What exactly did Michigan State think about the beat down from Alabama?


The comments below are some witty remarks from Michigan State fans during the Alabama 49-7 beat down in the 2011 Capital One Bowl. This is pretty funny stuff.

“Julio takin’ us to schoolio”

“Why are they allowing Alabama to play with 35 players on defense?”

“I think their punter is currently drinking around the world in Epcot.”

“If we played 10 times, they would win 15”

“We need much more to compete against a true BCS team. We need a couple of CBs, safeties that can tackle, and a pass rush. That’s just defense.”

“If Cam Newton costs $200,000 for a season, how much is a 2nd half rental?”

“And now Cousins is dead”

“If I was our QB I would hire an attorney and sue them for negligence or intentional infliction of physical and emotional distress.”

“I’m ready to accept MSU boosters paying for an offensive line. If we get caught I can deal with it.”

“This is getting out of hand…an Alabama d-lineman just popped out of my TV and threw me 10 yards behind my couch.”

“Do you think this is how Custer felt?”

“We’re going to have a wing named after us at Orlando Regional Medical Center by the time this game finishes.”

“Well, we kept it under 50.”

“We brought our band down to Orlando? I had no idea!”


“If I’m Maxwell, I fake an injury on the way to the huddle”

I can’t believe Saban let the 4th stringers play for a quarter and half and didn’t put in the 5th string. PO ..S



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  • Those big ten boys don’t know how to hit like our corn fed southern SEC boys!!!


  • Welcome to the south!!!!!!! This is S.E.C football at it;s best….now all you yankees have saw how we do it in ALABAMA!!!! ya;ll come back now ya hear!

    • If we are going to brag about our success of the south, then we should at least use proper grammar. There is no such proper phrase as “have saw”. Roll Tide!!

      • The correct usage is “had saw’d”

      • Agreed Pam and Michigan people are not Yanks they are Midwestern. I cant resist but to try to help us down here not look totally Fn retarded! Not everyone above the Mason Dixon is a yank folks.


        • That’s right! They have Rednecks up North too! I’ve seen them first hand ;-)

        • Michigan is Yankeeland. Pure and simple fact. They also have their share of rednecks. We have our share also. But at least from the news headlines of a couple of years ago it was a Wisconsin Northerner that had sex with with a dead deer on the side of the highway and not someone from ALabama. Bryant exemplified that you win with class and lose with class. If we could get our fans to embrace this axiom it would make our state and school appear more polished than we know it is. But alas, it will never happen thanks to Finebaum and his bubbas. Our program is on solid ground and there is no reason to make excuses for our loses with “injuries”. We plainly lost those games-as painful as it was. But even Bryant and Stallings lost games. In 1993 we had a 9-3-1 record after a 1992 Championship year and the next year went 12-1. You can’t ride the crest of the wave every time. There will be wipeouts. But you just hope you win more than you lose. This sure beats the Dubose and Shula years .I’m proud of our team and just wish we would try to show class when we win AND lose. My hats off to MSU for playing us and helping us with their 11-1 season for our 2011 preseason rankings.

      • Hell yes there is! I have saw it said thatta way afore! Now shut that hole under yore nose and grasp that it is proper grammer when INTENDED thattaway! War Cam Eagle, Roll Tide, Go Vols (well) etc. Roll on SEC football!

  • That was just a preview of what Michigan can be expecting for our season openerin 2012!

  • No need to talk trash or make fun. Our team did enough to those poor folks already. Dantonio is a good guy. I’m just glad we didn’t give him a second heart attack. I wish that Bama team had AT LEAST shown up for the Second half of the Iron Bowl though. That was a game we all know Bama should’ve won. Roll Tide!

    • Hey Ash, if ya shoulda’ wonit you woulda’ won it! War Damn Eagle!

    • Hey Ash, if you shoulda’ wonit, you woulda’ won it! War Cam Eagle!

      • Bill, you Auburn fans are disgusting, when are you guys going to get Cam’s thing out of your mouths long enough to look at what’s going on around you? At the very best, you can expect your next Championship to be in 2063. I mean, come on, by the first game of next season, everybody in that entire state is going to have forgotten about Auburn, not to mention the rest of the country. It’s going to be all about Alabama, all next season. By the time SEC play opens, Auburn won’t be in the top 25. The next time the college football masses hear about Cam Newton, it’ll be 2-3 years from now after the FBI is through with Milton McGregor, Sue Bell Cobb, and Bobby Lowder and they let the NCAA have all of their information. Then after, the SACS committee pulls Auburn’s accredidation and the SEC kicks them out of the conference, people will say, “Cam Newton, yeah I remember that guy, he was the one who had all the Auburn fans lined up around the block waiting to take their turn on their knees. HaHa, sucks for them!” Wake up and pay attention, DA!!!!

        • Well said!! Can’t wait to sit back and watch that happen! Also can’t wait to see the Tide roll into Jordan-Hare next year…pay back is such a bitch!

          ROLL TIDE ROLL!

  • Alabama had really bad injury luck in 2010. Not many out for the season type injuries but a bunch of nagging type injuries that caused players to miss a few games or play at well less than 100%. Ingram, Richardson, Darius and Upshaw were never close to 100% after the first few games. Our OL didn’t have all 5 starters available from mid season on. With 5 weeks to get everybody healthy, Alabama showed the team that was considered #1 going into the season. This year will be one that Bama fans will think back on as one that could have been.

  • And just remember MSU, that was the 5th place SEC team.

  • The Mason-Dixon line was meant to divide North and South. It has done that effectively for many decades. Do not judge ones intelligence off thinking within this lineage. It is the way it’s been taught on both sides for years and years and…(get the point?)

    I hope our juniors that “could” jump don’t. I have a feeling Ingrams gone and Julio is probably gone too. If only those 2 leave we will just reload not rebuild.(to use a tired ass cliche’) I’m not sold on Saban yet..despite the acheivements and accolades. Do I like Saban..yes. Do I think he will be in Bama in 5 years…NO. Either way Bama really showed their best Saturday and I truly hope this is a bullet point to EVERY other conference in the nation. Until some conference proves otherwise..the SEC DOMINATES college football, HANDS DOWN. And as a Bama fan I AM pulling for auburn against the ducks. Although my grandmother would be turning over in her grave I think it would be nice to say the last 2 Heisman winners AND last 2 National Champions have come from the state of ALABMA.

    • Well said… plus, the most winning of the SEC is the Western!!! 3-0 vs 0-2 Eastern SEC. I agree, I will be pulling for Auburn even if it gives me heartburn!!! Yep, make Alabama proud!

    • Saw Saban speak last year, he said he’s not going anywhere unless we piss off his wife………. his words.

    • Saban will be here until his statue is erected and/or he gets tired of the pressure and rednecks that aggravate us all. But unlike you , I cannot and will not pull for the Barners after all the Texas flags and “hook um horns” I heard last year. After living through the “Punt Bama Punt” from 1972 and “hook um horns ” last year hell will freeze over before I ever pull for Auburn to win a national championship, much less a single game. So even though I respect your reasoning I disagree with your benevolent thoughts and misguided embrace of the true crimson zen. ROLL TIDE GO “NOLES AND QUACK QUACK!!!!

  • And just for the sticklers….I know ALABAMA is misspelled in the last reference…*typo…I’m fallible*

  • OK, we took ’em to the woodshed. MSU knows it…they’re still hurting as a result of it.
    Pretty good for the 4th string on the 5th rated SEC team, huh? Roll Tide!


  • “We’re going to have a wing named after us at Orlando Regional Medical Center by the time this game finishes.”

    Love that one!

  • Typical snobby bama fan rhetoric. Stroke that ego, show your true colors, its expected.

  • why do most sec fans lack class, is it a epedemic in the south or what? Just wondering

    • by the way bama fans, your star running back is from “yankee land” and so is your coach

      • Our coach is from West Virginia, there are few places more hillbilly than that. Ingram is from Michigan, yes but Saban is not. He coached at MSU but he was not born there…. just so you know slim.

    • Trash talk is a way of life in the SEC. I can’t explain it but it just is. People fight over Alabama/Auburn disputes, that includes brothers, husbands and wives, wo-workers, everyone. We are passionate about it and it leads to trash talk, it’s all good natured until one of your type start spouting off about everyone being uneducated or screwing their sister or some other played out moronic cliche. Then we get personal and bring up how terrible your conference really is and how The bi*ch of the SEC West just hung 80 on Michigan the same day that Alabama raped an 11-1 MSU team. That’s a joke, Bama woulda beat Wisky or Ohio State just as bad. Your conference sucks. SEC SEC SEC SEC shuck it Trebek

  • By the way bama fans, your star running back is from ” YANKEE LAND” OH YEAH so is your coach, he was raised in Ohio and coached at Michigan State.

    • DA, he’s from West Virginia, his family still lives in West Virginia, not Ohio, not be able to keep your mouth shut when you don’t know what you’re talking about must be a “Yankee” thing.

  • The South has risen again!!!!!!!!

  • Completely dif subject , Auburn says they didn’t pay cam 2 play . OKay……..but they spent around 4 million dollars in legal fees 2 protect his a**.

  • Those quotes are awesome!! That game was my first Bama game to ever see in person, and it was amazing!! …I actually felt kinda sorry for the MSU fans sitting in between all the Bama fans, but it was so much fun to watch our boys take care of business.

    Roll Tide!

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