Showcasing SEC’s Dominance Over Ohio State

Ohio State Buckeyes Whipping Boy SEC Football
Ohio State Buckeyes Whipping Boy SEC Football

Ohio State is the Whipping Boy for the SEC in Bowl Games

The year was 1978… Most Americans had no idea what the internet was, many had never seen a mobile phone and none had ever witnessed Ohio State defeat an SEC team in a bowl game. Today, hundreds of millions own cell phones and billions have used the internet… still nobody has seen Ohio State defeat an SEC team in a bowl game.

Ohio State Buckeyes Lose SEC Bowl Games Alabama – 1978

It all started on January 2, 1978 in the Louisiana Superdome. Legendary Alabama Coach Bear Bryant led his 11-1 Crimson Tide against the (almost) equally legendary Woody Hayes and his 9-3 Ohio State Buckeyes. The much anticipated meeting of two of the most notable names in the history of college football would prove to be a disappointment (but definitely not the last) for fans of THE Ohio State University. Despite ten fumbles by Alabama, two of which were lost, the Crimson tide rolled to a 35-6 pounding of The Ohio State University in their first trip to the Sugar Bowl.

Ohio State Buckeyes Lose SEC Bowl Games Auburn – 1990

1990 Auburn Tigers Ohio State Buckeyes FootballThe next meeting between the Buckeyes and God’s Conference would take place in the 1990 Hall of Fame Bowl. After taking commanding 14-3 lead it appeared that the Buckeyes would stop their losing streak to the SEC before it even got started. Early in the second quarter the entire complexion of the game changed after a devastating hit by Ohio State’s Zack Dumas on Auburn’s Stacy Danley. As Danley lay on the ground injured, Dumas and teammates celebrated what has come to be known as simply “the hit.” After almost four minutes on the turf, Danley was able to walk off the field under his own strength at which point he turned and simply pointed to the Ohio State players that had celebrated his misfortune. When asked about the hit, Auburn Receiver Greg Taylor said “We started the game in sort of a daze and the minute Stacy got hit, it pumped us up.” “Pumped up” might be a slight understatement as the Tigers went on to score 28 unanswered points en route to a demoralizing 31-14 victory in John Cooper’s first bowl appearance with THE Ohio State University.

Ohio State Buckeyes Lose SEC Bowl Games Georgia – 1993

The much anticipated 1993 Citrus Bowl featured two of the most highly touted Running Backs in the country in Garrison Hearst of Georgia and Robert Smith of Ohio State. While both players had very strong performances, rushing for over 100 yards (162 for Hearst) and two touchdowns apiece, Ohio State Quarterback Kirk Herbstreit did not. Completing only 8 of 24 passes for 110 yards, one interception and zero touchdowns, “Herbie” was absolutely shut down by Georgia’s defense. Thanks to Herbstreit’s forgettable performance the Buckeyes were unable to generate any offense through the air and fell 21-14 to the Bulldogs.

Ohio State Buckeyes Lose SEC Bowl Games Alabama – 1995

The Buckeyes would return to the Citrus Bowl in 1995 to take on Alabama. Despite a dozen tackles for a loss, a blocked punt, a blocked field goal and three recovered Alabama fumbles the (somehow) porous Ohio State Defense gave up a staggering 521 yards of total offense to the Crimson Tide. What THE Ohio State Defense could not do, a stray dog did. With the Crimson Tide driving early in the game a stray dog ran out on the field causing a five minute delay and halting the wave of momentum the Crimson Tide had been riding. Alabama would end the drive with a missed field goal. With the ball in their own territory in a tie game with only 42 seconds remaining, Alabama Running Back, Sherman Williams was primed to step into the spotlight (and the nightmares of Ohio State fans). Having already turned in one of the most complete stat lines in Citrus Bowl history (27 carries for 166 yards and a touchdown along with 8 receptions for 105 yards at this point) Williams caught a short Jay Barker pass over the middle and took it 50 yards for the go-ahead score. Despite the arsenal of offensive weapons possessed by the Buckeyes (Joey Galloway, Eddie George, Terry Glenn, Ricky Dudley, etc.), Alabama was able to do what they had done all day and shut down THE Ohio State University securing a 24-17 win.

Ohio State Buckeyes Lose SEC Bowl Games Tennessee – 1996

1996 Tennessee Volunteers Ohio State Buckeyes FootballThe Buckeyes would return to the scene of one of their most demoralizing bowl losses just one year later. A young Peyton Manning led his 10-1 Tennessee Volunteers against the 11-1 Buckeyes in a rain soaked Citrus Bowl. While the Sophomore Manning had (what we would now consider) one of his more forgettable games (20-35 for 182 yards and a touchdown) it would be the Tennessee Defense that would make this game winnable for the Vols. After jumping out to an early 7-0 lead the Buckeyes appeared to be on their way to scoring another touchdown when Heisman Trophy winner Eddie George was leveled by Tennessee’s Bill Duff on a fourth and goal attempt from the two yard line. This would prove to be the turning point in the game as the Vols would effectively shut down George who rushed for a season low 89 yards. Tennessee’s running game, however, thrived as Jay Graham rushed 26 times for 154 yards and a touchdown (that came on a 69 yard run). Joey Kent made a great adjustment to catch a 50 yard touchdown pass that looked more like it was thrown by Manning’s brother (Cooper, not Eli) than Peyton himself to give the Vols a 14-7 lead. Ohio State would come back to tie the game but the strength of the Tennessee Defense was able to hold the highly touted Buckeyes in the 4th quarter when Vols kicker Jeff Hall added two field goals to give the his team a 20-14 win and THE Ohio State Buckeyes a five game losing streak to SEC opponents in bowl games.

Ohio State Buckeyes Lose SEC Bowl Games South Carolina – 2001

With Ohio State Head Coach John Cooper firmly on the hot seat the Buckeyes took on Lou Holtz and the South Carolina Gamecocks in the 2001 Outback bowl. Long story short, John Cooper was unemployed shortly after this game. The South Carolina Defense would hold the Buckeyes to only 85 rushing yards on 33 carries and 173 yards on 16 completions in the air. Ohio State scored it’s only touchdown on a fumble recovery in the end zone by Mike Gurr in the third quarter and would go on to lose 24-7 thanks to South Carolina Running Back (and Ohio native) Ryan Brewer’s 219 all purpose yard, three touchdown performance.

Ohio State Buckeyes Lose SEC Bowl Games South Carolina – 2002

2002 South Carolina Gamecocks Ohio State BuckeyesThe 2002 Outback Bowl would be a re-match of the previous years “contest” (if you can call it that). The Gamecocks seemed to have the game comfortably in hand with a 28-0 lead late in the third quarter but gave up 28 unanswered points to the Buckeyes and Quarterback Steve Bellisari (who was probably just rusty in the first half considering he had missed the team’s last two games due to a suspension for a drunken driving arrest). With the Buckeyes in the midst of one of the greatest comebacks in bowl history Bellisari threw a late interception giving the Gamecocks good field position which allowed Daniel Weaver to kick the game winning field goal as the clock expired. The loss to South Carolina would be Jim Tressel’s first loss to an SEC team in a bowl game but certainly not his last.

Ohio State Buckeyes Lose SEC Bowl Games Florida – 2007

On January 8, 2007 The Florida Gators took on the Buckeyes in the BCS National Championship game in Glendale, Arizona. Ohio State was coming off of a 51 day break thanks to the Big 10’s lack of a conference championship game (what sense does it make to have the top team from each division play each other to determine who the best in the conference is?) Many in the national media wondered if the Gators were even worthy of a chance to play the undefeated Buckeyes, who were in the midst of a 19 game winning streak. After the game, Urban Meyer said “”I’d like to thank all those people. Our pregame speech was easy.” After returning the opening kickoff for a touchdown, Ohio State’s Ted Ginn Jr. injured his ankle celebrating and watched from the sidelines as his Buckeyes were absolutely dominated on both sides of the ball by Meyer’s Gators. The Gator Defense, behind Defensive Ends Jarvis Moss and Derrick Harvey, accosted Heisman Trophy winning Quarterback Troy Smith. Smith was sacked five times (once by Linebacker Earl Everett despite losing his helmet early in the play) , completed only four of fifteen passes for 35 yards (and one interception) and rushed ten times for -29 yards. As if the defensive domination wasn’t enough, the Florida offense appeared unstoppable with 370 yards of total offense and 21 first downs. Despite having 51 days to prepare for Meyer’s offense, Tressel’s Defense was constantly shifting and generally running around like a chicken with its head cut off. When all was said and done, the Gators held the ball more than twice as long as the Buckeyes (40:48 to 19:12) and went on to a 41-14 thrashing that would give the Nation it’s most public glimpse of SEC domination of THE Ohio State University.

Ohio State Buckeyes Lose SEC Bowl Games LSU – 2008

2008 LSU Tigers Ohio State Buckeyes FootballThe Buckeyes would have a chance to redeem their previous BCS Championship Game blunder on January 7, 2008 against the LSU Tigers. Again the Buckeyes were favored going into the game against their SEC opponent and again they would be disappointed. Just like the previous year, the Buckeyes jumped out to an early lead (10-0) and just like the previous year they blew it. THE Ohio State Defense looked, at times, helpless as the Tigers scored twenty one unanswered points in the second quarter. When the Tigers started the second half with another score, the route was on. Ohio State would add a couple touchdowns to make the score look much better than the performance on the field but when the clock struck zero it was the LSU Tigers of the SEC that were National Champions and THE Ohio State Buckeyes that were the owners of one of the most notorious records in college football, zero wins in nine attempts against SEC teams in bowl games.

Ohio State Buckeyes Lose SEC Bowl Games Arkansas – 2011

Welcome to the Sugar Bowl. Arkansas Razorbacks have plenty of offense with Ryan Mallett and Knile Davis. Ohio State has an overrated Terrelle Pryor.

Is the Whipping Boy ready?

SEC Whipping Boy Ohio State Buckeyes Football



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  • Quick story:

    I drove through Gainesville a solid 16 months after Florida beat up on Ohio State for the national championship. As I drove down University Ave, there was a car next to me with “HONK IF YOU SACKED TROY SMITH” painted on his car. Now, the message was fantastic. But, keeping that on your car for 16 months after winning the big game? Priceless.

  • While I am a big SEC fan, streaks aren’t meant to last. That’s just the nature of sports. While we may question how long this streak may continue to the betterment of the SEC and the debacle of Ohio State, we have to realize that it will come to an end at some point. My question is this: What if this is the year the Ohio State breaks through and ends this miserable streak against the SEC? Will the trash talking of things like “whipping boy” show up as egg on your face? I don’t know really. I’m personally one who is against trash talking as I feel like it just provides bulletin board material for your opponent, and honestly, doesn’t portray the best sportsmanship. Anyway, just wanted to know your thoughts on the comments/questions I’ve made.

    • Green. It’s all in good fun. I don’t consider this “trash talking”, rather, just poking fun at one of the premier universities in the country. tOSU will be fine in the long run, and they may end their streak this year. I will be the first to congratulate them and tell them “it’s about time”. As far as bullentin board material, I highly doubt Terrelle Pryor comes on SDS to read about tOSU. Not saying he doesn’t and I would highly welcome his presence, but I doubt he does.

      • Jon, your probably right that Terrelle Pryor won’t know about this. Likey, Jim Tressel won’t know about this. However, in this information age we are in, Coaches and staff members can easily find bulletin board material to motivate their kids. I just wouldn’t want to be contributing to things to motivate them. You have to know that they are VERY aware of this streak. Their awareness of it doesn’t necessarily mean they are going to bring it to an end, but you have to KNOW they are very motivated to do so.

        • should have been likely, not Likey.

        • Green. If tOSU is not motivated enough to win a BCS Bowl game on their own and need an article to get hyped, then they have business being in the game, IMO. It’s all in good fun.

      • Jon, I know its all in good fun. I really have to think about that sometimes though. I remember reading a few days back about the radio show out on the west coast where “SEC Guy” called in to their show. While they were talking about how Oregon was better than most in the SEC, I was a little embarrassed to hear the argument given by “SEC Guy” to the radio hosts. I believe that SEC football is the best in the world… has been, and likely will be for many years to come. However, I think we can just show the numbers to everyone, like you did with Mel Kiper’s projected top 25 draft picks, ten of them being from the SEC. I don’t believe we need to perpetuate the ideology many outside of the Southeastern United States have about people from this part of the country. “SEC Guy”, in my opinion, was a poor representation of the kind of people we have in this part of the country, however, his tone and words were such as to perpetuate the negative image other people may have about us. I guess that is why I commented on this article in the first place. I just don’t want to feed negative narratives or perceptions.

      • I’m enjoying Brad’s articles. I’m not much of a trash talker myself, but will swiftly reply in kind to trash talk, but this kind of reporting is so much more entertaining that a compilation of stats, surrounded by fancy words.

    • I have to agree with Green. I feel that trash talk begets trashier talk. And sometimes what gets said is too easy to take personally. It gets way too ugly and messy. So while I may listen to the trash talk, I try real hard not to contribute to it.

  • ah people lighten up. Everyone knows Ohio State is one of the best football programs in the country, a perennial power. Ohio State fans are incredibly passionate and I always joke with them about their losing streak with the SEC. One of the best things about CFB is the fan’s emotional connections with teams. Some good natured joking is always fun before the games.

  • come on if you people dont think thier doing the same there you are competely ignorant .not all but alot of the osu fans are way worse than we ever thought about being and if they win .oh may g~@ well never hear the end of it ,.

  • if osu looks at this board tmotivate their team the sds should be completely flattered. its all about poking fun and trash talking in sports,there’s a lot of pride in sports, but osu deserves this more than anyone…they are a fan base that tries to one up you on everything, their stadiums bigger, they think they have more tradition, they will find anything

  • buckbum,you know them pretty of thier posters said they gained experience from the penn st game to help them with the hogs ,bama competely destoryed penn

  • How can you not want to trash talk THE Ohio State University though, I mean their mascot is a glorified acorn. lol.

    • Listen, Arkansas sucks, they have no defense they have never faced Ohio state so y’all should stop starting crap. This is predicted racist crap from another low-life southern state. who is the only college 2 have a player have 2 heismans. oh yea, Ohio State. Arkansas is overrated, We have offense and defense, you all have nothing but a sucky quarterback. good luck cuz ur gonna need it against pryor, herron, heyward, checkwa, and posey

      • Well maybe not since those guys are trading signatures for tatts. But look back at all your SEC bowl games…you always claim you have this or that and not the SEC team and then you get your a** waxed and realize stats don’t mean anything when you play an SEC team. Now assume the position.

  • I tried some good nature fun on the Facebook page and after meeting alot of nice AU folks, I was promptly blocked. Very disappointing. It seems if you disagree with someones position, the solution is to not let you talk at all!

    I gave cam his props…like any true football fan would..the guy is a beast……the game will be great…I just think Oregon will win…so I was removed.

    Anyway, have. Great game!

    Go ducks!

  • Guarantee Ohio State wins this game. Arkansas is purely overmatched, even a bunch of SEC fans can admit that.

    • Uh, no. No, there’s nothing to admit. Given the season as it has heretofore transpired, one might actually argue that Ohio State is purely overmatched. Arkansas has beaten four teams in the BCS top 25, and had every opportunity to beat two others. Ohio State has beaten no such opponents, having faced only one.

      That said, I’m cautiously optimistic as a Razorback fan. There’s no denying that this is a test.

      • OSU will destroy Arkansas, you all cant play defense, so we will destroy you with our running and passing game, plus ur quarterback is nothin but crap so our defense can easily destroy him, and we beat miami, didnt we, plus penn state, plus iowa, u r nothin but a joke of an SEC school

  • since the big 10, now actually has divisions like a normal conference i cant wait to see what happens in the following years. If they actually have to play a conf. championship there will be an end to all this marching into a big bowl. The new divisions, legends and leaders..haha..should be called “my parents are laid off auto workers” and “my parents are laid off steel workers”

    • Way to show class SEC fans and make fun of people who are going through the hardship of not having work. Poke fun at football teams and fans all you want but that is going to far. I guess I have to respond by going to far as well, so……

      Maybe the SEC Divisions should be called “I sleep with my sister” and “I talk like I am retarded”.

    • Pumpy, fans like you are the reason fights break out. That was just rude on epic levels. I am a fellow SEC fan and am ashamed of your comments.

      • i am ashamed that u jokes from Arkansas trash talk about a team you havent even played. Arkansas sucks they have a crapy quarterback and a sucky defense. Pryor will run over your defense and heyward will destroy mallot

  • Got a quick question? It sure seems to me like SEC fans like to live in the past?!?! If you want to lets go down this real quick. 7 national championships, 6 heisman trophy winners (7 total), what does the SEC have? Big ten has more wins, more championships, more everything other than classless and hillbilly fans. Go kiss your cousins hahahaha

    • Did you really just talk trash about the SEC living in the past, but then bring up past stats? Seriously?
      Pot, meet kettle!

      And there are tons of stats on both sides of the equation to prove that one conference is better than the other. One little fun fact though, there is not a single conference that has a winning % vs the SEC.

      Thank you for playing. Have a nice day.

      • Mikey. You need a picture asap. Thanks for enjoying the site.

      • Sec is overrated, u have sucky teams, a whiny quarterback who cries when he loses and cant keep his head up, and Sec fans cant read is right, you all live in the past. we are talkin about now, and now Arkansas will get destroyed by Ohio state

  • Only poor SEC trash would post a picture of a young, crying fan, who just had his heart broken. Ohio State will DESTROY Arkansas! Knile Davis will not run for 50 yards, and Ryan Mallet will throw 3+ picks

  • You Blackeye fans sure know how to lay it on thick huh? Your CONFERENCE IS ATROCIOUS!!! I mean really……Your Defense is ranked 4th because you play teams Boise State would beat in the 1st Quarter by 30. Skewed Ratings Much. Terrelle “The Fail” Pryor Cant Stand In The Same Room Against Mallet. 9 Games of Over 300yards. 9!!! 2 Games of 400yards. 3500+ Passing & 30TDS. Arkansas Is LOADED!!! Is Jus Heard Your Secondary Pleading The OSU gods for help. They Gona Need Leonitis and The Kraken to beat Arkansas. You Blackeye Fans Keep Bringing Up The Auburn Game and The 65pts Arkansas Gave Up. (Wisconsin Beat Dat Ass Ohio St) Howz About You Go Back AND Watch The Refs Give Auburn 2 TDS on BS Calls. Terrelle Pryor Was So Easily 4gotten About Because Cam Newton Is Everything Pryor Isnt. You Fools Take Arkansas For A Joke When We Lead The SEC in Sacks 37. No Defense Huh. The Razorbacks Are A Complete Team.

    • your team is atroicus, pryor will run over arkansas’s defense bcuz they suck, mallet is a crappy, overrated quarterback, and u only up this high in the rankings cuz SEC is always babysitted by everyone. Y’all will get destroyed. Arkansas is nothin but a sucky, joke of a SEC school

    • really, just stop the smack talk. Arkansas is a joke. u lead the SEC in sacks not the nation. The whole SEC doesn’t have dfense. Pryor will run over u with the pass and run game. And stop making excuses why u lost to Auburn. u lost to them bcuz u suck. its been years since Ohio state has given up that many many points and we’ve played very good teams. When u actually go to a national championship talk 2 me

  • Arkansas fans – you all (or should I say ya’ll) are a joke. You certainly did come out of the woodwork in a hurry thumping your chests about the SEC and how fantastic it is, yet your team can hardly compete in it (13 conference champs I think, last one in the 80’s?). And while we’re talking about “whipping boys”, Arkansas is 1-5 against the Big Ten. It certainly seems like you’d rather see your own conference succeed more than your own team. But, I guess if my team had failed to do a relevant thing since it’s last (and only) title, I’d be a glowing SEC homer too. Thankfully I don’t have that misfortune.

    PS: OSU’s vs. SEC bowl record does suck, but what a lot of you fail to recognize, or choose to ignore for your own benefit, is that all time we’re 7-11-1. Not a winning record, but not exactly atrocious either.

  • Arkansas can beat every team in that weak ass conference. OMG the Mighty Hoosers…..Try Again MudaSucka.

  • Im sorry could someone help me out…what is Arkansas record against the big ten in bowl games???

  • oh hey there it is 0-3..while its not RELEVANT to this years game and us OSU fans aren’t piggy backing off our conference…i just thought i would offer up this piece of info.

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