Welcome To 2011: Richt Puts Elite Athletes On Special Teams

Today UGA Head Coach said that “coaches are challenging players who play more scrimmage downs” to get out there on kick-off coverage.

Georgia has given up kick-off coverage TD’s in the last two games vs. Vanderbilt and Florida. New Mexico State is ranked 12th in the Nation in kick off returns.

Coach Richt stressed it as an “area of concern”……Duh, do you think?

Every down players such as Corner backs Brandon Boykin, Braden Smith and Linebackers Amarlo Herrera and Ray Drew worked with the coverage teams in practice Tuesday.

Blair Walsh used to kick the ball through the end zone with regularity but has since not been doing that. That has led to lapses in coverages and big returns.

As I predicted and pleaded many times, UGA needs to get the best 11 players on the field every time it can.



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  • It’s.About.Damn.Time.

  • After all the players off campus problems and Mark just now doing something about special teams I think and hope his time is up at UGA.

  • and yes mark ritch has a problem with putting his best players on the field…that was obvious when it took two games to start malcom mitchell and to play mike bennett….i dont think hell have this problem again…hopefully he learned his lesson, it aint about making a freshman play special teams to earn a spot, its about winning the game….mike bobo is our problem…the one and only problem uga has..we ned better play calling….u dont run on 3rd and long when u know u have to score a touchdown and the go for it on 4th with a fade to the corner…we got so lucky that those balls were caught

  • You would’ve thought he learned his lesson after Redshirting Moreno……

    He needs to develop a killer instinct. He still wants to be nice and win…can’t have it both ways.

  • Yes …the special teams have sucked royally…yes the playcalling is questionable and I believe CMR should take over…yes these six wins have been ugly and against mediocre teams. But the fact is…WE WON…and im kinda tired of hearing everyone criticizing CMR for every move…if one of our studs goes down w an injury this weekend covering a kick…some of yall will be on here callin Richt an idiot. As long as hes the coach let him coach and support your team..Go Dawgs! Sic Em!

  • Oh hell yeah ! Go Dawgs !

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