Speculation On Future Southeastern Conference Divisions

Potential Map of 16 Team Southeastern Conference Divisions

The Southeastern Conference has 13 teams set to compete in athletics next season with the addition of Texas A&M. In the Aggies’ press conference (watch video clips), SEC Commissioner Mike Slive seemed content to stay at that number. Here’s what he said:

Slive said he anticipates the SEC being a 13-team league in 2012 and that the league will be “thoughtful and very strategic” about looking at any possible 14th team. He said a transition team of 16 staff members has been established to study scheduling options with 13 teams.

“When Texas A&M came to us and indicated their interest in joining the SEC, we said to ourselves, ‘That is a great institution academically, athletically, culturally, in every way, and a real fit,'” Slive said. “So we decided, even though we were content at 12, that to have the opportunity to have Texas A&M as part of the SEC was something that we just did not want to give up.”

I imagine we won’t see any changes soon, but it’s always fun to speculate. Here is a map from Richard Howk on conference expansion and you can read his argument here.

Potential Map of 16 Team Southeastern Conference Divisions

I completely disagree with this division lineup, but it’s fun to argue. I don’t think Texas will ever join the Southeastern Conference. I also think the only point of going to 16 team conference is that you can do a 4 division style of play like the NFL does. That would still allow a SEC Championship game or you could have the winners of the 4 divisions play each other in a SEC Final Four playoff format with the winner playing in the National Championship game. I think that’s why the 16 team super conference has so much support from people that hate the BCS. I personally like the BCS and don’t care about the complaints against it, but would enjoy more variety in the schedules of SEC football teams each year.

But the real reason for this article is that we want your opinion on the future of the Southeastern Conference and how you would like for it be aligned if the SEC adds a 14th team or if it goes to a 16 team Super Conference. So, share your thoughts and state your opinions here:

How should the SEC expand? How do you want the divisions?



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  • I don’t think the $20 million buyout for the ACC keeps those schools off the market. They only raised it from $13 million to 20. They wanted to raise it higher, but Florida State and Maryland supposedly negotiated to keep it down.

  • I think the SEC needs a team that is going to be middle of the pack as far as a football program. We are already top heavy enough. It seems the real problem to me is finding a school out of state of all the current SEC teams that makes money and has a good TV market to add. Do you see any schools that fit that description in any states near us that we could pluck from another conference right now?

    I think if we went to 16 we could add one more powerhouse football program into the mix. Oklahoma, Ok St, and Missouri would be a good 3 to add but I am not sure we can pluck anyone else from the Big 12 with the contract the universities are entering.

  • I’m not against expansion and 14 or 16 teams is not that big of a deal to me. What is a big deal to me is that this is the SEC (Southeastern Conference). We pushed the limits on the regional flavor of the SEC when we added Arkansas. Texas A&M is a good fit football wise, but we will no long be a regional conference. Adding any team further west will just make it worse. I say if we expand further, let’s look in our own back yard. (Fla State, Ga Tech, Clemson, etc)

  • If we do expand to 16 that would be the way to go…all other teams and conferences would be irrelevant with that SEC lineup.

  • It comes down to the MONEY though jabbo28. A larger tv market means more exposure. Oklahoma and Missouri are untapped tv and recruiting markets. Florida, Georgia and South Carolina are areas we already have the tv markets and recruits. We don’t want to fight amongst ourselves for recruits if we dont have too and those universities don’t bring the SEC revenue like Oklahoma and Missouri would because of the gained exposure we would possess. Money means more power, more prime time tv slots, more national coverage, better recruits, all around better everything.

  • There is no way Texas will come to the SEC. Ut will not be willing to give up the Longhorn Network, nor will they be willing to take an equal share in the profit sharing. UT thinks they deserve more than everyone else, and the AD’s and school presidents will not agree to either. OU and Ok St are riding UT’s coat tails instead of standing on their own like A&M. I don’t see the Sooners or Cowboys leaving the Horns “protective coat”. I say go after Mizzou, Florida St, Clemson, and one of the North Carolina schools. To hell with Texas!

  • There’s not a whole lot of “eastern” in that map.

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