Memphis Athletic Director: “We Belong In The SEC”


With conference realignment, there has been a lot of ridiculous self posturing over the past few months. But none is as out of touch with reality as the comments in the video above from the Memphis athletic director R.C. Johnson. Speaking about the Tigers’ future conference affiliation on local TV station WMCTV, Johnson said:

“We want to try to get ourselves in the best possible place. Ultimately we would like to be in the SEC. That’s where we think we belong geographically. We think we deserve to be.”

As you know in conference realignment, football is the only sport that matters. Currently, the Memphis Tigers are 1-5 after a 28-6 blowout loss to Rice and both Johnson and his head coach, Larry Porter, are on the hot seat with fans. Memphis would be lucky to get an invitation from the Big East…

Southeastern Conference Memphis Comments SEC Football
Memphis Football Record
Sept 1 – lost to Miss State 59-14
Sept 10 – lost to Arkansas State 47-3
Sept 17 – won against Austin Peay 27-6
Sept 24 – lost to Southern Methodist 42-0
Oct 1 – lost to Middle Ternnessee 38-31
Oct 8 – lost to Rice 28-6

What’s your reaction to this statement?



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  • Dear Memphis, we don’t want you. “Memphis belongs in SEC as much as “pigs belongs airborne.”

  • you guys only think of football, memphis is a really really good basketball team..

    • None of this has anything to do with basketball. Conference re-alignment is all about $$$$$, and there are just a hand full of schools nationwide that basketball is not paid for by football. If you’re not a football power, you’re probably not getting into the SEC, no matter how good your basketball team is.

  • As a Memphis fans we want in the SEC just as badly as we want RC Johnson out as AD. We are realistic, we understand we only bring basketball to the table but as badly as SEC basketball has suffered the last few years (other than Kentucky who needed our coach to be competitive again) that would be a plus for the SEC. But our football has been awful since DeAngelo Williams left. In the SEC our football team would be better but only on the level of Kentucky and ole Piss. We would probably never reach LSU bama level without some serious miracles. Im all for the Tigers being in the SEC except when they play LSU (GEAUX TIGERS) but lets be real people it wont happen.

    • From 06 to present the sec has 3 final four appearances with 2 national championships. The ACC has the same amount of appearances and national titles. The only conference with more apparences in the final four is the Big East (now there’s a conference that really, really sucks in football), who have 5, but with only 1 championship. Now memphis overall does have a DECENT basketball program, comparable to I’d say…. Florida in the SEC. No actually on second thought, if you take away all the tournament appearances that the NCAA has vacated from Memphis, for whatever reason, your basketball program actually looks ehhh…. so-so, making Florida look really good and Kentucky a freakin’ powerhouse. With that being said, Memphis doesn’t even deserve to ONLY play basketball in the SEC…. seriously. Now “deserving” to join the SEC in all sports… now that would just be embarrassing for them… Looking at the top 3 sports in the south… Basketball- you might win a conference title within 5-10 years… MIGHT, but every blind squirrel finds an acorn every now and then. Baseball- yea good luck to ya. Memphis would be destroyed by every SEC team. Football- hahahahahahahaha. at least 70 point loss every game. Let me tell you something about the SEC, when we play each-other, we hate each-other, no mercy. It would be the same to yall and it would be ugly.

  • I’m from Memphis,We been trying to get this clown fired for years!His other great Quote was ‘We have a great airport” and it’s ok at best! FIRE RC NOW!

  • Having a Tiger mascot and being completely bat-sh*t insane does not make you an LSU…you actually have to be GOOD at something. The SEC is not about geography, it is about prestige. We are not snobs, we are just way better than you…at everything.

    • Laurie you can cut down our football team,but do your homework,but as far as our mascot we have a real live Tiger and He eat you!Just having fun with you!

  • He’s on the hot seat and trying to save his job with grand statements that show his “vision” for Memphis athletics. Even the Memphis alum won’t buy into this crap. The guy is an idiot. Truthfully, he doesn’t even deserve this article or a comment/reply. The ramblings of a deranged man.

  • According to the schedule they’ve played so far, Arkansas State belongs in the SEC before they do.

  • That’s great sound playing Memphis Athletic Director. It’s ideally “We Belong In The SEC” . I always appreciate this awesome quote. Thanks a lot!

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