Mark Richt Sings Happy Birthday To A Recruit

Mark Richt Sings Happy Birthday To A Recruit

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Highly touted running back Keith Marshall must have had a birthday yesterday. He tweeted on his Twitter account @Truthh4 “coach richt sang me happy birthday lol”.

Richt certainly did land the Dream Team this last recruiting cycle, and he is looking pretty good for Keith Marshall as well. Marshall is a big-time running back from North Carolina who likes Florida, Georgia and Alabama early.

Richt never ceases to amaze me. What ever happened to the head coach with the tough-guy persona? Now, we have all these coaches (not just Richt) singing Happy Birthday and acting like school boys.

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Comments 3

  1. G Tiger
    Commented : 3 years ago

    Did he pop out of a cake too?

  2. DawgByte
    Commented : 3 years ago

    Dude – Whatever it takes to get the recruits that doesn’t land us in hot water, works for me. If Richt’s got to send flowers to girlfriends of these recruits – well that’s fine with me as well.

  3. Cojones
    Commented : 3 years ago

    Don’t know why, but the memory of a drunk Lee Marvin singing “Happy Birthday” to Cat Belue’s dead father, Frankie, lying in the bier with candles around him then Marvin blowing them out when finished, keeps invading the thoughts.