Georgia vs Boise State Preview

The Matchup: No. 7 Boise State vs. No. 23 Georgia

When: September 3, 2011

Where: Atlanta, Georgia – The Georgia Dome

Game Time: 8:00 PM


What You Need To Know About Boise:

Boise State enters this game with a great deal of confidence. The Broncos’ program is really firing on all cylinders right now. Boise has a senior at quarterback in Kellen Moore, and he is one of the more underrated players in the country. He does nothing flashy, but he wins football games.

Boise State’s defensive line will be another strong key for this team. Boise will have four senior starters along the defensive front, and in all likelihood, 10 of 11 starters on defense will be seniors. The only remaining non-senior will be a junior.

This team is full of veteran players who know how to win and play one big game a year. Moreover, this team has experience in kick-off games like this, when they traveled to D.C. last year to open up and beat Virginia Tech.

What You Need To Know About Georgia:

The Georgia Bulldogs enter this showdown as the underdog, even though they hail from the SEC.

The Bulldogs have offensive firepower in quarterback Aaron Murray, wide receiver Tavarres King and tight end Orson Charles. Murray is the best returning quarterback in the SEC, after throwing for over 3,000 yards his freshman season, with 24 touchdowns.

The question marks on offense are at offensive line and at running back. There has been attrition at both positions; therefore, there are several question marks surrounding this team.

Defensively, Georgia looks pretty solid, but the Bulldogs are hoping to answer those with Kwame Geathers and JUCO transfer John Jenkins at nose tackle in this 3-4 defense. USC transfer Jarvis Jones and former safety Alec Ogletree will likely have a huge impact on the linebackers and in the pass rush. The secondary is very veteran-led, with Brandon Boykin and Bacarri Rambo both returning, and the secondary has all the tools to be a ball-hawking group.

Key Matchup:

The key matchup in this game is Georgia’s offensive line against Boise State’s defensive line. Georgia’s line has a number of question marks, while the Broncos’ line has several veterans ready to impress the rest of the country.

This will be a big game not only for Georgia but for the rest of the SEC as well.



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  • This is a tough opener for the Dawgs, who are immature & unpredictable at this point. I hope they jell together & get ready to rumble because this game will have a huge TV audience. And Coach Richt needs this win.

  • Lets not forget that boise hasnt even played an sec team since 2005. We beat them like a drum as did the previous 3 sec teams they played. Our atheletes are faster…our line of scrimmage is bigger(not sure if boise even has a 300 lber) and we play in the toughest conference every year while boise plays one or two big games a year. This is a statement game for us. If we come to play we win by two scores.

  • I cant wait to go see this game. Got my tickets yesterday. If Im not mistaken the Boise team that we played in 05 was actually higher ranked than this one. I cant wait to see how Boise handles our defensive speed. I actually dont see this being a close game. I truly see us winning this by 17 or more. However if it is close and comes down to the kicking game….weve got arguably the best in the nation. Cant wait,,,,woof woof

  • Think it could go either way. Georgia being from the SEC could wear them down, or boise might be too explosive. Boise did lose to Nevada last year though.

  • I am a Boise State fan and have followed them the last 3 years. The difference in the game will probably be Kellen Moore. He is one of the best QBs in the country. He is one of the most consistent QBs I have ever seen. He has been very consistent against the few very strong teams they have played in the last 3 years. His strengths besides consistency are his accuracy, quick release, knowledge of football, extraordinary catchable ball, footwork to step to the right place, sense of pressure and when to throw the ball, and ability to find the open receiver. He has very few interceptions and very few sacks. He will pick apart a team with any weaknesses or if they leave anyone open. He will break college QB records and has alread broke at least one. He would have even greater stats but he seldom plays much in the 4th quarter because of their weak schedule and domination of opponents.

    • The difference in 2005 was supposed to be Zabransky….you saw how that panned out. 35-17 Dawgs in this one…Moore gets his bell rung a few good times and is running for his life when not on his back.

      • In order to ring Moore’s bell and have him running for his life, Georgia’s defense will need to be better than anyone they have played in the last 3 years. No one has been able to ring his bell and have him running for his life. He has set records for fewest sacks. You can’t easily sack him. If you blitz he will pick you apart. I hope Georgia tries to pressure him as that seems to be when he is at his best. He reads defenses very well, has a quick release and knows where to step to avoid the pressure. Boise States left side of the offensive line and center are back. The right side will probably just reload with the depth Boise State has created. It will not be easy to pressure Moore.

  • Boise State has a good coach, and some good athletes, as well. They don’t attract the 4 and 5-star recruits like the SEC programs do, but they have a lot of 3-star players who come in and work hard. (And who sometimes have a chip on their shoulder from not being ranked as highly as they thought they should have been…so they hit the weight room hard, and play with that “aggressive resentment”.)
    BSU is starting 14 seniors, and their senior class record is 38-2, including a BCS Bowl win. They remind me of a school like Butler in college basketball, in that they find a way to compete. In both cases, good execution seems to be at the foundation of their success.
    This is going to be a good game, and I damn sure hope Coach Richt has the team ready to play hard from the opening kickoff.

    • Boise State also has a very strong defensive front. They may be the best defensive line in the country. Besides Kellen Moore, this could be a deciding factor in the outcome of the game. If theGeorgia Offensive line can hold their own, then this will bode well for Georgia. No matter what, it should be a good and close game. I am really getting excited to watch it!

  • Even though Georgia is bigger I don’t think they will wear down Boise State. Boise State has tremendous depth at almost every position and plays a lot of players which does not allow them to get too tired or beat up.

  • George, Kellen Moore is a very good QB in a conference that is a joke. If Boise State played in a conference like the SEC each week, his stats would not be so impressive. He has played three descent teams in his career: Oklahoma, Oregon and Virgina Tech. If I remember correctly, Oklahoma gave the game to Boise, Boise beat Oregon in a close game and Virgina Tech didn’t even show up most of last season. When you play in the SEC, you play against fast hard hitting defenses and powerful offenses each week. Moore reminds me of that QB from Hawaii a few years ago. He had awesome stats but Hawaii played weak teams all year long like Boise State does. When they played against Georgia in the bowl game that year, Georgia crushed them and the QB was on his back or scrambling most of the game. It’s going to be interesting to see how much time he has to set his feet and make accurate throws consitently. If the Dawgs play to their ability, they will win 42-21

    • I agree that Moore’s stats would not be as good if they played in a tougher conference. However, he doesn’t play much in the 4th quarter either because of the weak competition so most of his stats are over three quarters.

      Don’t under-estimate him however. He may be the best quarterback in certain aspects that has ever played. The pros arent very interested in him yet, because of his small size and lack of a gun for an arm. However one of the coaches in the WAC who coached in the Pros, said he could watch him all day on film. He said he plays quarterback like it was meant to be played. He said he has a very strong arm but very seldom uses it. He said he throws the most accurate and catchable ball he has ever seen. I have watched him for three years and also in high school and I can tell you he is the most poised Quarterback I have ever seen. He has ice in his vains. He makes very few mistakes. Blitzes won’t work against him as he will pick you apart. The best way to play him is to put normal pressure on him and keep the receivers covered so he has to throw the ball away until Boise State has to punt.

      • I might add that Kellen Moore according to the Boise State defensive backs has thrown no look passes in practice. Sort of like you see in basketball. I only mention this because it gives you a good sense of his understanding of where receivers are at and his peripheral vision. He has no problem finding the 2nd, 3rd and 4th and 5th receiver. If you want to stop him you have to have the the three receivers covered, the H back covered, the fullback covered and the tight end covered for the normal amount of time before the rush requires him to throw it away.

        Don’t get me wrong I expect a close game but the difference in the game if Boise State wins will probably be Kellen Moore or possibly the Boise State defensive line which may be one of the best in the country.

  • I’m looking for an 8 point Georgia win, predicting any more is disrespecting a good team that has obviously been preparing ONLY for this game.

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