The SEC Has Dominated The BCS Rankings Over History


No, it’s not a broken record or anything of the sort, but the SEC dominates the BCS over history…if you needed further proof, we are No. 1!

Since the beginning of the BCS in 1998 – yes, Tennessee won it all in its first year – the SEC has put the most teams in the BCS, with 410 total appearances.

1. SEC – 410
2. Big 12 – 399
3. Big Ten – 357
4. ACC – 316
5. Pac-12 – 293
6. Big East – 152
7. Mountain West – 112
8. Western Athletic – 72

With respect to SEC programs in the BCS, here is a ranking of the number of times each program has been ranked:

1. Florida – 85
2. LSU – 66
3. Georgia – 54
4. Tennessee – 52
5. Alabama – 43
6. Auburn – 39
7. Arkansas – 24
8. South Carolina – 18
9. Mississippi State – 15
10. Ole Miss – 9
11. Kentucky – 4

And you guessed it – Vanderbilt is the only school not to ever be ranked in the BCS. That could turn around in the future with James Franklin at the helm.



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  • Do you mean poll appearances, or BCS bowl appearances?

    I assume you mean the polls, because there haven’t been THAT many games lol.

  • It’s nice to be in the lead for total number of poll appearances but that doesn’t matter. Leading in Championships is where the real deal info matters. People say all of the time that SEC fans only talk about the past. It’s because we haven’t one the next one YET so we just talk about the last Championship until we get the new one. I don’t care about new seasons or current rankings or stats. All that matters is the Championship and I don’t see us losing the ball to another conference for awhile.

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