CJ Johnson Pissed At Mississippi State Fans On Facebook?

Pretty interesting stuff regarding CJ Johnson (who recently committed to Ole Miss).

CJ Johnson Facebook Mississippi State

Hat tip Dr Saturday



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  • probably some dirty black bears……posing as dawgs….anyway if you cant handle a lil talk on face book, i doubt u will be able to hanle ball in the sec….ba bye!

  • Good luck CJ. You couldn’t have handled it at State anyway. Because you seem kind of like a lil girlie-boy,who can’t take a lil all-for-kik’s & giggles joking, and we like men playing at our school.. Your just a lil black bear cub
    who’s about to get a rude awakening when tha SEC Season starts…

    • Okay so you’ve been after this guy for a year or longer and now that you DON’T get him you resort to calling him names such as girlie and post that only MEN play for State. Sounds to me like SOMEONE might be having a problem with the REBELS landing eight of the Dandy Dozen! Get over it!

      • I do not agree with calling these kids names. They are kids, and they SOMETIMES make poor decisions, but it is their decision to make. It is up to them where they go to school, not the fans! My whole theory is that it will be settled on the field. I don’t care what our class is ranked. The last 2 years it hasn’t affected our ability to beat Ole Miss!

  • Well young man when u lead us along for almost 2 years that ur gonna come over to play ball at State, what are we supposed to do. There our enemies on tha field and y’all deserve each other. Good luck struggling with TSUN. Chump

    • Have you ever thought that all this negative talk about other schools might be a turn-off to recruits. Referring to the University of Mississippi as TSUN is so uncalled for and even worse that it originated with a Coach who should show professionalism and character. These talented players have families who might not want their kids exposed to people who show little character. These kids have futures ahead of them. Mullen made a mistake in referring to Ole Miss as TSUN and it will follow him anywhere he tries to coach. I would be very disappointed if Coach Nutt degraded Mississippi State in such a way but then again I am from Mississippi and I respect both Universities.

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