More College Athlete Fun On Twitter

As I’ve discussed here before, social media – namely facebook and twitter – are just in the infant stages of impacting college football.  Where college coaches could sort of hide their players out from the media and prevent them from sticking their foot in their mouth, now twitter comes along and 18 year old kids with huge spot lights on them can now broadcast to the world every thought – good or bad – that comes through their skulls.

The latest fun comes via USC’s QB Matt Barkley as documented by SPORTSbyBROOKS.  It’s nothing big, but it’s another subtle example of probably saying too much on twitter.  If a head coach’s job in college football weren’t hard enough already… now he has twitter and facebook to deal with.

As a fan, it will at least be entertaining to watch the train wrecks that occur via twitter in the years ahead, a la Will Hill.



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