina I found myself wondering if he was secretly pulling a Mia Hamm, wildly waving his shirt around above his head in studio.”

    That was Brandi Chastain in the 1999 World Cup after scoring the winning goal against China, not Mia Hamm (who was born in Alabama may I add). As for Alabama receiving less than fair coverage…I’m an LSU fan…so you are more than welcome to a “bless your heart” if you need one.

  26. Christie
    Commented : 4 years ago

    Watching ANY football game on CBS isn’t easy for me because of Danielson so I often find myself turning the tv volume down and the radio volume up. I’m a Crimson Tide faithful and I agree with Kae… Most of us take our losses and move on to the next game. As for the Bama/Gamecocks game, Bama simply didn’t want the win as badly as the Gamecocks did and it showed. But hey, no team is going to win every game. Cangratulations to South Carolina on the win! I’d say they’re my second favorite team anyway. Roll Tide!!!

  27. Michael
    Commented : 4 years ago

    To say that these guys are biased is an understatement. However, you have it all wrong as they as are usually biased toward Bama. If you created a drinking game where you had to drink everytime they said “Heisman” or “National Champions”, you would be smashed by half time. Vern is so far up Bama’s rear… I used to think John-Parker-Wilson was his love child. Give me a break.

  28. Mike
    Commented : 4 years ago

    I am not an Alabama fan. I did however find the reporting to be completely unprofessional and boring. CBS needs to step it up. If they do not, they will not only be losing me as a viewer, but many others as well. The writer did mention that the game was going to be tough and did not opine about losing to chickens.

  29. Scottie Sherr
    Commented : 4 years ago

    To complain about the excitement of Danielson is a joke. You don’t think it was exciting to see a team that has won 29 straight regular season games losing? Was he supposed to be sad like you were that it was over? And as far as Verne goes, it is his job to do PLAY BY PLAY not color, not to explain things to people who don’t no anything about football. Get over it.

  30. Sheree Johnston
    Commented : 4 years ago

    I live in Jacksonville, FL and out local CBS station started blurring during the game and then went black. I started having a fit. M husband picked up the feed on the intrnet so I had to watch the whole game on a lap top. CBS did not come back on until the game was over.

  31. Jamie
    Commented : 4 years ago

    Wow! I thought I was the only one irritated with Danielson. It’s not about who won or lost, he was just very unprofessional.

  32. Daniel
    Commented : 4 years ago

    The commentating by Verne and Lundquist are subpar and unprofessional every game and if this doesn’t change, I will not be watching anymore games on ABC. And to add to it, ABC’s HD coverage is horrible. I would much rather watch the game on ESPN or CBS. They both have much better HD coverage. Also, Bama did look pretty bad against the roosters. They hatches their eggs all over Bama and Bama didn’t know how to cook them. Let’s hope Bama can come back and win the rest of their conference games and get back to the PAC-10 Conference Championship again. Watch out Auburn!!! We are coming for you!!!!

  33. Matt
    Commented : 4 years ago

    I am a die hard Bama fan from Oneonta,AL now living in WI.That stated, I love watching games on CBS.The videos they put on before games start and etc.Yes they do sometimes seem like they are pulling for one team or another,but hey aren’t we all?What I hated,was the Duke game with the female broadcaster.I am not anti women sportscasting,but her commentary was about as boring as you can get.ESPN while the announcers do a decent job, is boring to me for lack of emotions.They dont do the pregame hype videos like CBS either.SEC football is all about EMOTIONS and dedication to your team regardless who you pull for.We have in my honest opinion the most passionate fans in the country.Each and every one of us emotionally lives and dies each week with a win or loss.I will take a CBS broadcast any day over any other network PERIOD.The emotion they show outside the occasional mistakes makes the game that much more intense.Believe me when I say Saturdays here in my house are always intense regardless lol.((((ROLL TIDE ROLL!)))) from Wisconsin.

  34. Robert G
    Commented : 3 years ago

    Gary Danielson is HORRIBLE! It was frustrating to hear his inane color commentary for Auburn vs. Arkansas and Auburn vs. LSU in October 2010. (I live in Albuquerque and am not a SEC homer whatsoever) I did not notice any bias on his part (I have a degree in broadcast journalism), but I fount his comments to be shallow, inaccurate, uncreative, adn ultimately annoying. Verne Lundquist is just better at basketball broadcasting and merely enables Danielson’s stupidity. He’s babbling on about how Auburn’s frosh RB’s legs look like Ray Rice’s (who he called Ron Rice after some help from producers the week prior). He cannot seem to restate anything in various ways, instead repeating himself verbatim on replay after replay. Danielson should NOT be employed on games in the top football conference. Demote him to “viewer” to spare the audience!

  35. Dwight Thibodeaux
    Commented : 3 years ago

    I agree. I think Gary is a bumbling fool. He is biased. He rambled on and on on cam newton. I think he has a schoolboy crush or something. Please get him out of this situation and commentate on figure skating or something like that. Even if I were an auburn fan, which I am not, he would really aggravate me to no end. He has no place doing what he does.

  36. Tony
    Commented : 4 months ago

    He was using that game as a point of reference. And he is right, as far as the neutral aspect goes. They should at least come across that way.