Remove The Asterisk; NCAA Stops Investigation Of Auburn & Cam Newton

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It’s time to put the Cam Newton story to rest. After one of the best individual seasons ever, many have self-assigned an asterisk next to his 2010 statistics. Now, it’s time to remove the asterisk. The NCAA has ended its investigation of Cam Newton:

“After conducting more than 80 interviews, the NCAA has concluded its investigation into Auburn University,” the NCAA said in a statement. “The NCAA enforcement staff is committed to a fair and thorough investigative process. As such, any allegations of major rules violations must meet a burden of proof, which is a higher standard than rampant public speculation online and in the media.

“The allegations must be based on credible and persuasive information and includes a good-faith belief that the Committee on Infractions could make a finding. As with any case, should the enforcement staff become aware of additional credible information, it will review the information to determine whether further investigation is warranted.”

So, Alabama fans can stop telling their Auburn brethren that their SEC and BCS Trophies will be taken away at some point. It looks like that is no longer a risk. Cam Newton will keep his Heisman Trophy.

While Ol’ Cecil is indeed sketchy and likely participated in some wrongdoing, the NCAA has nothing to pin on Cam Newton or the Auburn Tigers. Sure, the NCAA’s ability to investigate is hampered by their inability to┬áissue subpoenas, but if the NCAA is ending their investigation, it’s time for fans to end their arguing. It’s time to move on.

Despite his checkered-past at the University of Florida, the bottom line is that Cam Newton is a great kid at least when he’s in front of the camera. He’s a superb athlete with a contagious smile; every time he speaks, he is humble. The reality is that we could do far worse, and Cam handles himself far better than a number of professional football players with million dollar contracts. Cam Newton represents his current team and his previous team, the Auburn Tigers, very well.

It’s time to follow the NCAA’s lead and put an end to the speculation. It’s time to simply acknowledge how spectacular Cam Newton was for the Auburn Tigers in 2010. No asterisk needed.

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  • One does have to wonder why Mississippi State never came under the eye of the NCAA. The people plotting the pay-for-play scheme with Cecil Newton were former MSU players, who still had close ties with the school. In fact, one of the reported contacts with Newton while being recruited by MSU was by one of these players, while present on the MSU campus.

    • MSU should have been nailed and investigated and Cam Newton should have been suspended or something. The whole “my son didn’t know” thing was bogus. They need to redo the way the kids are compensated for playing football. I know they get free education but they also don’t have the time to work a job and do things that other college students get to enjoy. I an not saying pay them but they should be able to clothe them, and have decent quality of life while there. I mean if somebody wants to give a player a free meal I think they should be able to. They can give anybody else a free meal.

  • “…which is a higher standard than rampant public speculation online and in the media.”


  • Big UGA fan…. Give AU benefit of the doubt… NCAA found nothing against them…. MSU..yes. Cam is a hell of a football player and seems to be a hell of a man.. glad we only played against him once. He screwed up at UF at 18…. I can remember many screw ups at 18, 20, .. should I keep going. His Daddy Cecil???? many many questions… but they did not tie to Cam. I drove by Cecils church the other day… a little construction going on.. but not Cam Newton money construction. I don’t think Daddy Cecil is getting much of Cammies money.. not for the church anyway.

  • I will never agree that a free college degree and a national stage to audition for millions of dollars if they do well enough is not enough. Making sure that everything dealing with school is paid for is fine. That’s it though. Now, when I say that, I’m not thinking of a some local restaurant giving them a free meal. I don’t care about that. Giving them clothes, money, etc. is a definite no in my opinion though. I come from a university where if you join the marching band you have no time for a real life as they are one of the best in the nation (not Auburn btw). Those people still find time to have a part time job. It’s hard, but it is doable. The easiest way to pick up a part time job is to work on campus. They will work with your schedule and have been dealing with that for years.

  • casey anthony was found innocent too

  • I don’t think this will be the end of the investigation because it took the NCAA 5 years to finally get Reggie Bush kinda odd that this investigation was over in just 13 months… But them treehuggers probably just pulled out that check book again.

  • Just because you can’t prove something doesn’t mean it didn’t happen! You are going to tell me that with as close as Cam and his dad are, Cam had NO idea of his dad’s wrondgoings. Gimme a break!!!!! No school has a perfect record, but c’mon. I’m not buying this.

    • So kayla, using your logic, are you going to tell me that Mark Ingram knew nothing of his Father’s criminal activities? If we’re going to use the guilt by association, let’s be consistent across the board with all schools and players.

      As for the Cam Newton saga, there is no exoneration here. Auburn has already been punished for something the NCAA didn’t find evidence of. The SEC coaches, in their infinite wisdom and belief in fairness named Steve Spurrier as their SEC Coach of the Year in 2010, even though his team finished 9-5 with two of their losses being to Gene Chizik’s 14-0 Auburn team. How many times does a coach who wins National Coach of the Year honors, NOT win Coach of the Year in his own conference?

      The SEC ADs went a step further in naming a UT tennis player as their Male Athlete of the Year over Cam Newton. How many times in SEC history has a Heisman Trophy winner not won this award? I’ll give you a hint. Before this past year, it was less than one. Quick… Give me the name of the 2010 SEC Male Athlete of the Year.

      Further, those who crucified Auburn on blogs and in the press have not stepped up and accepted the NCAA’s findings, though they went through extensive amounts of E-mails, bank records and tax returns, along with interviewing former players, recruits and other people all across the Southeast. In fact, many of them have doubled down, criticizing the NCAA for not punishing them when they could find no evidence to punish them for. How many times has the NCAA done such a thorough investigation of a program and failed to find anything?

      Even though this is officially over, and there was never even enough evidence found for the NCAA to send Auburn a Preliminary Letter of Inquiry, they have already been punished, and will continue being viewed as tainted by many of the zealots from other teams.

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