Which SEC Team Has The Most Players In The NFL?

Which SEC Team Has The Most Players In The NFL?

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If you want to have a shot to get into the NFL, the best conference in the country to play your college football is undoubtedly the SEC. Saturday Down South recently looked at how many NFL players are currently from SEC schools:

1. LSU – 39 players

2. Georgia – 38 players

3. Tennessee – 37 players

4. Florida – 32 players

5. Auburn – 28 players

6. Alabama – 26 players

7. Ole Miss – 21 players

8. South Carolina – 17 players

9a. Arkansas – 14 players

9b. Mississippi State – 14 players

11. Kentucky – 11 players

12. Vanderbilt – 9 players

Altogether, the SEC currently has 286 players in the NFL. The East has 144 and the West has 142.

Other notables: Miami – 42 players, Ohio State – 36 players, Notre Dame – 26 players, and Southern California – 42 players.

Does anything jump out to you about this list? Georgia surprised me with the second-most at 38.

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Comments 9

  1. Johnny Smith
    Commented : 4 years ago

    Georgia is a surprise, in that they share a state with another major college team, and have a lot of top players siphoned off by Auburn, South Carolina and Tennessee. LSU isn’t a surprise. For whatever reason, the state of Louisiana has always been a major breeding ground for NFL players, plus the influx of players from Texas. Tennessee recruits nationally, plus they’re the major power in their state. Ole Miss was a surprise, as the talent pool isn’t as deep there as other Southern states, and they lose so many of their top players to out-of-state schools.

  2. I think we’ll see Alabama moving up on this list…

  3. AFloyd
    Commented : 4 years ago

    Why does UGA surprise? They are top 3 winningest programs last 10 years. Finished in top 10 for season like 5 of those years. Only thing missing is a nat’l title. Most consistent team in country since Richt took over (minus this and last year)

  4. AFloyd – I guess you just don’t hear about them as much. For the last several years the talk has been all Florida in the East. Tennessee has been a long-time pipeline to the league; LSU has been as well. I just think it’s funny when you see this list and people want to get rid of Richt. Georgia has been a great program recently and will continue to put guys in the league. I knew they were among the top, but I didn’t think they would be above Florida and Tennessee. That was just a little surprising to me. No disrespect intended.

  5. tdawgjenkins
    Commented : 4 years ago

    top 10 in recruiting 9 out of 10 years,are we doing less with more?

  6. michael
    Commented : 4 years ago

    i was thinking that auburn would be just a little higher on the list like maybe top 3

  7. Michael Martin
    Commented : 4 years ago

    Mississippi is a small state, and Mississippi also has two SEC schools and, unfortunately, lots of kids who don’t qualify. That’s why Ole Miss recruits out of state. They have to. And they do it well. Patrick Willis (TN), Dexter McCluster (FL), Mike Wallace (LA), Kendrick Lewis (LA to GA after Katrina) are just examples of NFL players from other states that were signed by Ole Miss and are now in the NFL.

  8. Andrew
    Commented : 4 years ago

    I would be intersted to see a similar list with NFL starters or regular players.

    BTW, did ya’ll count Jamarcus Russel for LSU here?

  9. I would be too, Andrew. Jamarcus Russell was not counted.