New SEC East Bully: South Carolina Gamecocks

South Carolina Gamecocks Football SEC East Champions

South Carolina Gamecocks Football SEC East Champions

Perseverance is defined as steady persistence in a course of action in spite of difficulties, obstacles or discouragement. What Webster didn’t tell you is perseverance is also defined by every player, coach, and fan of South Carolina football. The Gamecocks finally broke through in 2010 after decades of hardship and disappointment. The South Carolina football team deserved the title, and don’t let anyone say the Gamecocks didn’t earn it.

If I would’ve told you in August the Gamecocks would beat Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, Vanderbilt, and Florida, but only win the SEC east by one game you would have called me insane and had me committed. To imagine we beat all those teams would be hard enough to believe, to think if it actually occurred and we weren’t on our way to a national title would be even more troublesome. The 2010 season is the greatest season in Gamecock history, but regardless of the final result South Carolina still had their typical Gamecock moments. To achieve the goal of winning the east for the first time is monumental, but this season can still fall into the “what if” category just like every other. What if South Carolina didn’t turn the ball over four times against Auburn in the 4th quarter? What if the Gamecocks scored a touchdown in the second half and beat UK? As the saying goes, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and it only took 18 years to win the first SEC east title in school history. That unreachable hurdle has been jumped, and the grass looks a hell of a lot greener on the other side.

The next immediate goal is to finish the season stronger than how it was started. South Carolina must maintain the momentum created by the title accomplishment. If the Gamecocks let up, and allow Clemson to beat them, this season will never be as special as it should have been. I cannot even imagine the feeling and the Clemson fans if they were to beat the SEC east champion. South Carolina must finish the regular season 9-3. They need to carry the swagger of a three game winning streak into the Georgia Dome, and they need to gain a little respect back for the SEC east. The rest of this season must be used to set up 2011. The Gamecocks will return eight of eleven starters on offense and seven of 11 starters on defense and many of the non starters have seen plenty of playing time throughout the season. Throw in a top 20 recruiting class and South Carolina will be on their way to a top 10 pre-season ranking. The possibilities for next season are truly magical, and a national title run is not out of the question. The first obstacle to next season is finishing this year 9-3 and winning the bowl game is an absolute necessity.

South Carolina Gamecocks Florida Gators Football 2010I would like to congratulate Coach on a tremendous win, in the stadium and against the program he created. Looking back on Spurrier’s tenure in Columbia, it is only right he wins the SEC east at the home where he used to dominate. Watching the players celebrate with him, and carry him on their shoulders was very special. His post game speech invoked pride and jubilation throughout Gamecock nation. The Florida game was near perfection, and a glimpse of things to come. The defense finally showed up, and Marcus Lattimore re wrote and added to his growing legend. Stephen Garcia played smart, and played to win and was a true leader once again. It was a total team effort, and a dominating performance that sent shockwaves of fear through Gainesville, Knoxville, and Athens. The Gamecocks finally arrived Saturday night, and the SEC east has a new bully on the block.

2010 has been a groundbreaking and record shattering year for the entire University of South Carolina. The football team put the finishing touches on the calendar year with their win at the Swamp, and raised the bar of success for future athletic achievements. The glass ceiling that has confined the Gamecock football team for so long has its first major crack, and the shattering process can and will continue for many years to come. Finish strong South Carolina, beat Troy, annihilate Clemson, battle Auburn, and win the bowl game. A new decade has dawned, and the University of South Carolina has been reborn.

South Carolina Gamecocks 2010 SEC East Bully



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  • You write “The 2010 season is the greatest season in Gamecock history,”; that’s not quite true (YET). At this point, the 10-2 1984 as the greatest and also the one with the most disappointment. We started 9-0 (was ranked #2) and then lost to an awful Navy team on the road in MD (when the #1 team had already lost). Oh, but we did beat Clemson in Clemson so that was good.

    You may not be old enough to remember that season, but I am and so are many loyal Gamecock fans.


  • You are correct, I am not old enough for that season, however, I still feel an SEC east division title in the modern game is more impressive. Given our history of not meeting expectations, not coming close to a division title since entering in 1992, i feel this is more of an achievement. To represent the historically strongest division, in the strongest conference in football is an unbelievable achievement.

    • Sorry Andrew, Quiet Riot is right. Unless we win out, 1984 will still be the best season in our history. Not even close.

    • Sorry Andrew, Quiet Riot is right. Unless we win out, 1984 will still be the best season in our history. Not even close.

  • South Carolina fans should be ecstatic over how this season has turned out and the current state of their program. Having a guy like Lattimore on offense and Ellis Johnson running the defense, let the 2011 national title campaign begin. Not to mention all the returning starters, among them Steve “Cock and Fire” Spurrier. But let’s get to the heart of the matter, and that is what is the true fate of Gamecock football? The coming weeks will no doubt leave fans hungry for more, such as defeating Clemson or upsetting Auburn in Atlanta, or just winning the bowl game. Any combination of these or, goodness gracious, all three happening would have the Gamecock faithful in an intoxicated state of bliss. But it is a true indication of the direction of the program? It is my opinion that any of these outcomes, no matter how convincing, are not a true measure of the program’s future. That will come on a fateful Saturday Between the Hedges. USC has rarely, if ever, defeated UGA in consecutive seasons. With Florida in transition, and Tennessee still trying to find a football, the biggest test facing the Gamecocks next season is also it’s earliest. Many will laugh this opinion off, simply pointing out the diminishing returns of Richt’s last three years in Athens, however they’d be foolish to do so. Any coach who coaches at a program long enough will experience some bumps in the road. And Richt, like Dooley in the late 70’s, has definitely worn his welcome dangerously thin in Athens. But let me be clear on this point, Georgia will not lose to South Carolina next year in Athens. Even with the second coming of George Rogers, Marcus Lattimore, at tailback, they simply won’t win that game. Why? Because UGA’s defense will do enough to keep Lattimore in check. Allowing him 100 yrds, along with a score or two won’t win the game for USC. It will require Stephen Garcia making plays through the air, which bodes well for Georgia, given his proclivity to make boneheaded mistakes and costly turnovers. And for those assurances of an improved Connor Shaw being the answer, let me say that rotating quarterbacks has never turned out good for USC. With Murray’s steady hand guiding the UGA offense and the best special teams units in the country, Georgia will have just enough to come away with a victory. Oh and Ealey and King are no slouches at running the ball either, odds are those two put together a complete season for UGA.

    • dude…i understand you must be a huge puppy fan like i am a GAMECOCK FAN….we return 8 of 11 starters on offense….7 of 11 starters on defense with a majority of the non starters on d getting alot of playing time this year..from 2009 to 2010 Garcia has made a tremendous turn around….and next year he will have 1 more year of experience under his belt and of those 8 of 11 starters on offense most are on the o line….are you smoking crack…..i dont know if UGAY is loosins alot of starters but aj is gone and they proved already they are not good w/o him,,, king, and ealy will not get 100 yds total against the gamecock d thats returning most of the front 7…so i am afraid to say that lattimore run over your d for i think 184 this year…with your returning starters on d he prob gets 284 on the ground….and no one stops US on our way to a NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!!!!!

  • mr. parker, the UGA game will be exciting next season, however, we return our entire offense, not just lattimore.
    and almost all of our best defensive players return too.

    stop lattimore, good luck, stop jeffery, garcia, gurley etc etc etc ain’t happening

  • I’m a Dawg fan, and I could have easily told you in August SC was going to win. They clearly had the better defense, and Georgia’s program was (and is) in flux – freshman QB, new DC, new defensive scheme etc. And if you know anything as a Dawg, you know Spurrier is going to make the most of what he has. So considering the Dawgs and Gators are down, I’m not surprised at ALL to see the Gamecocks in the title. I’m just surprised it came down to the Florida game, frankly.

  • AU has beaten you once this year and AU will BEAT you agin. The Bully Beat Down!

  • LMAO! SEC East “Bully”??? That’s just damn funny. A team with 3 losses, and you’re proclaiming them an SEC East Bully? How about South Carolina caught the SEC East in a down year? That would be more like it. Georgia, Florida and Tennessee will be much better next year. Enjoy it while you can.

  • well, the title wasn’t my idea, and I am implying south carolina has an opportunity to seize a power position in the east division. they won their first title this year, and return basically their entire team next year.

    I don’t see UF, tenn, uga improving enough to overcome that. this team showed its potential at times throughout the season, and is poised to make a run at the title next year. the point of my article is to show the south carolina is now a real threat

  • Very well-written! Thank you!!! :-)

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