5 More Reasons West Virginia Is A Bad Fit For The SEC


We all know West Virginia wants to get into the Southeastern Conference…

They claim to be southern, but there is a big difference between Southern Hospitality and the way these hillbillies act. Even though the SEC has heated rivalries, we still cheer “SEC SEC SEC” when our teams are playing out of conference opponents. The fans from West Virginia do not fit this description.

I understand there are bad apples in every batch of football fans, but when we’ve already seen expletive t-shirts on national television, more shameful shirts making fun of natural disasters, and rumors about fights including pregnant women, it seems this behavior is more typical than what’s found at other higher level institutions.

Busted Coverage has more dirt on the West Virginia fans, but here are 7 photos from tailgating this past weekend. Check out that website for more.

West Virginia Education Southeastern Conference Schools

Big West Virginia Football Fan Classy Mountaineers

West Virginia Hillbilly WVU Mountaineers Football Fans

West Virginia Football Fans Crowd WVU Mountaineers

Photo of West Virginia Football Fan with Baby

What’s your opinion of West Virginia Fans? SEC material?



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  • NO way!, Please!, the SEC is just fine the way it is. I would maybe Lure TCU away from the Big Least, as they would be a great addition to the SEC along with Texas A&M, But other then TCU, take Nobody from the Big Least Conference! We are the premier Conference Right now, lets keep it that way. I’ve been an SEC conference fan for the past 27 years, and I live in the Northeast. Stay away from the Big East!

  • What’s actually funny about this article is that I’ve seen the same kind of crap around the SEC. You just have blinders on or something. West Virginia is a little odd, but there are low class people everywhere. For example, you showed a sign where one guy was seemingly proud of the poor academics, but I’m from the South. I see every day how it is more important to people that someone totes a rock rather than get an education. I’m not defending the people in the photos. I’m just laughing at the high and mighty stance taken in the article.

  • Absolutely not! These people have no class. They have zero respect for opposing teams and their fans. I have witnessed and been on the receiving end of some of their shenanigans including throwing batteries at the heads of opposing teams as they get off their bus, prompting the team to have to wear their helmets into the stadium/locker room area. I’ve seen them throw beer and spit beer on anyone wearing opposing teams’ gear. I’ve also seen them start throwing punches at people simply walking by wearing opposing team gear. There is no place for that crap in the SEC!!

    • Those actions are obviously different. If that really is going on at the games, then I agree that it is a toxic environment. Those things weren’t addressed in the article.

    • Seen the same thing from current SEC members…. LSU Tiger fans spit tobacco and beer on opponents fans. How is this different for WVU?

  • WVU do all that so people in the football world will notice them cause they are below everybody else and over rate they team by playing small schools

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kPcI84cdp6k

    I love my Tigers, but we aren’t exactly the most respectful fans either…

  • Lol, okay I must say… Im from Alabama (ROLL TIDE!!!) and I thought those pics were funny. LSU, as a whole, doesnt show much class either. And its all finger pointing. We ALL have classless fans. Its COLLEGE FOOTBALL not a tea party at Buckingham Palace. Thats what makes it FOOTBALL! I wouldnt mind having them in the SEC with us. But also felt it was fine the way it was. However, we will be adding Texas A & M, which means we will need another to make it an even 14 teams in the SEC. So we have to make a smart financial decision. WEST VIRGINIA brings a nice sized tv market. So would Notre Dame, Missouri, Baylor, and TCU.

  • well at Least the SEC has A lot more Class N Championships the THE BIG F’ING EAST !!!!!! so deal with it THE SEC is THE BEST

  • AS a proud American,thank God things turned out for the better in 1865 at Appomattox , and God Bless America.
    Reason # 8: But, let us not forget who West Virginia (not a state then, but lets just say as far as us Southerners are concerned, the Vichy France of The Old Dominion) sided with; unlike Texas. West Virginia ain’t Southern, and deserve to be no more a part of the SEC than does Georgia Tech who walked away from the conference in 1964; even less so.
    If we just have to have ” hillbillies”, who happen to be called “Mountaineers”, there is always Appalachian State (just kidding)

  • Leave App. State out of it. If you have ever been to one of their games it’s easy to see they have more class than USC nad LSU.

  • When we all go to our games this weekend take a look at the fans of both teams you can find a bunch of drunks at every game.

  • Not too mention…Lea and Corey from 16 & Pregnant/Teem Mom 2 – from that’s right, West Virginia.

    How about Georgia Southern? We’ll be playing some SEC teams over the next few years. Not to mention getting our 7th National Championship this year. :-)
    If the SEC can hold their horses a year or two…we’ll be ready.

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