Will Muschamp To Be Announced Tonight As Florida Gators Head Coach?

Saturday Down South has received word from a source close to the situation that Will Muschamp will be announced tonight as the head coach of the Florida Gators at approximately 9:00 PM on ESPN.

Obviously, there are lots of rumors going around, but the source is good enough to warrant mentioning.



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  • Who’s your source? That sounds a little too fishy. They would pass up Mullen for Muschamp? And announce it on on ESPN? I’m not buying it.

  • My apologies sir.

    Welcome to the Gator family Coach Muschamp! You’ll soon find out why it’s great to be a Florida Gator! God bless and Go Gators!!!

  • But Urban(I am so jealous of Cam I can’t stand myself)Meyer couldn’t wait till 9PM to have the UF Athletic Dept announce the hiring to ESPN. He had to have the announcement made during the middle of the Heisman Award ceremony to try once again this week to steal the thunder from Cam, unsuccessfully!!
    First he tried to steal thunder on Wednesday and found that no one really cared that he was leaving other than the diehard Florida faithful and many of those folk were wishing he had stayed quit LAST year!
    Anyway, good riddance Urban you never really fit and were never really liked in the SEC anyway. Only Phillip Fulmer was more disliked.
    Florida fans I am sure you will all have a lot to say and that is fine, I won’t be reading it have a good bowl game, see ya’ll next year.

  • All I can do is laugh Jeff!! Are you sure your not the jealous one? To be mad at Urban for winning two national titles in the past 6 years and bringing in millions. I would be jealous too if i was working the late shift at the Jiffy store.

  • poor jeff. he probably was shoved into lockers as a young boy in high school. he obviously know nothing about college football.

  • BOOOOM. SDS broke the news to the national media.

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