Marlon Brown Comes Up Huge In Malcolm Mitchell’s Absence


Two years ago, Marlon Brown was one of the most sought-after high school recruits in the South from Tennessee. When he signed with Georgia over the home state Tennessee program, most Georgia fans thought he could make an instant splash and become an AJ Green-type receiver as a freshman. He had the size and speed and looked to have the hands of a quality SEC receiver.

It just took a little bit longer for things to click for Brown; however, last Saturday against Vanderbilt, the light switch may have come on.

Against the Commodores, who have one of the toughest secondarys in the SEC, Brown caught four passes 121 yards and two touchdowns from quarterback Aaron Murray.

With Malcolm Mitchell sitting out the Vanderbilt game, Georgia needed either Tavarres King, Michael Bennett or Marlon Brown to step up their game and be the go-to receiver in Mitchell’s absence. All three made an impact on the outcome, with Brown catching two touchdowns, King catching one and Bennett catching seven passes for 89 yards.

Here’s King’s touchdown:

With Georgia entering the bye week to heal up and game plan against the Gators, Malcolm Mitchell will return to the lineup from the hamstring injury he suffered against Tennessee on the following play:

With the addition of Mitchell, Georgia’s leading receiver, in the lineup, as well as the steadiness of King and Orson Charles and the increased production of both Bennett and Brown, Aaron Murray will have a cast of receivers to the throw the football to. With the emergence of a running game in Isaiah Crowell, it makes Murray that much better in the passing game, and the passing game, most notably play action, is a lot more potent because of it.

The Bulldogs’ offense could be getting ready to click just at the right time this year for the Bulldogs.



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  • As a UGA fan, there is only one thing I can say. IT IS ABOUT F-ING TIME THEY STEP UP!!!

    • UGA has always had plenty of weapons. it is like a Corvette being driven by an old lady. OC Bobo the Clown does not use those weapons. Boykin had ONE carry the whole game!!

      We have a 270lbs Full Back…do we ever use him in a Power I? Hardly ever!! He has ZERO carries this year. he is a converted TE…throw him the ball once in a while.

      We have three of the best TE’s in the country….Do we ever use them as short yardgae, keep the chains moving threats? No!!

      Instead we run a 5’8″ 170lbs RB up the middle between the tackles. the very defination of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting differnt results. Bobo is running a Stafford Offense with a more mobile different QB.

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