Is This The Year Of The All-SEC BCS Championship?

Photo from Icon SMI

Photo from Icon SMI

Several things happened this weekend to move the college football universe one step closer to a possible all-SEC matchup in the BCS Championship.

The speculation of course refers to a possible rematch of LSU-Alabama in the national championship game. With Wisconsin and Oklahoma losing, it moves us closer to the champions of their respective conferences exiting the regular season with at least one loss. Having the conference champions from each AQ conference to have at least one loss is the key. Wisconsin and Oklahoma were two of the teams most fans thought could run the table and face off against an SEC Champion.

The rematch idea came close to occurring during the 2006 season when many thought Michigan and Ohio State would face off against eachother in the title game. Of course, Florida leap-frogged Michigan after beating Arkansas in the SEC Championship (there was no Big Ten Championship Game) and went on to smoke the Buckeyes in the BCSCG. Two main factors helped prevent the rematch of 2006: 1) The Ohio State – Michigan game was the last game of the season and the rematch idea isn’t as attractive to voters when its a rematch following such a recent game. 2) There was no Big Ten Championship game and while Florida showcased its talents against a talented Arkansas team, Michigan was out of sight, out of mind for voters.

So what needs to happen for this to come to fruition in this year’s postseason?

1. The LSU-Alabama game needs to be competitive, close and all-around impressive.

This game needs to live up to the hype. The reality is that the voters are subjective and if this game is one of the best games in recent memory, voters will be more likely to want to see it again for the national championship. It would probably help if Alabama is the team to win since the game is in Tuscaloosa. Voters might justify a close LSU loss to Alabama having the edge at home and on a neutral site for a bowl game, the teams would be even. The game needs to also be impressive in all facets of the game. We don’t want a defensive showdown where the game ends 9-6 on five field goals. We need impressive offense and impressive defense. I think we’ll get both. If we get an Alabama win 28-27 over LSU, it’ll likely help get the rematch.

2. A few teams need to lose.

Surprise team of the year, Clemson, needs to lose. They are now 8-0. They still have tough games against Georgia Tech, South Carolina and a likely ACC Championship Game. I think there is a very good chance that Clemson drops at least a game.

Oklahoma State is still undefeated as well. I think there’s a good chance they lose to Oklahoma at the end of the year. They also play a good Kansas State team in two weeks.

Stanford is undefeated and if they run the table would likely jump a non-SEC Champ to get into the title game. They still play a number of decent teams including USC, Oregon, and Notre Dame. Check out Stanford’s schedule. They’ve beaten nobody this year yet. I think they definitely lose a game.

What about Boise State? I think a one loss, non-SEC Champion LSU or Alabama team jumps ahead of Boise State. LSU and Alabama are absolutely smoking everyone this year and are making the case that they are way ahead of the other teams. They’re not just barely pulling out SEC wins each week – they are killing teams. What voters think LSU or Alabama even with one loss is not a better team than Boise? If they are being honest, none.

Things are honestly set pretty nicely for this to possibly happen. I’d say there is a very good chance that Clemson, Oklahoma State and Stanford all lose a game before the season wraps up. I think there’s also a very good chance that LSU and Alabama win out and play each other very competitively on November 5th.

Interestingly, this possibility isn’t escaping other members of the media. Yahoo’s Dan Wetzel writes:

Besides, there are no standards with the BCS. We’ve had two-loss teams play for the title. We’ve had teams that lost their last game advance. We’ve had teams that lost their last game by four touchdowns advance. We’ve had teams that didn’t win their conference. We’ve had teams that didn’t win their own division.

So how do you count out anything?

Especially when the case for, say one-loss LSU could be so powerful. For the sake of this argument, we’ll assume the Tigers lose the big game (Vegas has Bama as an early six-point favorite).

Check out these links:

What do you say SEC fans? How about going after the conference’s sixth straight with an All-SEC Championship Game? I guess first things first. Let’s enjoy the epic November 5th game coming up in under two weeks.

What are your thoughts on an All-SEC BCS Game?



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  • I guess you also forgot… The 07 season when 3 top 5 teams dropped the last weekend and an idol Ohio state jumped an idle UGA… Richt even said that no where in the bylaws does a team have to win a conference title to play for a national title and UGA got screwed playing an over rated Hawaii team when if they got missed for the national title game should have atleast played USC that year! And ps LSU went on to romp that Ohio squad making it a pretty terrible national title game! The bcs needs to go!

  • Won’t happen. Remember that a portion of the BCS rankings comes from polling. If you think that those polled won’t be highly pressured to vote a non-SEC team into the second place slot, you’re very much mistaken. If Oklahoma can win the rest of their games or OSU remains undefeated, one of them will be in the title game.

    • Of course undefeated OSU will go, but why would a one-loss Oklahoma team that lost to Texas Tech go over one-loss LSU that lost to Alabama (assuming bama beats lsu)? I don’t see it. I think there is a legit chance this happens since I believe the teams like stanford and clemson will lose a game.

      • Not because they should, but because those polled will be pressured. If you don’t think the NCAA is desperately hoping for a non-SEC champion this year, think again.

  • The BCS National Championship won’t really be on a nuetral site. It’s in New Orleans this year. LSU has won the National Championship the last 2 times it was in New Orleans.

  • Alabama and LSU are the two best teams in the nation by a large margin…BCS Championship rematch.

  • Can you explain the voter thing? I always hear about “voters want this” and “voters won’t go for that” – I thought the BCS was just a computer generated thing.

  • For the past 5 years I like to refer to it as the “SEC invitational game” This is a good way to legitimize it!

  • How bad would the SEC East Champion taking down Bama/LSU in the SECCG throw a huge Monkey wrench in this :-)

  • Let’s not be so hasty to eliminate an undefeated Boise State. If Georgia beats Florida, they’re the likely SEC East champion. Don’t think that during the SEC Championship game the fact that Boise State beat the SEC East champion won’t be repeated many times during the telecast. Additionally, most TV talking heads have been pushing for Boise State to get a chance at the BCS crown for several years now. It’s also going to be hard to paint Boise State as a small player in a big player game when they’ve knocked off Oklahoma in a BCS bowl, West Virginia on the road and Georgia on the road in successive seasons. If Boise State can prevent the upset this year, and the above scenarios play out, they stand as good a chance as the loser of the Alabama-LSU game of getting the BCS nod, especially when everyone outside of the SEC will want a BCS Championship game that isn’t a regional rematch, from a conference that’s already won the last five BCS championships in a row.

  • Well Jonny, I know UGA would love to win the East by default with Carolina missing Lattimore and UGA having the easiest schedule in YEARS! The season isn’t over yet! UGA has a poor record aginst Fla! SEC fans need to rally around USC since we play Clem’s son in Columbia and they do play in an AQ conference! UGA & CLEM have the cushest schedules i’ve seen in years ,the only teams they played were PRESEASON top 25’ers! Now they are all out of the picture. USC represents the last possable chance to have an all SEC ,BCS game! So for all you TRUE SEC FANS,pull for Carolina!!! We can do it .Since our Offense is up n down I believe statistics give a false impression of Carolina’s defense. Having a 6-1 record in the SEC with our low Garcia performing offense just shows we have the best Defense IMO! Ingram,Taylor,Allen,Gilmore,Clowney,etc. They are truely a marvel to watch !! And we have yet to pull our secret offensive weapon yet! Mum on that!! I love the SEC and to have an ACC team in the BCS would be horrid!!

    • The games that Georgia have left are Florida, who is very beatable right now, even by Georgia, and Auburn, who can’t seem to find a QB to run their offense… Oh, and Kentucky at home. It’s not an unlikely scenario to see Georgia winning out. If so, South Carolina also must win out in the rest of their SEC schedule. The rest of their SEC schedule includes AT Tennessee, AT Arkansas and at home against Florida. I don’t see SC coming away from Razorback Stadium with a win. I didn’t see it when Lattimore was healthy, and I sure don’t see it now, so if I were a gambling man, I’d put my money on Georgia for the east crown right now.

      As for pulling for one team over another in the SEC, I leave politics aside and root for the team that’s going to help my team the most. The only dog I have in the SEC East battle right now is when Georgia plays Auburn. I’ll definitely be pulling for Georgia to lose in that one, so if South Carolina can get by Tennessee and Florida, I guess I am pulling for them to win the East, even with a loss in Fayetteville. ;-)

    • One last response to your comment. No team wins their division or conference by default, when every team has an equal number of games against SEC competition. I don’t like Georgia, but if they win the East they did it by winning more SEC games than the other teams in their division. That’s not by default, but by winning on the field.

      As for Georgia having an easy schedule, they play the same SEC East teams, along with MSU and Auburn in the West, and While SC also plays Arkansas from the West, and Georgia plays Ole Miss, Georgia has two quality OOC opponents in GaTech and Boise State, while SC has only one, Clemson. So I don’t know if I’d point a finger at UGA and talk about how easy a schedule they have.

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