John Brantley Appears To Be Staying At Florida

John Brantley is apparently planning to remain a Gator and is excited about a more prostyle offense. However, he hasn’t yet spoken to Charlie Weis (which I think would be a priority).  From the Gator Bytes blog:

“This is what we would have sought out if we had looked to move on, but it came to us,” John Brantley III, the father, said. “Johnny’s looking forward to the challenge.

“Once they said there was going to a pro-style, transferring wasn’t even a question.”



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  • News of Brantley’s departure was overstated, and the idea that he could go to the NFL was laughable. This guy should have gone to Texas when he had the chance. Guess we’ll have a fun summer with the new staff throwing down the gauntlet on the QB position. Hope its not another 3-way tie…

  • I don’t understand why people seem to think the guy can’t be better playing in an offense that’s actually well suited for him (rather than one that was well-suited for Tim Tebow/Alex Smith).

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