More ESPNU150 2011 Recruits Committing To SEC Programs

Anthony Johnson Current LSU Commit

While watching high school football over the weekend, I saw a stat that was very intriguing for 2011 recruits in the ESPNU150 committed to play for SEC programs compared to other conferences in the country.

Of the 150 members that make up the early ESPNU150, the SEC was leading in the number of commitments that were made for the 2011 recruiting class. The SEC currently has 28 commitments and the next closest one is the ACC with 18 commitments. The Big 12 has 17 commitments, the Pac-10 has 10 commitments and the Big Ten has 7 commitments.

What is interesting is that the SEC and ACC have very similar territories and all are located primarily in the southeast portion of the United States. You can tell the best players in the country want to play for the best conference in the country, which is obviously the SEC.

Texas and Oklahoma out of the Big 12 South primarily make up the 17 commitments between the two for the Big 12.

Does this surprise you? Or is it to be expected?



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  • Or ESPN wants to protect their Multi-Billion dollar investment that is the SEC by driving the recruiting for the conference.

    Tin Foil Hat Comment

  • Or you could be right. I think I’m going to compare Rivals100, Scout100, and ESPNU150 on the SEC commitments right now before the season starts as opposed to other conferences like what is above.

  • ecdawg, Leather Helmet Dawg, says that THE SEC dominates the recruiting.


    Alabama, Florida and LSU do.

    Georgia has 1 Christian LeMay and he may well find getting in, impossible as anyone who supposedly follows Georgia should know.

    We had a horrid show of it in Signing Class 2010 on OFFENSE.

    We are in a similiar position for 2011 on OFFENSE yet we at Georgia are desperate for fullbacks, running backs, offensive linemen, wide receivers, and quarterbacks.

    Instead, a post by Leather Helmet Dawg that THE SEC is doing GREAT in recruiting ?

    What’s wrong with this picture ?

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