Alabama Cleared Of Any NCAA Violations in Brent Calloway Recruitment


This is just a small snippet of another rivalry story between Alabama and Auburn, as the state of Alabama is king of the gridiron coming off two national championships and two Heisman trophy winners.

A writer from Auburn’s site, Jeffrey Lee, went public last Thursday morning about Alabama committing possible violations in the recruitment of flip-flopper Brent Calloway.

Calloway committed to Alabama early but then chose Auburn at the US Army All-American game. However, on National Signing Day, Calloway flipped back to Alabama, as most saw that coming a mile away.

Upon the possible violations announcement, Alabama had compliance members on the ground in Russellville, where Calloway is currently finishing high school, to interview two people close to him: Darren Woodruff and Peaches Winston.

Woodruff is president of Petro Chemical Energy in Muscle Shoals, and he is a self-professed Alabama fan. Winston is Calloway’s adopted father who drove him to his recruitment visits in 2009.

To make a long story short, neither were found to be boosters of the University of Alabama; therefore, Alabama did not find any NCAA violations with Calloway’s recruitment.

Will this put the Calloway talk to bed, or will this continue on? Who knows. But this rivalry is getting very intense, and I have to say I love it. It’s college football.



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  • I was listening to Jeff on a radio talk show and he was complaining about the HBO show,about how the Alabama player said he never got anything while at Bama,and the Auburn players told what all they got.This radio show was a few days before he told this story.Why would he want to use this 17or 18 old player to get something on Alabama,?I’m sure Auburn would have reported this to the SEC and they could have investigated this without this player being put in all the newspapers and internet stories.

    • Agreed. First off, Nick Saban blew the wistle on the books scandle at Alabama so if he knew of anything about this im sure he would have been the first to report. Second off, with the boiling water that Auburn is in right now they would also be pretty quick to report ANYTHING involving their University even if it is throwing Bama under the bus(CheeseD*** is a slimey dude but he is no FATTY FULMER, meaning Auburn would only do that to Bama if it meant saving their butts, Fulmer did it so Bama couldnt continue to beat him.)

  • I find it funny that there is actual proof that he got money to go to Bama (even if it was not from an actual booster) and its swept under the rug. There is also the Cyrus recruitment that no one looked into even though everyone that knew the situation (including his own family and coach) led on that there was something fishy going on. I wonder if I will have to hear all year about their pay for play gossip like we had to hear about Cam? Hey where there is smoke there is fire, right bama?

    • Well all he has to do is get his daddy to say he was shopping his son and the he didnt know, right? Quit your b****ing, I hate Cam and think he is slimey as all get out and absolutely knew what his dad was doing but you weren’t complaining when Cam switched his decision and went to Auburn. But who in there right mind would try a pay for play scheme so soon after the $Cam Newton case? It is the State of Alabama but I dont think they are that dumb. Now for Cyrus, I think that was big brother urging him to come play at Bama, do you know what kind of family drama could come from that? And if there has been money found under the rug why hasnt it been looked at by the NCAA and why would the NCAA clear Bama and Callaway if money had been found? Technically the Cam case hasnt been closed by the NCAA yet this has been closed.

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