Five Big Upsets For SEC Football 2011


In my last piece, we looked at four underperformers in 2011. Now, let’s take a look at five bold upset predictions for this coming season.

Remember, you heard them here first:

1. September 3rd – Boise State 28, Georgia 25

Let’s start it off with a week one underperformer – the Georgia Bulldogs. Mark Richt is sitting on the hot seat, and it will get even hotter after this one. I expect Georgia to play their tail off, but it won’t be enough. The Boise State Broncos did it in their opener in 2010, and they will do it again this year and rip the hearts out of the Georgia-faithful in Atlanta. The running game will be ineffective for Georgia and there will be no one to turn to, unlike last year with AJ Green. Richt will ultimately feel the heat a week later against South Carolina.

2. September 24 – Arkansas 31, Alabama 28

Oh the lore of the Arkansas Razorbacks going on the road and beating the top-ranked Alabama Crimson Tide. I can read the headlines now, “Alabama Defense Burned By Hogs’ Passing Game”. This one has upset all over it, and it should have happened last year in Fayetteville. This year, the Razorbacks will do it in Bryant-Denny, and the Rammer Jammer will be no more.

3. October 1 – Mississippi State 28, Georgia 17

The Mississippi State Bulldogs will prove once again their fluke win over Georgia last year in Starkville wasn’t a fluke after all. Dan Mullen still has magic against Georgia, as he dominated them year after year in Gainesville. Relf will throw for 200-plus, and State will score four rushing touchdowns for their dynamic ground game. Cowbells will be ringing between the hedges.

4. October 15 – Tennessee 27, LSU 24

Tennessee should have defeated the Tigers last year, but because of a too-many-men-on-the-field flag, the Vols dropped that one on the road. Now, the Tigers travel into Neyland Stadium in front of the Power T. Tyler Bray will perform well enough in this one to bring the Big Orange back to the winning circle. Les Miles’ magic will run out in Neyland on this day.

5. October 22 – Jacksonville State 28, Kentucky 24

The Jacksonville State fighting whatever they are will defeat the Kentucky Wildcats this year. The Wildcats lost a ton of playmaking ability in Randall Cobb and Derrick Locke, and even though they beat Ole Miss last year, Kentucky will be the only victim of the 2011 season to fall to a 1-AA team. Former Georgia Bulldog Washaun Ealey beat up on the Wildcats last year, and he will do it again this year.



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  • Jacksonville State & Kentucky? Get outta here!

    • …come on guys…we all know there’s no gimmies with any of these games…within the SEC or against other conference top rated teams…all games will be won by who stays focused (4Qtrs) and not giving in to complacency…turnovers, just one, can make the difference…what a season for college fans to look foward to…can’t wait…a fan’s biggest disappointment comes when the bar is raised unrealistically high and loses…as great as these teams are there really are no upsets…by ratings ,yes but one miscue can make the difference…what a year…I love my Tide and any win will have to be earned more than ever this year…All I can say is bring it on…This will be a classic year..not too many David and Goliaths..just looking foward to some great football..later Dudes

  • While I agree with both of your predicted outcomes, Boise over UGA/ Mississippi State over UGA, how are they upsets? Boise will probably be favored in the their contest with Georgia and, as of right now, MSU would probably be perceived as the favorite in their contest with Georgia as well. Until Georgia proves they are something other than the 6-7 team they were last year, why should any of us believe they are anything other that?

    • Hey guys DAWGS will win first three games. write it down.

      • Yeah, you keep wishing that. UGA doesn’t matchup with South Carolina at all. Sheesh, what an unrealistic homer.

      • The mo that made these predictions is either, A-smoking crack or B- completely ignorant

        • I think that whoever wrote this happened to get a hold of a bottle of truth serum and is telling it like it is. I think bama will not only lose to Arky, they will lose to Lsu, Penn state, and of course the Auburn Tigers. Saban will retire after this season or next season. He is not too far behind Urban Meyer in the burn out department. No team in the SEC will go undefeated except probably Auburn. Yes, Auburn. A lof of folks are going to be scratching their heads at the end of the 2011 season in amazement. This time, no rumor mill will be able to hold a candle to Auburn. I predicted Auburn would go 14-0 in 2010, and no one believed me. After 2011, I think folks will be paying me big money for my predictions on just about anything! no bragging….just the facts mam!!

  • First off, UGA isn’t expected to beat Boise or Mississippi state this year. Not only that but MSU lost a LOT on defense. They have to replace all three starting linebackers, their starting left tackle and perhaps their best defensive player in pernell mcphee.

    UGA’s rush defense struggled at times last year, but it was obvious why. The dawgs had to transition to a 3-4 defense and didn’t have the personel to do so. With a 290 pound nose tackle the dawgs weren’t forcing any double teams against Tyson as a tackle. That is very important so that you can free up your linebackers to make plays. The dawgs now have two 350 pounders that can play nose, and coaches are saying they will be using both of them at the same time in certain situations. Tyson has gotten up to 310 pounds and will be moving to DE where he’s a much better fit and will have more success in sealing the edge than Tripp, Dobbs or Wood did last year. Add to that Garrison Smith and Abry Jones (another 310 pound end) and the dawgs will be MUCH bigger and MUCH more physical upfront, making it more difficult for teams like USCe and MSU to just run the ball 50 times.

    If the dawgs are able to improve against the rush which they surely will, then I don’t see MSU winning this game.

    I also noticed that you predict MSU to score four rushing tds, but only put up 20 total points? How does that work?

    • In the author’s defense, I would say Georgia will be a favorite against Miss State right now simply because they play in Athens. I think he meant 28 instead of 20 :) It must be a new special scoring system.

      • Very well could be, I just don’t see UGA being favored against MSU at this point. State is going to be top 25 preseason, and unless the dawgs can upset Carolina and Boise they won’t be ranked headed into this game. I think UGA will be improved on rush defense which will be all the difference in this game considering the dawgs return pretty much the entire secondary which was solid last year.

        John Jenkins and Kwame Geathers will make a big impact this year. The dawgs really needed a dominant nose tackle last year and although Tyson is a great talent he is clearly better suited to play DE in the 3-4. Nothing to do but wait. ONLY 31 DAYS TIL KICKOFF AGAINST BOISE!!!

    • Oh yeah? If you just happen too slow Lattimore, Alshon Jeffrey is out there and you have no one that can cover him.

      • I wouldn’t get too cocky about Jeffery. Yeah he’s an elite WR but Garcia has shown time and time again that he can single handedly cost carolina the game. He has thorwn 32 picks in his career and has been anything but consistent while at Carolina. Without question, Lattimore will be the key to SC winning the east this year. Look at the kentucky, arkansas and auburn games last year… when garcia turns the ball over it kills south carolina. Nowhere did I say the dawgs were going to beat SC, but don’t forget you guys lost 5 games last year, you aren’t exactly unbeatable.

  • how is boise state over georgia an upset. right now boise state is better team.

  • there is no better team until Georgia and Boise walk off the field. on e a loser and one a winner. you can not judge a team from what they did last year. Georgia has a great system and just had a down year.

    • Very true, but in order for it to be an upset I would think UGA would have to be the favorite. Look at any betting line out right now and everybody is favoring BSU. The dawgs won’t be ranked preseason and boise will likely be top 5. Hard to call that an upset.

    • actually UGA has had a couple down years.. They have only won the SEC once….No dominance there, only in UGA fans minds…..UGA is at best a 7 win team next year…..Very average program

      • Get your facts straight… the dawgs have won TWO sec titles in the last 9 years and have won the sec east THREE times during that span, the exact same as florida. Not a good program? Is that why the dawgs are 4th all-time in bowl wins? Is that why they’re the 11th winningest program in division 1A? Is that why they have multiple national titles, multiple heisman winners and multiple #1 overall picks in the history of their program? Give me a break. Talk all you want about florida being better than UGA, your team has earned that on the field, but to say the dawgs have a weak program is an asinine statement.

  • When a MWC member defeats an established SEC program with tradition (a program in Georgia that some have picked to win the SEC East) in the home state of Georgia, I would consider that an upset. I am an educated analyst, you know.

    • Name one person that’s not a homer that picked UGA to win the east.

      • I picked UGA before Ealy and King were kicked off the team.

        • Ealey and King were both extremely average backs at UGA. Both had trouble picking up the blitz and they combined for 5 fumbles inside the ten yardline last year. While they got the majority of the carries it was because the only other runningback on the team was carlton thomas and he’s 5’7 170 pounds.

          Richard Samuel, Isiah Crowell and Ken Malcome were all highly touted backs. Samuel is 245 pounds and will have no problem picking up the blitz. Crowell was ranked by ESPN and SCOUT as the top runningback in the nation and Ken Malcome is a 220 bruising runningback who redshirted last year and impressed during the offseason. Not only that but the dawgs offensive line has switched from a zone blocking scheme to a drive blocking scheme which will benefit the dawgs line being that they’re one of the biggest lines in the entire nation. It is also a much more simple scheme that will be easier to pick up for the young guys.

  • Not sure about this “Educated Analyst” or who comes up w this stuff but its obvious its a dawg hater or part of the mark richt lynch mob. I would agree that neither game is a “big upset” if we do lose.

    • In fact I would go as far as to say that when we beat boise it will be an upset….and yes anyone still makin fun of tebow cring has issues…probly stemming from that jack state beating ole miss took last year.

  • Jacksonville State are the Gamecocks… And where’s Ole Miss on this list? Oh yeah… them getting beat isn’t an upset anymore… =)

  • as an SEC i hope to god that UGA beats Boise, and it will make Scar look that much better when we beat them the next week

  • How does everybody think Georgia is going to be good this year? They lost A.J Green (their entire recieving game), and they lost their running game. Murray? He’s O.K. The only good person on that team is Mark Richt, the most underrated coach in the SEC.

    • People have hope for UGA this year for a couple of reasons. First being they have the best QB in the sec. He put up the second most yards EVER for a freshman QB in the sec and had 24 tds to only 8 picks. The dawgs also have the best special teams in the nation which often is the difference in close games and the dawgs, like SC have a very favorable schedule. The reason florida isn’t getting that much hype is due to the fact that they play both Bama and LSU while SC and UGA don’t.

      I’m not saying the dawgs will be a great team but they could be average and win 9 games based on the schedule. They’re loaded with talent like every year and get MSU, Auburn, SC and Boise at home (even though the opener is in the dome it might as well be a home game).

  • UGA beating Boise would be the upset….UGA coming off 6-7 season and Boise is Boise…..Its not like UGA is bringing back lots of stars…..UGA will def be 0-2 to start and it may be richts last year

  • i have a question. how are you so certain that alabama’s defence is gonna be burned by arkansas considering that everyone here will agree alabama will have arguably the best secondary in the ncaa this year. oh and umm ryan mallet….hes left the razorbacks for the nfl. so they dont have their super star quarterback anymore

  • jonparninbi

    actually UGA has had a couple down years.. They have only won the SEC once

    Is this guy an idiot or just another typical Florida fan that thinks football started in 1990?. When Spurrier came back to Gainesville. OBTW UF hadn’t won anything prior to then. The one SEC championship prior to Spurrier was taken away. So get a clue dude! UGA has on 2 SEC championships. AND have a winning record over Florida.

    You’re right they are down and haven’t been beating UF as of late. BUT you really need to learn about SEC history prior to writing on a blog. Especially one like this.

    As for UGA against MSU. Unless UGA falls apart MSU will never be a favorite in athens. You can take that to the bank

    •2005 – Southeastern Conference Champions
    •2002 – Southeastern Conference Champions
    •1982 – Southeastern Conference Champions
    •1981 – Southeastern Conference Co-Champions
    •1980 – Southeastern Conference Champions
    •1976 – Southeastern Conference Co-Champions
    •1968 – Southeastern Conference Champions
    •1966 – Southeastern Conference Co-Champions
    •1959 – Southeastern Conference Champions
    •1948 – Southeastern Conference Champions
    •1946 – Southeastern Conference Co-Champions
    •1942 – Southeastern Conference Champions
    •1920 – Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Association Co-Champions
    •1896 – Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Association Co-Champions


    • Yes he is an idiot…and hes got plenty of company on this site!

    • Very well said. The dawgs will win more than his projected 7 games as well. I can assure you that. While I doubt the dawgs will have the best team they’ve had in the mark richt era this is hands down the easiest schedule under him as a head coach. USCe, MSU and Auburn are all in athens this year. Boise state is also heading to UGA for a “neutral site game” but the bulldog faithful have bought nearly 60,000 tickets and will obviously outnumber the boise fans. Mark that down as a home game as well. They’ll win at least 9.

    • Nice job putting something georgia did in 1896.

  • I don’t see how UGA made the upset list twice. Usually a team has to be decent to get upset. Now if they get beat by Central Florida….uhhh….Colorado….no….Georgia State….yeah…if they get beat by Georgia State that may be considered an upset.

  • I still say if UGA beats S.C. they win the east and will play Alabama in the west.

  • First things first,,,,,educated analist,,put the pipe down and step away from the keyboard…I recall Boise coming to Athens a few yrs back as a 13 point favorite, led by their all world Qb zambransky. Someone shouldve told that boise team 13 point favorite means you WIN by 13 points or more not score just 13 points,,,,Final was 48-13 if i recall correctly and only reason it was that close was because we put our 3rd string in late in the 3rd quarter. I realize that was 2 different teams but my point is dont be so quick to jump on that Boise bandwagon when theyre playing a SEC team,,,not an oregon or an oklahoma or a VT team. Get real.
    Now a lot of people would say that UGA win was a fluke for Boise had 6 turnovers i believe. Kinda like that fluke win MSU had over UGA last year huh? We couldnt hold onto the ball. Thats why MSU won…..NOT..turnovers are part of the game…I see UGA losing a couple this year but it wont be to Boise or MSU. Its gonna be UGA-Bama in the SECCG, keep this reply handy….

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