Love It Or Loathe It: Alabama's Houndstooth

Love It Or Loathe It: Alabama’s Houndstooth

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Every school has a color palette that they identify as their own, but very few schools have a pattern. I am sure that if you have ever been to a gameday in Tuscaloosa, or have had Bama come to your stadium, you know what I am talking about. It’s hard to spend time around Alabama fans and not notice their love of the black and white houndstooth pattern.

Fan’s wear the pattern to honor their great coach Paul “Bear” Bryant, and it has become synonymous with Crimson Tide Football. If you’re a Bama fan, you probably have multiple pieces of houndstooth in your closet right now.

Love it or loathe it, the houndstooth pattern is an iconic part of gameday in the SEC. When I was in Tuscaloosa for gameday, I played a little game and tried to see how many different forms I could find the pattern in.

One of the most popular items was the hat:

Shorts and jackets were popular choices.

Gloves, scarves and pocketbooks were carried by many female fans.

This fan coordinated her koozie and dress. Very impressive.

What do Alabama fans have their dogs wear? Houndstooth of course.

From head to toe, Alabama fans will find a way to add houndstooth to their wardrobe on gameday.

Whether you love it or loathe it, wherever Alabama is on gameday houndstooth is sure to follow!

What are you opinions on houndstooth?

Taylor Mathis is a photographer and passionate football fan. Visit his blog, Taylor Tailgates, to see more of his tailgating photos and information as well as follow his travels this coming football season.


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Comments 6

  1. Gosh, it’s hard to say which side I come down on…

  2. I’m a Hog fan, but even I find it hard not to honor Coach Bryant… (Besides, he was born in Fordyce, AR. Right down the road from me.) He was one of the best coaches in NCAA history… No denying that.. Even for someone who would rather cut off his foot than root for the Tide…

  3. Love it on a fedora…

    Hate it on everything else. It just looks a little weird…

  4. I’m a Georgia fan but I still love the houndstooth. Great tradition

  5. Love me some houndstooth, RTR!!

  6. kwe
    Commented : 3 years ago

    Makes me proud & I love it, but it’s getting a bit ridiculous at times.