Here We Go Again….

Here we go again, the spin doctors and talking heads are all lining up against the Tigers. LSU doesn’t stand a chance, again. A team that finished 13-0, won eight games against ranked opponents, beat #3 twice and #2 on the road doesn’t seem to be good enough to beat #2 again in the friendly confines of the Superdome. LSU’s dominance just seems to shrivel and shrink when compared to the gaudy 11-1 record of the Tide, who faced five ranked teams and lost at home to the only one it faced in the top ten.

It seems that LSU might as well be 12-1 and Bama should be 12-0 because on November 5th, LSU actually lost and Bama did enough to win the game. You just gotta love revisionist history being used to justify an unpopular decision in the present. This will be wholly unpopular in the state of Alabama, but if you are indeed national champ material, shouldn’t you take care of business at home when all of college football turns it eyes towards you for the “Game of the Century?”

Champions don’t make poor coaching decisions to give up precious field position. Champions don’t have the ball and the game taken from them. Champions don’t opt for a gimmick play when they have a warhorse in the backfield. Champions don’t send a maimed returner out to field a punt. Champions make their opponents pay for those mistakes. Champions overcome a player falling down before a wide open path to the end zone. Champions overcome two interceptions. Champions win the field position game. Champions make the right coaching decisions on the field and stick to the game plan. Champions defy the odds and the naysayers. Champions win on the road with 102,000 rooting against them and millions watching.

Yet, none of that really matters now. The BCS has made the “Game of the Century” moot. It has made the accomplishments and let downs of both teams irrelevant. What does matter is that in the end, the two best teams are meeting. It doesn’t matter that one is showing up without a conference crown. It doesn’t matter that one is showing up without a loss. In the BCS’s eyes, both teams are 0-0. Both teams are the best in the land, and #3 isn’t even close. Whether the score is 9-6, or Mike Gundy-like 39-36, two of college football’s most dominant teams EVER are about to tee off. Even people who have a problem with Bama being there, such as myself, can appreciate that.



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  • Down at LSU, who is on record as the NCAA Champion for baseball in 1996? Just curious. Do the Tigers consider that to be one of their National Championships? If so, why? The Tigers should not have been there to begin with since they neither won their division, their regular season, or their league tournament.

    LSU lost the regular season series in Tuscaloosa 2-1.
    Game1: Bama 6 LSU4
    Game2: Bama 28 LSU 2
    Game3: LSU 6 Bama 4

    In the SEC tourney, the Tigers lost the championship game…..Bama 12 LSU 2

    Still, when it came down to the championship game in Omaha, the two BEST TEAMS in college baseball were teeing it up again. Bama and LSU…….”here we go again”. Even though Bama had beaten them in the regular season AND had beaten them for the league tourney championship, the Tide still had to face the BEST available to win it all. LSU won the one game and with it, the NCAA Championship.

    LSU was the unquestionable NCAA Champs for 1996. I would not argue that point because LSU arrived at the championship game THROUGH the system that was in place.

    Why is it so hard for some to accept that Bama Football 2011 has done the same thing? The two best teams will be playing on January 9th and whoever wins WILL be the BCS National Champ.

    What is so difficult to accept about that?

  • Wow bflippo, you’re really going to pull out the baseball scenario. First off Alabama would need to win a baseball championship EVER before you should use them in some type of comparison.

    Anyway I like your thinking…. LSU won the championship that year!!!!!!

  • in 1996 LSU beat miami for the national title, 9-8 on warren morris’s dramatic walk off HR.

    the championship you’re referring to was 1997 when LSU put up 6 runs (i think) on bama in the 1st inning. LSU went on to win 13-6.

    at any rate, what does baseball played 15 years ago have to do with anything?

    • BBRUBECK: Bama baseball is definitely not LSU when it comes to NC’s…..agreed.
      Andrewhuston: I stand corrected on the actual season. It was listed as the 1996-97 season on the archive link.

      The entire point of the discussion was that LSU was the National Champions for that season by virtue of arriving at the championship game via the system in place. Even though Alabama had beaten them for the SEC Tourney Championship, they still had to play again to determine the National Champion. LSU won. LSU claimed the NC.

      It is a direct comparison to the situation in football today. Our mechanism for determining the National Champion IS currently the BCS whether we agree with it or not. The two best teams have been determined through this system and rightfully deserve to be in the game.

      Bottom line, in this current season and with these two teams, IF a Final Four system were in place, at the end of the day Bama and LSU would STILL end up playing for the NC.

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