Gamecocks Fans Need To Dial It Down

Gamecocks Fans Need To Dial It Down

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What’s up with the South Carolina hype?  This is absurd.  They’ve won two games – one against Southern Miss and another against an overrated Georgia squad.  You’d think they’ve already locked up the east.

I’ll admit Marcus Lattimore is a stud, but SEC teams will figure this out and load up against the run.  Then let’s see Stephen Garcia win some games for them.  I will like my odds against Garcia.

There are few teams like the South Carolina Gamecocks that know how to execute a choke job.  2010 will be no different.  Trust me, there’s no way that the Gamecocks win the east.

Have you seen their schedule?  It’s nuts.  They lose at least 2 games, and probably more like 3.

After cupcake Furman, they goto Auburn then play Alabama.  Can you say 3-2?  Yeah, that’s not gonna cut it.

Sorry Gamecocks.  2010 isn’t your year.  Unless you’re focused on being the best team in the state of South Carolina.  In that case, you have a shot.



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  1. ZacharyUTK
    Commented : 4 years ago


  2. RTH
    Commented : 4 years ago

    Don’t worry. This is nothing unusual. South Carolina has always been preseason #1 if you ask their fans.

  3. Jon
    Commented : 4 years ago

    I tend to agree with this, especially about Garcia. I just don’t think a Garcia led team can with the East.

  4. Dug
    Commented : 4 years ago

    I am a Gamecock-fan-2010season-skeptic, however even I have to admit to even the most die-hard fan friends, they do look unusually good this year, if one can make that assesment after only 2 weeks. If they are 4-0 after next week, I may not be convinced yet, but I’ll have to let my hopes swell a little.
    What I am noticing is theier execution. Seems to be a notch higher than in years past. Physical fitness – playing 4 quarters – another new aspect to the Gamecocks, even for games 1 and 2.
    As for Gamecock fans thinking their team is #1 preseason – if they thought any less – would they be fans?

  5. Freehawk
    Commented : 4 years ago

    In Williams Brice Stadium, no one can hear you scream.

    Gamecocks 2010

  6. Mary
    Commented : 4 years ago

    Loved phelps article. Why not give the gamecocks a chance to get excited!! What a great frosh running back!!