This Picture Suggests Arkansas Committed Recruiting Violations

Yikes…a photo has surfaced and Arkansas might have some explaining to do after this past weekend. This photo is a group of recruits that suggests they have personalized jerseys on and the lockers have been personalized with their names and numbers. This is a HUGE no-no, as you cannot create a “false game day environment”. Seconday violation anyone?



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  • It would be a matter of interpretation. It’s not like they’re dressed in uniforms and pads, and unless Arkansas let them keep the jerseys, I don’t really see a problem. To me, a false game day environment would be something like putting people in the stands, dressing the recruits in full uniforms and letting them run out on the field to a cheering crowd. That may be another of those rules that either need clarification, or amended.

  • Not to be rude, but they look kinda young… Are you sure those are football prospects?

    • Robert. Not a rude question at all. I can’t answer for any of them except #74 in back left. That is your prized in state recruit and stud offensive lineman Brey Cook I believe.

      • Then why is the name B. Cook not on the locker next to the number 74? Also, don’t steal the fox line “we report, you decide”. This is stupid.

        • Doesn’t appear locker #74 corresponds with jersey #74, so I would say this is just someone ASSuming or hoping there may be violations.

  • Not to quibble, but it’s impossible to see what names are on the lockers and since you can’t see the back of the jerseys you can’t claim that they’re “personalized” for the individuals wearing them. They also are not wearing pads, helmets, etc. which I would think would be needed to create the full game day experience.

    • William. Sorry. You’re right, there is no way you could see. So, I blew up the picture. #56 and you can see it on his locker is Tyler Gilbert who is currently committed.

      Oh, and you need a photo by your name, as you are a regular commenter.

      • Well somebody tell me how to do that.

        • Visit and set up a free account using the same email address you use to comment. It’s a third party site that allows you to change your image and it will automatically change on our website.

      • Now that you’ve blown it up, I can definitely see T. Gilbert and A. Beck who are current commits to Arkansas. The other three names I can’t find on a commit list, but maybe the one’s I’ve found are not up to date. It does raise questions, but still doesn’t appear to violate the rule (at least to me). For one thing, it’s hard to call it a game day environment unles the ‘Backs are going to start playing in jeans and work boots.

  • Bet this guy is an AU fan.

    Sorry dude, game day environment? Maybe a practice day environment since locker rooms aren’t exactly game-day only.

  • You should friend recruits on Facebook and look at all the pics of them on visits to different schools. They are in locker rooms wearing that school’s jersey. I am going to save all the ones I’ve seen. Looks like every school in the country has some splainin’ to do.

  • It says you are reporting. Really? What are you reporting? Tell us. Go to the NCAA By-Laws. Show the reader the By-Law. Get someone else to interpret the rule and not just throw your input into a story. That my friend is called reporting. What you are doing is throwing out an opinion on a blog. Consider that uniform tops and lockers are more than just gameday environment, they are part of everyday environment and from someone WHO has a done a story about this and actually CALLED the NCAA about this, it’s not a no-no. So come on now, grow up and become a real reporter or least just call yourself what you are and that’s a BLOGGER, nothing wrong with that, just don’t say you are reporting anything.

    • RJ. Money comment. I love it! I took the name tag on the locker to be “personalized item”. However, your point is taken. I am not a real journalist and am a Blogger. I am not very good at that either.

    Activities. An institution may not arrange miscellaneous, personalized recruiting aids (e.g., personalized jerseys, personalized audio/video scoreboard presentations) and may not permit a prospective student-athlete to engage in any game-day simulations (e.g., running onto the field with the team during pre-game introductions) during an official visit. Personalized recruiting aids include any decorative items and special additions to any location the prospective student-athlete will visit (e.g., hotel room, locker room, coach’s office, conference room, arena) regardless of whether or not the items include the prospective student-athlete’s name or picture.

    • I stand corrected. As the rule is written, the name tags on the lockers would be a clear violation.

    • Hmmmm…Your quote from the rulebook definitely puts this picture in a different light. I guess the question now becomes whether or not it was taken before or after any of these guys committed. Two of the names on the lockers are of players who have committed to Arkansas. The other three I haven’t found, but maybe the lists I’ve seen are out of date. If the picture was taken after the players committed, then no infraction. If taken before, then there’s a problem.

  • I don’t see anything personalized in this photo, so no NCAA violation.. Waste of time; moving along now.

    • If you see nothing, then you stopped looking after you saw the Arkansas helmet in the center of the photo.

  • If the personalized name tags above the lockers are illegal, there is a foul here. These numbers on the actual Arkansas roster are 56-Gunderson, 71-Grayson, 74-N/A, and 78-Oden, nowhere near what these nametags say, good find.

  • Alright. Arkansas hasn’t done anything wrong. One, These people could have special ordered these uniforms themselves. Two, we shouldn’t be making speculations on anything. If Arkansas has done anything wrong, then it is up to the NCAA review board not the fans. Third, This can just be like the Cam Newton story. Speculations have been made, no true facts were presented in any form to the public, rumors floated. Just let the people be, if Arkansas has done something illegal, the NCAA will be watching and doing an investigation. If your team was doing this would you speculate? Most likely not. We don’t know the full situation. Let the NCAA board handle it. Its nothing to be contemplating.

  • First of all, I am a huge Razorback fan. I won’t comment on the rule as it is written, but I personally see nothing wrong with putting a players name on a jersey or locker. With that said, I can provide some information as far as who the players are. T. Gilbert (committed this weekend), J. Peacock, Austin Beck (commited awhile ago), Aaron Douglass, Jack Tabb are the names on the lockers these boys are standing in front of. Gilbert is the only player pictured that also has his name above the locker that I recognize.

    This whole thing was stirred up and reported first by a Nebraska fan. Tevin Mitchell is a prized CB recruit that has verbally committed to Nebraska but has stated that he is still 50/50 between them and Arkansas. Apparently Tevin posted this picture to his facebook and a Nebraska fan saw it and reported it as a violation. This is all just rumor of course…but isn’t this the place for such things?

    Someone said that it depended on whether or not these players had committed to the UofA yet or not. First of all…no, some have verbally committed while others have not. Either way, none of them have committed b/c they can’t until NSD on Feb. 2nd. i don’t see what difference it would make. My opinion on the matter is that they did in no way create a game day atmosphere, but they did have personalized additions to the locker room…which is a secondary violation and I doubt much will come of it. Lane Kiffin committed some 27 “secondary” violations and wasn’t punished one bit.

    • The picture first appeared on an Arkansas freeboard if my story is correct.

      Whether or not you personally see anything wrong is not the issue. I don’t see anything wrong with drinking a beer if your are 19, but the law says otherwise, so my personal opinion doesn’t mean much. The NCAA has stated that the personalization of the locker room is a violation. Punishment is a different issue and may not be handed out to Arkansas.

  • I dont know but it seems to me if the school was going t get personalized jerseys they would haveat least got the right sizes. Half of thm lok like they dont even fit. By the wayI ordered I boyfriend a personalized jersey on line for christmas and he doesnt play football…. Im jut saying!!!

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