New Georgia Nike Pro Combat Uniforms


The University of Georgia and Nike released the new uniforms for the season opener against Boise State. Here are some photos:

Georgia Nike Pro Combat Uniforms Boise State Game

UGA Nike ProCombat Uniforms Georgia Football

UGA Football Helmet 2011 Nike Pro Combat

Georgia Football Gloves Nike UGA Uniforms 2011

UGA Football Uniform Boise State Game 2011

Georgia Football Uniform 2011 Boise Nike

UGA Georgia Football Pro Combat Uniforms Nike

University Georgia Nike Pro Combat Uniforms 2011 Football

UGA Georgia Nike Pro Combat Uniforms 2011

New UGA Georgia Football Helmet Nike 2011 Photo

Georgia Football Nike Shoes 2011 Uniform Photo

Here is a link to a video and more photos on Georgia’s Official Website.



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  • HIDEOUS! Way worse than I thought they would be. Yuck.

  • Those dawgs will look real nice accepting a butt-whipping from South Carolina. Can’t wait to see them.

  • Leave the UGA uniforms alone. UGA uniforms have tradition unlike Oregon who have 20 different uniforms!

  • Whoever approved this needs to be fired. This a ‘southern sin’ dont screw with UGA Helmet’s. We have the best looking most traditional helmets in the world. I could deal with the unifroms but not the helmet. This embarrassing.

  • I hate ther helmets too. I’m an Auburn fan and if Nike EVER tried to mess witgh our helmet I’d be eriously ticked off. You UGA people need to get your AD to leave what works alone!


  • that ugly a** helmet has to go

  • OK I do like the gloves that is about it.

  • The gloves look kinda cool. The rest of it looks like crap. The helmet isn’t all that bad, but the ones they’ve had in the past are much more Georgia like. Get rid of all of it – except the gloves.

  • You would think that…as much as we have embarrassed ourselves over the last few seasons whenever we’d pop up with some new uniform, or shirt color, or “let’s black out the stadium!”….that making a big deal of a new uniform would be the very LAST thing a coach would either do or allow. And yet, here’s Coach Richt again, just squealing and rubbing his thighs together in glee over a new uniform.

    I realize that UGA is probably getting paid to wear these things…and Coach Richt doesn’t have any choice. (Though I do suspect he had a lot of input when the decision was made.) But I sure wish he wouldn’t seem so tickled over it. I swear, he sure does seem to love gimmicks and stuff like this. I fully expect to see the team come prancing out one Saturday wearing capes, with plumes stuck on top of your helmets.

    And I sure HOPE this is a crock…but I’ve gotten an email from a friend telling me that Coach Richt has asked everyone to “red out” the stadium. Now red is the usual color that everyone traditionally wears to Sanford Stadium, so I guess this is certainly not as “gimmicky” as that “black out” we did for Alabama. But I sure wish Coach Richt would just keep his damn mouth shut about uniforms and what the fans should wear to the game…and concentrate on getting the team ready to play.

    • Quit hating bro! Richt has tried some gimmicks in the past, the blackout vs Auburn and the excessive celebration versus Florida both worked out for the Dawgs. Also, the blackout against Hawaii, how did that work out? By the way, where was Georgia football at before Richt came? Oh yeah, seven win seasons. Two SEC championships, two Sugar bowl championships, and 90 wins in 9 seasons later(by the way Richt is one of only 7 NCAA coaches to win 90 games in his first 9 seasons), Richt has proven to be a consistent coach and recruiter.

      The blackout against Alabama was done because the seniors asked for it. Yes, it is humbling to have a blackout and then get beat on national television, but Alabama won the National Championship that year, so losing is going to happen.

      Before ripping Richt because of one gimmick that didn’t pan out, remember your history and what Richt has done for Georgia football over his 11 seasons!

    • @David, you are funny…

      As a dawg fan, I could care less if we wear pink uniforms. As long as we win, that’s all that matters. If you honestly think wearing a different uniform is somehow going to give us an advantage or disadvantage you are a complete moron.

      Yeah, we got beat by Alabama during a black out. But those of you forget that we beat them a year before in their own stadium. We dominated both Hawaii and Auburn in black uniforms too.

      I think some people read a little bit to much into this. Let’s just win the damn game and stop discuss how ugly our uniforms are. No one will care what are uniforms look like if we come out there and dominate BSU.

  • These things look like crap, and I love how all of the new uni’s have the Ingram style glove

  • UGA better beat the snot out of Boise!

  • I was really looking forward to a “Black Out” type of uniform with lots of red accents. This version is not so bad, not really good either, but the helmet is garbage. I can live with the uniform… but that helmet must go!!!!
    Bring back the all red traditional helmet (or make it all black!!). Just glad we got rid of those ugly silver pants. And the gloves are really cool.

  • I pretty much have to agree with what everyone else is saying. Those things look horrible. I would be willing to bet next season as we all go to a local high school football game or youth league game we will see helmets and uniforms looking like that.

  • UGaLY

    I’m on Arkansas fan and I wish my team would go back to the plain red jersey with a number on the front and back, razorbacks on the sleeves white pants with the red stripe down the side of the leg. Keep it traditional like Alabama does….get rid of this Nike pro combat crap!

  • I don’t mind the uniforms, thought I liked the silver pants. But where are the paw prints on the helmet?

  • The helmets are cool but the red on red is just ugly. Georgia is supposed to look good. This does NOT look good. Get the silver britches back!

  • *though*…But, I just don’t like all red. It’s angry looking.

  • That is one big dude that has the jersey on.

  • this had better be a joke

  • Have all of you not figured out that Georgia and Nike have an equipment contract? Teams last year with Nike did the same thing for one game. It is not really the school’s choice and they are contract bound with Nike to do it. They may be ugly, but it’s not Richt’s fault they have to wear them. The are bound by contract to Nike. Of course I could be wrong. It would not be the first time. :-)

    • Actually, you’re right: I talked to one of the guys who handles the UGA account for Nike, and UGA had to wear a ‘pro-combat’ uniform for a nat’l televised game– just watch how many times the announcers say “pro combat uniform”.
      I guess I can live with it, but I certainly had hoped they’d incorporate more classic UGA elements beyond just the ‘G’ — contrasting pants (or at least a silver stripe), THIN center stripe on the helmet, etc.
      I really think these uniforms are just too much Nike and not enough UGA.

  • UGLY!!!! Dont look anything like what they wear now.

  • The helmets imo are sweet but the Dawgs seem to spend too much time worrying about what to wear to a game. My wife isn’t as bad as they are…..Whew! Sure glad I am an Auburn guy and we worry about winning more than the look of our uniforms..

    • I dunno, maybe because the entire purpose of this thread is to discuss the photos of the recently released Nike Pro Combat Uniforms. If they start a thread about AU’s snazzy new blue pants are you gonna tell people if you like them are not? Something tells me you’ll have an opinion.

      • The blue pants and helmet were a rumor last year, supposedly against Clemson. Auburn doesnt do fancy gimmicks and over the top uniforms. We actually care about tradition.

  • nice!! gooooooooooooooo dawgs

  • Yea, I dunno. I’m kind of a traditionalist going back to the days of “silver britches”. But, as someone else said, as long as they win who gives a damn. I realize Nike is providing these outfits, but I would hope the team has some kind of a vote…

  • If tradition starts in the 90’s or 2000’s for you, I guess you like this sci fi uniform. Give me actual tradition from the 50’s thru 80’s looks for all SEC uniforms.

  • I love the Dogs, but damn, this is embarassing. This is more suited for a damn circus clown than a college athlete.

  • These uniforms are awesome…granted I don’t like red on red, but there is enough black and silver to offset it!!!!! This is just for the season opener!!!! True DAWG fans wouldn’t care….it’s ALL about marketing people…granted you may not like the uniforms, but guess what is on everyone’s mind right now…….THE DAWGS!!!!! :)

  • I believe that’s Brandon Boykin in the uniform. He and Murray got the first look at these uniforms, so my guess is Nike took one look at Brandon’s guns and signed him up to model it.

    I love the helmets… I even like them better than our traditional helmet. I think these look modern and sick. The young kids are going to dig them.

    I think the fans need to get over the traditional hang-up. This is for one game… let the team have some fun!

  • really yall its a dang uni come on stop crying about it, it may not be the best of the best but lets talk about the important stuff like betting boise.

  • These uniforms look awesome! And the players are fired up to wear them, which is really all that matters. Sometimes you need to shake things up and build some excitement before a big game. I understand the comments about tradition, but it is just one game ppl!
    Also it is funny to note that alot of ppl commenting negatively on the new unis are fans of other teams. And they’re just jealous that our program is more popular than theirs. That’s ok though guys. Haters gonna hate.

    Go Dawgs! GATA!

  • The whole thought that this is going against tradition is hot garbage. Kick your self please. Why do you think the MLB has a throw back jersey days during all seasons…? Because they’re THROW back unis. Things change over time. Oregon is the best dressed team in college football, hands down, bar none..Again, kick your self if you think differently. Please tell me what part of their uniform is traditional. It’s about swag for college players..And it’s no different for the NFL or any other professional sport..Swag is about to make the term “tradition” disappear. Being dresses to impress at the work place is being dressed for success. And this screams I’m here to succeed in my work place..the field. This is a change of pace for the time being but most unis are going to this style. I’m an Athletic Supervisor not far from Athens and every aspect in designing our unis from pants to helmet this year and previous years was designed with the intent to stand out..get some swag on the field, and attitude. Grant every hater and all none believers this fact, the change up in unis for any specific game hasn’t been in UGA’s favor too often. And if you hate the unis that’s just your taste and you’re entitled to that fashion idea. But to say its breaking “tradition” is complete ignorance. If you 65 or older..You’re entitled to say that..Hell you remember the days when all facemasks were exactly the same no matter your position. But you just like the way the helmet is designed..go buy one and you’ll always have some memorabilia of your own to remember what they looked like..and maybe in 30 years they’ll have a throwback Saturday and bring out old unis..But for those who hate this..You better get used to it real quick because this is about to be what’s “in” when if come to football uniforms.

  • I just want to know when the Helmet is ready for sell and where and how much.The rest just needs more work.It’s like the UGA is going for a Arena Football look I don’t know….

  • When I first saw the uniforms my initial reaction was – I don’t like them. But the more I examine the pictures the more it’s growing on me. Everyone is screaming of ‘tradition’ yet we traditionally haven’t won a National Championship in 20 years. Maybe these new uniforms will be the spark that ignites our team to a Championship this season. Besides they are contractually obligated to wear them and it’s only for one game. It’s fun for the players and that’s who counts on the field. Just sayin’. I say the glass is half full.

  • These are atrocious… I was iffy about the blackout against Auburn, and I hated the “blackout” against Florida. UGA needs to keep the classic uniforms. They can wear the gloves and cleats but they need to put everything else in the trash.

  • They can mess with the jersey, the gloves, the shoes, and even the signature helmet, but to replace the Silver Britches is a damn crime.

  • We need to worry about blocking and tackling and how to ride a scooter safely. What’s next…Thursday night football? Georgia Tech will put up a big fight to lose that time slot.

  • Wow. That looks like something a 13 year old boy would design. Absolutely horrible. Leave the uniforms alone and quit trying to “space age” them! The SEC uniforms are fine just like they are.

  • I love the new uniform! The Dogs are only going to wear them for one game. Why all the chatter? However, I’d love to see this in the “blackout” uni that would be really cool. BTW, I am 42 and agree that they will appeal to the teen set as well. I wonder how the players feel, isn’t that what really matters?

  • Anything for a buck. No other reason than that

  • The thing that I love most about college football is the traditions and one of the traditions at UGA is the uniform. Im not gonna say the uniform doesnt look good because it does but I think when it comes to college football it is all about traditions and that is what makes it so pure and awesome. Even though its only for one game I still dont think they should wear it.

  • I actually kind of like the helmet. I do have to say in my opinion there is FAR too much red going on. It just doesn’t look very sharp.

  • Born and Raised In Ga but damn..these uniforms are ugly! The Gloves are pretty cool but everything is just ugly. By the Way, I say Alabama all the way and Auburn ppl…..don’t be hating on the guys are the ones that really needs to watch out this season.

  • Those are nasty. Let Oregon wear that stuff.

  • Definitely pimp-alicious and trashy, and will be wholly embarrassing as Boise State throws a beat down on the Dawgs.

    And Oregon has the hands down most hideous unis in College football, so at least you got that going for you, UGA, or should that be UGA-lee, now…

  • they look like a Transformers character. Soooooo silly lookin’. I would bet the farm that a certain bunch liked them and a certain bunch did not……??????????

  • Can you say POWER RANGERS?

  • The uniform looks ok. Maryland new uniform looks like crap.

  • How could you NOT like these uniforms? No, they’re not traditional, but they look tough. Let’s just hope the dawgs can play as tough as these uniforms look.

  • Does it really matter what we wear?! All the whining/ politics won’t mean squat when UGA is kickin’ butt on the field. Seems like new uniforms have made us forget what’s important: PLAYING THE GAME!

  • If you keep looking at them, they start to grow on you. I am glad they didn’t go with silver pants. Something new. I do wish the helmets would have been a solid color. I don’t like the red stripe down the middle. I do like the silver color on the helmets. Now the gloves, are the best part of the whole thing.

    Gooooo DAWGS!!!

  • As a former south carolina player, who has played against georgia in their traditional iniforms, I think these are ugly as sin and just when college football needs a boost, i don’t think a school should waver from their traditions. college football needs georgia, alabama, michigan ohio state and all the rest to come back to traditions and integrity for the sake of the college game.

  • I didn’t know Bama had a tradition of integrity.

  • I DO NOT LIKE THAT THEIR NAMES AREN’T ON THEIR JERSEYS!!!! What the hell? BAD, Nike, Bad! DISLike!!!!!


  • I have to admit that I am a long term Penn State Fan. So that has something to do with this. But I really hate these uniforms. Give me the Georgia uniforms from the Hershel Walker days. Great runner great uniform.

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