What Did We Learn This Past Weekend?

Monday morning.  Time to discuss what we learned on Saturday so get out your notebooks and pencils and grab a hot cup of coffee.  Let’s get to work.

First off, we learned that Ryan Mallett is very good.  He is definite Heisman potential depending on the win-loss record for the Razorbacks.  The play fake that led to a Chris Gragg touchdown pass was a thing of beauty, executed perfectly.  What I was most impressed is Mallett’s ability to move up into the pocket and even outside the pocket without taking his eyes off his receivers.  He is deadly right now.  How will he do against Alabama next week?  I sure as heck can’t wait to find out.

Second, we learned that the Florida Gators offense does absolutely need to find an identity.  There is a silver lining, however, Gator fans as the squad you took to Knoxville was insanely young.  The future is still very, very bright in Gainesville.  Brantley needs to get more accurate, Pouncey needs to still work on his snaps, and I think the offensive coaching staff needs to figure out the identity that fits the players.

Next, we learned that Mark Ingram is healthy.  9 carries, 151 yards, 2 touchdowns.  Yeah, he’s fine.

Patrick Peterson is a definite Heisman candidate.  He’s by far the best player at LSU.  He had two picks on Saturday and is having a fantastic season so far.

Ok, now on to Georgia.  We learned that Georgia is well, not great.  I’m not going to say that Georgia is terrible, because they’re not.  Aaron Murray is going to have a great career at Georgia.  The absence of AJ Green is definitely seen as the team obviously lacks a playmaker without him.  Georgia will be fine.  They might lose another game, but they’ll win some nice games, Richt will still be coach and in 2011, they will probably be very good.

I don’t think we learned much about Auburn except that they were able to have enough fortitude to come back from being down 17-0.  I’m still fairly uncertain about how good they are.  For now they are 3-0 and that’s all that matters.

We learned that Ole Miss is very terrible.  They got beat up by Vandy at home.  Vandy doubled up on them 28-14.  Yikes.  Back to the drawing board Houston Nutt.  Oh yeah, Jeremiah Masoli = Heisman hopeful in the Pac-10 and abysmal QB in the SEC?  Yeah, that sounds about right.

We learned that Dan Mullen needs a quarterback at Mississippi State.  Their passing game is garbage.

Lastly, we didn’t learn much from the Kentucky game because they played Akron.  We will indeed learn a ton from their game against the Gators at the Swamp this Saturday night.  Looking forward to Derrick Locke and Randall Cobb going up against that Gator defense!



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