Your SEC Team: Buy or Sell?

It’s time to do a run through of the 12 SEC teams and assign a buy or sell call on each. Maybe a hold on a few, but a hold is boring, no?  Let’s get to it.  This should rile up the SEC fans…

Auburn Tigers – Let’s start this off with a lil’ controversy.  I’m selling Auburn.  Why?  Because they’re at the top, and there’s nowhere else to go up.  The team is undefeated.  Now, Auburn is a great program – a program I’m a big fan of – but we’re kidding ourselves if we say that the team would be undefeated with another quarterback.  Moreover, I don’t anticipate Cam Newton sticks around especially with the NCAA’s microscope on him for the rest of his collegiate career.  Auburn finishes the year strong with maybe a national championship, but I don’t think they are back competing on a national stage next year without #2.  I’m selling.

Alabama Crimson Tide – The Tide is sort of like when Apple’s stock got knocked down due to the Steve Jobs retirement rumors a few years ago.  The stock then roared back.  Alabama is flying under the radar a bit due to a couple losses and the attention on the team from Auburn.  I’m buying Saban and the Tide.

Arkansas Razorbacks – I’m doing a bit of day-trading on the Razorbacks.  I’m short-term buying their stock, but then selling it.  They are playing very well right now and have given them a shot at a possible BCS bowl.  Even so, assuming Mallett leaves, I’m selling the Razorbacks going into 2011.  The SEC West will be very competitive next year, and I don’t like their chances without Mallett.  With that said, I’ll implement a tight stop loss on that sell order since backup QB Tyler Wilson has shown he can sling it.

Florida Gators – This stock has hit rock bottom.  You have to buy it here.  It can’t go lower.  With the program in place, top-notch recruits coming in every year, you have to know Florida will go up from its current level.  This is easy money fellas.  If you see a move away from Steve Addazio and/or John Brantley, you might want to take some money off the table as you’ll see a spike in positive sentiment.

Georgia Bulldogs – This is another easy buy.  Georgia has a disappointing 5-6 record and is coming off a tough loss to an excellent Auburn team.  Georgia has a bright future and is led by stud quarterback Aaron Murray.  Although, they will need to replace playmaker AJ Green who is essentially unguardable.  I’m a big buyer on Georgia at current levels.

Kentucky Wildcats – Kentucky has a 6-5 record and is 2-5 in conference play.  Kentucky football is a stock that I might nibble at on down days.  I like Joker Philips and think they can win some games, but Kentucky will continue to struggle in the ultra-competitive SEC East.  You can afford to be patient on this one and wait for better buying opportunities.  As for now, I’m not buying.

LSU Tigers – I’m holding my LSU stock right now.  LSU has had a great season and has defied the skeptics on Les Miles and the LSU team hampered by a mediocre offense.  LSU always has loads of high-quality talent, and if they can get a quality quarterback in there (Zach Mettenberger?), you might have your 2011 SEC West champ.  Your LSU stock is riding high, I wouldn’t buy at current levels, but I’m not selling either.

Mississippi State Bulldogs – While I love what the Bulldogs have done this year, I’m selling their stock.  The team is 7-3, but no wins come from a team that is currently ranked.  Florida is their biggest win, and while it’s a great win, we all are fully aware of Florida’s struggles.  I don’t see how Miss St competes in the SEC West, even though Dan Mullen is doing a great job there.  If the Bulldogs can beat Arkansas, I might change my call here.

Ole Miss – While you’d think you want to be a buyer here since Ole Miss is down right now, I can’t pull the trigger.  Ole Miss – somewhat like Mississippi State – will have a tough time competing in the SEC West.  If I’m not mistake, I think Ole Miss allocates less money to their football program than any other team in the SEC West, which is a structural disadvantage for the team.  I’m not a buyer of this stock, even at its currently low level.

South Carolina Gamecocks – I am buying South Carolina stock even though it’s not cheap.  Marcus Lattimore is a heck of a running back, Stephen Garcia will be back next year most likely and Alshon Jeffery is the best receiver in the SEC not named AJ Green.  South Carolina could win the east again next year.  Oh yeah, Steve Spurrier isn’t too bad either.  Buy the Gamecocks baby.

Tennessee Volunteers – I’m also buying Tennessee at current levels.  Tennessee has great young talent that is being developed and Tyler Bray has lit it up in recent weeks.  Derek Dooley has the potential to become a legend in Knoxville if he can bring this program back to an elite status.  Buy the Vols.

Vanderbilt Commodores – Vandy is like a penny stock.  It’s too low to be traded on the big boy stock exchange, and is to be avoided for the most part by regular traders due to the abnormal activity that penny stocks often exhibit.  I’m not touching Vandy.



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  • I wouldn’t get rid of Auburn just yet. Unless someone turns up real evidence of Cam Newton violating rules, he’s going to stick around another year.

    • you seriously think he’s gonna stay? I mean I’m as big an Auburn fan as the next guy but Cam is SO gone after this year,

  • … p=22778676

    TMZ reports that the FBI is investigating relationships between Milton McGregor and the Newton Controversy. Specifically, the report states that FBI asked someone connected with the Newton Case if he was familiar with McGregor or his bribery trial.

    Just after this hit the wires, RollTideTA of posts an e-mail he received from someone “in the know”. The e-mail contained the following:

    “…The Feds have tape from wire taps made on McGregor and other prominent Auburn boosters from their investigation. The Newton’s were just shopping their talent’s to the wrong people at the wrong time and thus there is hard evidence available that incriminates everyone involved. It’s only a matter of time that all of this information becomes public.

    FBI found out about Cam before the NCAA did while wiretapping Milton McGregor and others related to the casino/bingo indictments. They uncovered conversations with McGregor, Auburn and Cam’s uncle in Michigan. McGregor paid $250K to the uncle through a PAC and other hidden entities and the uncle funneled the money to Cecil.

    The FBI gave this information to the NCAA sometime after the indictments were handed down. They had to sit on the information for 6 months until the grand jury indicted the men and women in the gambling deal. All of the wiretap information was sealed and that is why the delay in investigating. The NCAA had to go to Miss St to see if Cecil had solicited money from them as well. That is why Miss St is involved. They are basically connecting all of the dots. Miss St may be cleared because they told Cecil no. He then went to Auburn. The offer was on the table from McGregor but Cam wanted to play at Miss St and not Auburn. When Miss St declined to pay him, he went to where the money was… hence the comment, “The money was too much.” The FBI met with the Miss St coaches, John Bond and Bill Bell today to get their official statements.

    Later in the day, ESPN reported Bill Bell received text from someone purportedly to represent the Newton Family outlining the payment schedule the family wanted in order to have his son play at MSU. Bell also handed over tape recordings of Cecil saying “’Dan Mullen is going to have to put a smile on my face if he thinks he’s going to get my son” – substantiating the “Make Me Smile” comments rumored shortly after MSU went public.

    The final gem of the day came from TD Poster “Tuck”, on pg. 68 of Egg’s “Mega Thread”

    some more goodness, not from BOL though:

    The FBI has been investigating Colonial Bank and Louder for a number
    of possible violations in the financial market crash which are
    unrelated to AU. Part of the investigation involved gambling fraud
    between McGregor and Colonial Bank. Something called the Rico Stature
    allowed the justice department to set up wiretaps on Colonial Bank.
    On the wiretaps the FBI found major AU recruiting infractions involving
    Louder, McGregor, Dye, Trooper, boosters and others.
    Here’s what they say the FBI has on tape and can prove AU did:

    • The people above are on tape explaining who they paid and how they did it.
    • It involves many AU players
    • Providing unmarked Colonial Bank ATM cards to players to withdraw
    money from secret accounts.
    • Giving “slot machine cards” to the players, which now involves the
    Alabama Gaming Commission.
    • Provided improper loans to some of the families in our last and
    current recruiting class.
    • The NCAA “strongly” recommended that AU sit Cam for GA. game because
    of the mounting evidence.
    • President Grogue wanted to sit Cam but was overruled by Louder and
    the Board of Trustees.
    • Coach Chizik knows none of this and has been lied to by Jacobs.
    • The people named above know the S%#& is going to hit the fan “big
    time” and have decided “we’re going down” so lets win the title even
    if they take it away later.
    • Slive knew about this early and sat on the information and is also
    in the “crosshairs” of the FBI..
    • The corruption is so deep at the highest level (trustees) that AU
    will be evicted from kicked out of the SEC.
    • This will be revealed by the end of the week.

  • Best read I’ve seen so far on the AU “pay for play” deal…..very long but well worth the time. Explains how, when, who of the whole thing. Started as FBI investigation to gambling amoung other stuff. Writer admits some of what he states has yet to be proven but it looks very damming……

  • i hope the ncaa doesnt put enough pressure on auburn to pull scam newton befor dec 4th.. that little smile he has on his face will be erased i can assure you. with the confidence and fire the gamecocks are playing with right now i dont know that i would show up i were auburn….carolina wins the rematch by 14 and ruins auburns hope of a natnl title because they will have 2 losses then….bama and sc GO COCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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