National Signing Day In Review; A Look At The National Picture

Cyrus Kouandjio still has yet to sign with Auburn

2011 National Signing Day is officially over. Did you miss it? “Christmas in February” as all of us die-hard fans put it.

Let’s take a step back and look at the national scene over the college landscape – it is quite compelling.

USC signed 30 kids. How does Baby Kiff continue to recruit very well, despite probation? I will say he did piss more people off by stealing Lamar Dawson right out from under the feet of Tennessee and Kentucky. The guy can recruit and Coach O can do commercials, so there you have it. Currently, USC is sitting at number two in the rankings.

How about Cyrus Kouandjio picking Auburn (if it sticks)? The kid has a brother that plays for Alabama – incredible job of recruiting by Gene Chizik. If Kouandjio does stick, that will be a mean offensive line with Christian Westerman and Reese Dismukes alongside him. But Tigers, don’t get your hopes up until you have his LOI in hand.

The way Clemson continues to recruit and the way they finished yesterday, it would not surprise me in the least bit if they are able to sign Jadeveon Clowney on February 14th. How do they continue to get top talent in the South when Dabo Swinney is on the hot seat? Surprises for Clemson included five star linebackers Tony Steward and Stephone Anthony – not to mention Mike Bellamy and Sammy Watkins, and both are from Florida.

Brent Calloway flip-flopped back over to Alabama from Auburn. He was committed to Alabama early on and then flipped to Auburn. On NSD, he flipped back to Alabama. Some people saw this coming from a mile away.

The most bizarre LOI story was Floyd Raven’s mom forging his signature on an LOI to Ole Miss. He eventually sent his letter to Texas A&M, where he wanted to attend. Goodness, how do you do that to your son?

All in all, it was a great day, especially in the Southeastern Conference.



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  • I hear Georgia had a pretty good day too, and that hey are not done.

  • Yes, the Dawson decision was a surprise – he seemed to not want to stay at home, but his homeys also seemed to say “anywhere but UT”. I can understand how he might want to get away from all that – especially if he’s suspect to swallowing all that bs from Kiffen and Orgeron. Vol Nation is glad to have DB Byron Moore from SC, he looks like he’ll step right in Day 1 and be in the two-deep in a secondary very short on depth. I really like Dooley’s approach looking at the total person and not just the number of stars. Vol Nation rising.

    • Jim. I think Dooley has done an exceptional job recruiting. Dawson is surprising…a small town kid from Danville goes to the bright lights of Hollywood. Not sure he’ll be happy there.

      • Being from Danville and recent graduate of Boyle County myself I can say that the Dawson story is not a surprise at all. If anyone followed the comments I left on this site for the past month you would realize that Dawson had stars in his eyes, and I repeatedly said that he was not going to sign with UK, I am still in shock that everyone keeps calling this a surprise. He had no loyalty to the region and was never a die hard fan of any school. Dawson never let a single word come from his mouth to anyone in this area, or the press of where he was going to sign. The only people that thought UK or UT were going to land Dawson, are the homers of fail to realize that top Talent does not pan out for KY, and that UT is on an extreme rebuilding faze.

        Dawson did not want to be the next Micah Johnson and come in with high expectations just to fail on a bottom tier SEC team.

        • Micah Johnson & Tim Couch are respected in my book. Lamar Dawson is more like OJ Mayo.

        • No reason for Couch not to be a respected. I respect Micah Johnson as well, but he is a classic over achiever, he comes in an All American, flips flops from Miami to go to UK, starts from pretty much day 1, never makes All SEC first or 2nd team that I am aware of, goes undrafted and never makes it in the league.

          I am not insulting him, because I think a good portion of this was the coaching. It took Chuck Smith and a senior year for Micah Johnson to ever be an impact player even for UK. Lamar does not want to be that person who lives under such a huge microscope and pressure from his home town. I am proud of him and I hope UK does well but until the athletic department starts to put money back into the football program then UK fans should expect this to happen.

          UK needs a coach with a proven record to recruit kids to the school, its hard to get people to come to a bottom tier SEC team when they can play bigger ball. I love UK other then Auburn, UK is the only school I root for but I understand the problems UK faces.

        • under achiever.**

  • Floyd Raven’s mom was bad disappointed she was gonna miss out on Nutt’s heppin. Way to go mom don’t worry about your son, go get the $$$.

  • The Kouandjio situation is a really sad one. They’re reporting in most of the Alabama papers that there may be a “family vote” to decide where he signs.

  • I don’t believe Kouandjio’s Dad wants him to go to Auburn

  • What about “fake the whole process and throw a press conference announcing your pledge to a school who has never heard of you”?

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