Why Should Fans Continue To “Invest” In The Georgia Program?

During coach Mark Richt’s recent weekly radio show, there was some interesting callers.  As the AJC reports, one caller asked Richt why he should continue to “invest” in the program.  Kind of a lame question, but here’s Richt’s response:

“The bottom line is if you’re a true fan, in my opinion, you’re going to support your team no matter what. I don’t think you’re going to just love the boys when they win and hate on them when they lose, you know. . . . Our league is one that is a very, very tough league, and we’re not always going to win. We find ourselves 0-2 for the first time in 10 years, and it’s not a comfortable spot. It’s not a spot we want to be in. But it’s not like we got shellacked and run off the field. We actually, I thought, represented very well, even though we lost.

“The bottom line, of course, is the win. But the way the guys fought . . . there was a lot of courage; there was a lot of blood, sweat and tears. . . . If you just watch the spirit of these young men and how they fought and how the coaches fought, I think that is admirable. And I would say you certainly should continue to support for those reasons. . . . ”

I would have probably told him to “invest” somewhere else.  What a joke.  Richt of course handles the criticism with class always.  Stand up guy.



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  • The reason is that he is 10 and 11 in the SEC East in the last 4 years and AWFUlL against Floriida and Tennessee. The Georgia program now is KY, SC, Old Miss, etc. We are NOT Fl or AL!!!!
    Time for a change!!!!

  • I am not real happy with the coaches right now but what else can Coach Richt say.

  • Kevin,

    You appear to be making 1 point,

    and, all of your posters have all made the complete opposite point.

    Would that be a fair statement ?

  • Well, I guess it will be based on how you define “investing” in the program? From my point of view, the caller was basically saying why should I still be a fan when we are losing to Arkansas and South Carolina. Richt basically responded with if you’re a true fan, you should support the team. That doesn’t mean you support Richt, but the program itself.

    I think Richt should not be fired. I understand that there are people that do think he should be fired and it’s time to get fresh blood in there.

    Richt would get picked up by another program immediately if Georgia got rid of him.


  • As a big time college football fan and huge supporter of SEC football I would say the UGA fans should start investing in lotto tickets. You guys would have a better chance of winning and would reap the benefits more if you actually won. Hang in there guys!

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