Can Spurrier Do the Unthinkable and Shatter Auburn’s National Title Hopes?

Steve Spurrier South Carolina Gamecocks Football CoachFor several years, fans throughout the SEC have been waiting for South Carolina to arrive and play to their capability under Steve Spurrier. That has not been done yet, until this year. Several Spurrier-coached teams at South Carolina have been hyped preseason, only to lay down when they get into the meat of their schedule. Spurrier has his troops firing on all cylinders right now coming off a blowout win in Gainesville to win the East and a win against their in-state rival Clemson. One thing is for certain, the Ole’ Ball Coach is a big-game coach who knows how to dial it up against a weak secondary.

Everyone throughout the country in different media organizations – mostly the mother ship (ESPN) – is already comparing Auburn and Oregon. How will Auburn fair against a lightning fast, finesse-spread team like Oregon? Will Oregon be able to stop Auburn’s Cam Newton? Let’s not forget, Auburn still has to survive Steve Spurrier and the Gamecocks in Atlanta. South Carolina has a couple different things going for them in order to pull the ultimate upset this weekend in Atlanta.

Auburn’s secondary is weak. They are last in the SEC in pass defense. They are giving up 250-plus yards per game through the air. The Ball Coach is licking his chops at this time, looking at film and game planning. He has the best receiver in the league in Alshon Jeffery, and he should plan on getting him the football early and often. Steven Garcia has been efficient this year – not spectacular, but adequate. He has kept the turnovers down in some big games – namely Alabama – and has led them to victory. Spurrier will find a way to get his receivers the football in space on good routes in order to torch Auburn’s secondary.

South Carolina’s rush defense finished ranked #1 in the league. They are giving up slightly over 93 yards per game. As we all know, the Auburn offense can run it down anyone’s throat and have all season. The Tigers average 291 yards per game. Will South Carolina be able to establish the line of scrimmage on defense? If they can, it should slow down the Tiger offense enough for the Gamecocks to be effective or at least give them a shot.

Marcus Lattimore. This kid needs no introduction. If the Gamecocks can get him going and burn clock while getting first downs, they have a legit shot. If Lattimore is controlling the ground-game, play action to Jeffery will indeed be a factor. Lattimore only had 33 yards rushing the first go ‘round on The Plains, and he will have to be much more of a factor for the Gamecocks in this one. It is also important to note that Auburn’s rush defense is only giving up 108 yards per game. How will Lattimore fair? Oh, that will be fun to watch.

If South Carolina can find a way to win the football game, it could shatter Auburn’s National Title hopes – depending on the lovely BCS of course.

Can the Gamecocks bully one more team and play BCS buster?



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  • Can he? Yes. Will he? Ummmm…

  • I believe he can beat them and destroy their National Title hope. The thing now is will the SEC let the Gamecocks beat Auburn. If auburn loses there is a possibility that the National Championship will not feature a team from the SEC. Which means less $$$ going to the SEC.

    • Trey, Auburn isn’t as powerful as some would think. We haven’t paid off any referees or replay officials this year. We haven’t paid off the SEC to look the other way while our players mug the other teams. We haven’t paid off any SEC opponents to quit playing when they got a big lead, so the SEC could have another team in the BCS Title game. We haven’t paid off the NCAA to rule any of our players eligible. We have not paid off South Carolina to lose one for the conference, and we have not paid off the SEC offices to “make sure” Auburn wins for the good of the conference. In fact, when you even make such a suggestion, you cast a shadow over ALL of the SEC. To an outsider, you make it look as if the SEC is dirty, and will do whatever it takes to make sure one of their teams is undefeated. You cast a shadow over past SEC winners, as well as Auburn.

      • Im with Trey, I dont think he said that anyone was paid off, but if you look at the Auburn vs. Alabama game it def. looks like the SEC stepped in and told Alabama to back off. How do you justify a team throwing for over 300 yards in the first half and then get man-handled in the second half and go for only 69 yards total offense. Things just dont add up there. Also you cant say that the SEC doesnt want one of their teams in the Title game and if Auburn goes down then that isnt going to happen. I believe that things could be very interesting in this game because I dont think Spurrier will back down to the Tigers.

        • Im not saying that the SEC will make the Gamecocks back off and let Auburn win I was simply implying that it was a possibility. I was simply putting that out to see what people had to say about that idea. And I never said anything about auburn paying anything

        • Whether for pay or not, I don’t see the SEC stepping in and helping one team over another in any games, or a team quitting to help another team’s chances in the BCS. As for the performance in the Iron Bowl, that’s typical of Auburn’s season. We fell far behind several teams this year, and as much as 17-0 in the Clemson game, and I definitely don’t see the ACC commissioner asking Clemson to throw that game to keep Auburn undefeated. Auburn has been very slow out of the blocks on offense all year, but has made adjustments to what the other team is doing. Though this has worked for them, I would prefer that they didn’t get as far behind as they have in some of these games. If you play with fire long enough, you’re going to get burned.

        • Apparently, Auburn paid South Caroline extremely well to lay down in the SEC Championship game. LMAO !!!!

  • Johnny Smith for you to sit there and say Auburn (or insinuate, however you want to put it) paid off anyone for anything is just asinine and ludicrous and shows bias. SC will play us harder than before but they will still go down. You can’t use Jeffrey and Lattimore to beat us all game. We stopped Lattimore and Jeffrey was beast last time but Garcie and the backup made mistakes. It will happen again. WAR DAMN EAGLE WAR CAM EAGLE CAM IS LEGAL AND WEAGLE WEAGLE WEAGLE!

    • Jason, I’m an Auburn fan myself, and was merely pointing out how ridiculous it was to think Auburn could or would pay off everyone in college football to stay undefeated.

  • Jesus guys….drop the hyperb and lets get ready for a game of epic proportions, not only to the SEC but to the nation at large. Auburn’s game vs Bammar drew the largest viewer audience of any NCAA FBS game this season. Sure, its the ironbowl, but my thought is this was because of an undefeated team with a shot at the MNC was taking on another contender set on knocking them out of contention. USCe will bring their “A” game and AU has to figure out how to hold court against one of the best coaches in college football history.

    No ones paying anyone (don’t start that crap again please) on AU or USCe….this is all about strapping on the gear and busting some serious chops for 60 minutes. Half of us will relish the victory, thats a given, but its all up to the other half how they manage the defeat. Hopefully, its with unabashed pride in their team AND a wish that the winner represents the SEC well in their upcoming bowl game. War Eagle!

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