Alabama Fax Girl; Have You Seen Her?

Most of the talk today in Alabama is focused around Brent Calloway switching from Auburn to Alabama on National Signing Day, and Cyrus Kouandjio committing to Auburn and not sending his LOI to Auburn, yet.

However, the talk has now started about the “Alabama Fax Girl”. Alabama had a live streaming camera on the fax machine when the prospects would fax in their signed LOI to the university. The “Fax Girl”, if you will, is an Alabama Crimsonette apparently. No wonder twitter was buzzing about an LOI coming into Alabama. I wonder if they were more excited about the player or the fact they could see “Fax Girl” retrieve it?

Alabama Football Fax Machine Camera Girl



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  • NO class… Bama has no class. How trashy is this move by Saban?

    • How exactly is this trashy? If auburn had made this move you would be saying how clever it was. Go crawl back under your rock and let it go.

      • I agree! You wouldn’t be calling it trashy if it was Auburn doing it. It’s like saying the Auburn cheerleaders and Tiger Paws are trashy for wearing their outfits in public…which they do.

        • Obviously bammer has to rely on these tactics to get the recruits to sign! LOL!!! No matter what, it’s still tuscalooser and AU, THE university of Alabama, owns them! GET USED TO IT!!!!

        • Shhhhessshhhh how rude of you Auburn fans to remark on this. Of course it would be Auburn fans. They should know the meaning of classless. I bet you all majored in it!!! What ya are REALLY PISSED OFF ABOUT IS CALLOWAY DUMPING AUBURN FOR ALABAMA……..ADMIT IT!!! Sore losers……

        • AU GIRL is dumber than the mule in the barn she crawled out of! How would he getting the faxes help sign recruits? The only reason she is getting them in the first place is because the recruits have already SIGNED! And the first girl with the skimpy outfit is a Crimsonette who performs at half time for the basketball games, this picture being pulled at around 5 pm about and hour and a half before the basketball game started. You are just mad that you could see both of her thighs, if it had been you the camera would have to be 50 feet away to fit you in the screen.

    • Class? Like a father shopping his son? Like laughing at Alambama players when they get hurt? Like spearing the UGA QB in the back or kicking the Oregon player in the head forcing him to leave the field to be checked for a concussion? You mean class like that Aubie?

      Get lost.

      • Your QB couldn’t take a hit. He even “injured” his hand in the senior bowl for crying out loud! What a wuss!

        • BTW, learn how to spell ALABAMA. That’s usually covered in 1st grade.

      • I realize that like most Bama fans you never went to college, but I was forced to learn how to spell Alabama before I was even in school. For the record, Cecil is not connected with Auburn, his son was. Bama is the one that started the jeers with their trashy songs played before the game. No AU player speared anyone, the UGA lineman pushed him into the QB (go watch the video on youtube). The NC game kick you made up never happened, and that’s the first time I have heard of it. I have watched the game about 20 times and your the first to even mention it. I know your not the most educated, but try to work on it if your going to be a fan of “ALABAMA”. By the way, Alabama is a native American work for Thicket Clearers, something I also learned before I was in middle school while taking “Alabama” history.

        • Jacob….too bad for you….that with all that education that you are screaming you have…it’s a pity they didn’t teach the you the difference between you’re and your. Also…get those eyes checked and give up that officiating dream…because if you didn’t see the things you listed… are blind…or stupid….or biased….my bet…you are 3 for 3.

        • The thing about bama fans not going to college…they still have a better education than everyone that went to that damn cow college.

        • Ok, I got caught up into this nonsense but now I have a clearer head, why is it that Bama and Auburn fans hate each other? I don’t hate anyone really, I am really proud of the Auburn Football Team and their recent National Championship. WHAT I have a problem with is the remarks BOTH SIDES (ME INCLUDED) have to say to each other OVER NOTHING!!!!! WHAT is the freaking big deal?

    • Dude please. Like Saban had anything to do with camera position and all that. Ignorance is Bliss. And as far as Bama having no class? BAHAHAHAHA i love it! U auburn fans like to think yall have class b/c your team FINALLY won a National Championship, outright, The one from ’57 was shared and only awarded to Auburn by the AP. Im not knocking auburn at all, i love the fact yall won and represented SEC and the state of Bama. But ignorant trash talking auburn fans who dont know what they are talkin about have to be put in thier place.

      • “The one from ’57 was shared and only awarded to Auburn by the AP.” Really? Seriously? At least our NCs that we claim come from the AP and BCS. Half of Bama’s mystical ‘NCs’ were retroactively awarded by a computer formula or Dunkel and Crapshoot years after the NCs were awarded. C’mon man!

        • Aj, if you want to talk AP we talkin PLENTY! We have 8, yall have 2. And I believe that everywhere, except for Auburn appently, 8>2.

        • Aj, all those mystical national championships you speak of, you know the one that were calculated by computers… haha Idiot, If i may correct you computers had not been invented when most of those championships were won……. They were all awarded by people who knew alabama was the best team in the land. See we rely on computers to tell us to much today when they cannot calculate computer error… they give you output based solely on the input that is provided, and any way Feb 14 is getting nearer every minute so lets go CLOWNEY!!!!!! Oh im sorry thats is the number 1 overall player in the land.. fihured id throw that in there since you obviously have not a clue what you are saying when your lips move…

        • And again proving that your are truly and idiot the BCS wasn’t around in 57….

        • what about the title we were robbed of by all the Catholic AP voters in 66? should be at 9 AP titles… just sayin.

      • Jason,
        How could you say AUBURN WON a National Championship? This year’s NC will be revoked and replaced with an * as will the rest of their pathetic cheating season. AND when all the evidence is in, they may not even have a football team for years to come. AUBURN CHEATED and they used an INELIGIBLE, Illegal player to cheat the schools who deserved to be there from the chance of winning honestly. What they did is despicable and a huge embarrassment for the SEC as well as the NCAA. THEY should be ashamed.

    • STOP HATEN’! You wish those bold Eagels had legs like this.

    • Bite me Auburn Fan.

    • Aubie you wouldn’t know class if it hit you in the face!

    • Screw you you sorry piece of crap. Enjoy yall’s one and done championship. ROLL TIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Roll Tide on that Fine Ass!!!!

  • I am an Auburn fan, and I think that this is an excellent way to let your fans know who signed their letter of intent. Very clever, I give it two thumbs up. Now the PC police will shut it down, wait and see.

  • This would never happen at Auburn, they don’t have the Internet…..

  • honestly, i will admit, alabama fans have no class. same goes for auburn fans. however, auburn and alabama GRADS are completely different.

  • Class? Pssh… Who cares? I’d send one to her too!

  • im a gator but if thats how the tide rolls, i think i just became a bama fan.. haha roll tide

  • For whatever it’s worth, earlier in the day, the butt featured in the camera view was decidedly UN-attractive. Some old dude with saggy pants was bending over in front of the camera repeatedly.

    So what that a pretty girl is shown helping post the LOI’s that came in.

    I’m sure ANY recruit at ANY school would rather look at their dance line, cheerleaders or coeds than the saggy polyester pants of a teaching assistant in the Phys Ed department.

    Get over yourselves!!

  • Love this! Gotta admit though… If this chick was large and in charge it wouldn’t be an issue. Therefore aWhosers wouldn’t be making comments. ROLL TIDE ROLL!

  • First two pictures have a hot girl, third I can’t really tell. I could care less that Alabama uses this for recruiting. But the number one priority for them needs to be to find a tougher QB than the one they just lost. Seriously, game defining moment in the Iron Bowl and he gets dropped by a 165 lb. second-string nickel-back. Good luck with AJ or whoever they find for that spot. See ya in Jordan-Hare.

  • AUgirl85…. I HATE auburn but i have never wished a playerhurt or talked about a player when they got hurt. You are one of those auburn fans that give auburn fans a bad name. lets see what happens next yr with your peace pigeons do! And my fiancee.

  • is an auburn fan….. dog stepped on enter

  • givin Lame Kiffin a run for his money?

  • i am from alabama, but yall need to calm down, stop arguing,& be GATORS FANS!!

  • I can probably say that any players didn’t sign because of a “fax girl” ! Wish I looked like that! Auburn Fans need to be happy about their glory this year and stop complaining! I’m just happy we’re getting the players we are! Maybe a new Tide might be rising!

    P.S. My husband is a Gator fan and I’m sure he liked the fax girl!! Roll Tide!

  • now ya’ll be nice….that’s a four year major at Alabama…..they go thru six semesters just jearning how to LOAD paper in the fax machine…..comes in handy faxing in time sheets from McDonalds after graduation….

    • and yes I caught the typo…it would be “learning how….” not that a Bama grad would be able to catch that….or maybe they would since they are usually working for the Auburn grads..or serving them at lunch…

  • BTW bammers get it right you don’t have 13 NCAA NA championships only 7! Dirty basters 28-27!!!! WDE!!! The best of the year!

    • Only need 3 to top the “barn”….actually 2 will do it….seeing that you have 1 1/2.

    • It was 13 the last time I checked. You barners can’t even get simple mathematics right. 1 + 1 = 2. The number of national titles y’all have.

  • I love all you guys that are ripping Auburn..Look at yalls board of signees.There are 3 signees who will not make
    the grades at all, and that is not BS it is fact..several college websites are already reporting them..and by the way, i thought yall were going to stop us in this year and that didnt happen, and speaking of no class, i loved the way
    Greg McElroy flipped off the Auburn students after the game..but dont worry, there is always next year because that
    is all you have..WDE !!!! and the money we payed Cam was well worth it to see yall cry and whine

    • How many other people’s midterms and finals did Cam put his name on? BTW, what did Cam major in? Did he show up to Class? NO he didnt. Is it offered online though? NO, his major isnt offered online. So how did he really pass?

  • Gotta love all these paranoid “awe bees”….keeping an eye on the “Crimson Tide Fax Machine Cam”…but then again I have been to Auburn…and seen the girls…so…I can’t really blame them.

  • Question: Why is it everydamntime something about Alabama is posted on the internet, there are about 20,000 auburnt fans who feel like they have to chime in and bring their negative ass vibes. I mean this is true with every Alabama web site on the internet I frequent. I don’t go on their web sites and do it to them. It’s called class. Something they apparently are still lacking. You always see them chiming in, yapping like a bunch of yappers. Don’t they have their own web sites to go chatter about on with each other?? And, don’t hate because ‘Bama has the best lookin’ honeys in the State of Alabama walking around The Capstone. Women love winners, not whiners. “THE BEAR” was right about them being the ole’ cow college on the plains. HA!! So, to all of my fellow Crimson Tiders out there, let those barners hate on. It’s what they do best. They’ve had years of practice to perfect the art of hating and they’ve got it down to a science now. Cause we all know who will always be Number 1 in this State. Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer Give ‘Em Hell Alabama!! ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Sorry Joseph- Its rammer jammer yellow hammer, ram a hammer alabamer- Most of Alabama’s recruits are too stupid to go any where else but Bama- I believe you have to make 12 on the act to enter (26 at AU)

      • Actually I just looked it up and Auburn and Alabama have the same minimum ACT scores. Also, it isn’t 26.

  • I wonder who was the tattletale? For all you Auburn fans what about your stripper who was there this past weekend

  • two words…..National Champions

  • Speaking of class… how about that gabe fella putting on that barner hat with “Nick who?” and then started to stutter when the espn guys asked him what he meant. Tried to play it off as being about douche bag fairley. I guess being an ass is required to play for auburn. They’re asses before they even get to campus.

  • It really and truly amazes me at the jabs people take at each other. I have a question for both sides. If your parents supported the other team than you do, would you hate them ? And, no….My parents would never do that is lame answer. Grow up. None of us have ever had to put on pads get on the field, so our opinions count less than either 13 or 2.

    • I am a UA grad and my sister is a AU grad. But I HATE everything Auburn! Don’t hate her…just where she went to school. ROLL TIDE!


    so that must be the kind of class auburn is speaking of, keep hating Auburn fans. Because the nation knows now, who the classless SEC team is from this state.

  • these comments are so stupid. bama is my absolute least favorite team, but what in the holy hell is this fax girl going to accomplish with recruits? she is on camera picking up faxes. big whoop. yea she’s hot, but she isn’t influencing anything. this is certainly not on par with any of the other billion issues in college football (see: cam newton, everything lane kiffin, ohio state, tn while kiffin was here, UNC, whatever they’re doing at clemson to get recruits, USC, etc.)

  • It’s a crimsonette you uneducated f*ckers, READ the entire article. I’m ashamed to be from Alabama and have to stand side by with you idiot barners.

  • Honestly, I don’t see what the big deal is. On Saturdays during football season, we see thousands of girls dressed worse than this while they are cheering. Right?

  • Auburn fan says to the Alabama fan, Sorry we got to go to the Championship game and Bama Couldn’t go! Alabama fan says Dude thats like Bragging about banging a chic we already banged 13 times ~Roll Tide~
    the barn needs to get over our fax girl. what was they doing on our sight on N S D anyways LMAO

    • “What was they doing on our ‘sight””? It’s obvious they weren’t giving you any grammar lessons.

  • What? A university showing off an attractive student? This is unheard of!

    • Yeah, sex sells. I wonder how many times she had to flash her tail for Brent Calloway this past weekend?

      • Awwwww Johnny YOU are a sad Auburn fan and writer, aren’t you? That was very sexist what you wrote. You should be ashamed! Now Alabama got Cryus too. Wonder what other sexist comment you have for that? Shame on you!!!!!!

  • Are you kidding me? You have a fine Southern coed post the faxes in her short cheerleading skirt and only three people remark as to the pulchritude we are blessed with. Whatever happeneds to the Sons of the South.? Most of you should reread your postings and ask for them to be removed. Either that or too many Yankees are posting on here who don’t appreciate a refreshing view..

    I’m a Dawg fan and those pics were a treat in this article and to my tired ole eyes since the fax cam was removed yesterday and there are no pictures anywhere else on the internet. Go Bama! Cheez!!

  • Notice how the list is down low, so she has to bend over to place the names. Classy, Alabama, classy!!!

    • If you want to talk about classy look at my earlier post with youtube links. You are an idiot if you think a Crimsonette is the main reason someone signed with Alabama, notice the faxes are already coming in, she is just picking them up. Had this been the stripper on Campus at Auburn picking up Auburns LOIs it would be all fine and dandy wouldnt it?

  • an auburn fan calling himself classy is equivalent to a jersey shore cast member referring to themselves as classy.

  • HA!! Goodness!! This is causing quite a stir. Now it appears a rival school has called the SEC Commisioner’s office and filed a complaint on the matter. HA!! You think Mr. Michael Lawrence Slive doesn’t have hot lil’ honey’s running around that SEC office up there in Birmingham?? You’d be stupid to think he didn’t. We’ve done nothing wrong. I love it!! ROLLTIDEROLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sure, Alabama has more National Championships than Auburn, but it’ impossible to accurately compare those since back in the 40s-70s there were years when more than one NC was given out. The more important stat is that Alabama has beaten Auburn one time in their own town. Mind if Auburn uses that stadium for some of it’s home games since they seem to own it?

    • That is funny because I believe that Alabama is 40-36 against Auburn. Once again, the Auburn fans comment is irrelevent due to losing once again. Dont even try the 7 in a row card because Bama won 9 in a row before, but all of that is in the past, including the 55-0 thumping that Bama put on Auburn. ROLL TIDE

  • I remember Georgia fans beings hosed in the stands in the 80’s…sportsmanship has apparently never been at Auburn. Pathetic losers…pathetic sportsmanship…pathetic winners = Auburn Family!

    • Dont forget, Auburn fans still uses the practice of throwing dog biscuits at UGA fans every year that the game is in Jordan-Hare. Maybe fans should start throwing birdshit on the Auburn fans at every game. Oh wait, every other team’s fans in the country are more classy than that.

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