Stacking Up the SEC

SEC Football Rivalries Alabama vs Auburn Iron Bowl

SEC Football Rivalries Alabama vs Auburn Iron Bowl

These was a lot of discussion on a previous article I wrote about the “elite teams” of the SEC, and would like to use this as a further example of the strength of the top teams in the SEC, by comparing them in games against other SEC teams. I have composite charts showing every current SEC school and their records against the other SEC schools after my comments.

To no one’s surprise, Alabama has a winning record over every school in the conference. Their toughest competition should also not come as a surprise. The close competition between Alabama and Auburn should go a long way in explaining the bitterness each team has for the other.

Auburn is somewhat of an enigma. Not only do they have the best winning percentage over the SEC team with the best SEC record, but they have the worst winning percentage against the team with the worst SEC record. With a .500 record against Vanderbilt, Auburn is the only SEC team that doesn’t have a winning record against Vanderbilt.

Many SEC fans are quick to point the finger at Vanderbilt when talk comes to expansion, and possibly dropping a team. One thing really jumps out from these charts. Kentucky should be a homecoming opponent of choice, and Mississippi State had better lobby to keep Vanderbilt in the SEC. Vanderbilt is the only team in the SEC that doesn’t have a winning record against the Bulldogs.

If you looked at each team’s composite series record as a game, the SEC would stack up like this. Alabama 11-0, Auburn 8-2-1, LSU 8-3, Tennessee 8-3, Florida 7-4, Georgia 7-4, Ole Miss 5-6, Arkansas 4-7,  Kentucky 3-8, South Carolina 3-8, Mississippi State 1-10, Vanderbilt 0-10-1)

Arkansas and South Carolina have not really added to the strength of the SEC since joining the conference. Neither team has a winning record against any of the top SEC teams. These are my observations, and I’m sure everyone can make their own observations. I welcome your feedback.

* Team’s toughest SEC competition over their history
# Team’s easiest SEC competition over their history

SEC Football Records Conference Teams

Alabama vs. Arkansas (14-7) .667
Alabama vs. Auburn (40-34-1) .540*
Alabama vs. Florida (22-14) .611
Alabama vs. Georgia (36-25-4) .585
Alabama vs. Kentucky (35-2-1) .934#
Alabama vs. LSU (45-24-5) .642
Alabama vs. Mississippi State (75-17-3) .805
Alabama vs. Ole Miss (48-8-2) .845
Alabama vs. South Carolina (10-4) .714
Alabama vs. Tennessee (48-37-8) .559
Alabama vs. Vanderbilt (60-18-4) .756

SEC Football Records Conference Teams

Arkansas vs. Alabama (7-14) .333
Arkansas vs. Auburn  (8-11-1) .425
Arkansas vs. Florida (1-8) .111*
Arkansas vs. Georgia (4-9) .308
Arkansas vs. Kentucky (2-4) .333
Arkansas vs. LSU (20-34-2) .375
Arkansas vs. Mississippi State (14-6-1) .690
Arkansas vs. Ole Miss (30-26-1) .535
Arkansas vs. South Carolina (12-7) .632
Arkansas vs. Tennessee (3-13) .188
Arkansas vs. Vanderbilt (6-2) .750#

SEC Football Records Conference Teams

Auburn vs. Alabama (34-40-1) .460
Auburn vs. Arkansas (11-8-1) .575
Auburn vs. Florida (42-38-2) .524
Auburn vs. Georgia (54–52–8) .509
Auburn vs. Kentucky (25-6-1) .797
Auburn vs. LSU (20-24-1) .456*
Auburn vs. Mississippi State (56-25-3) .685
Auburn vs. Ole Miss (26-9) .743
Auburn vs. South Carolina (8-1-1) .850#
Auburn vs. Tennessee (27-21-3) .559
Auburn vs. Vanderbilt (20-20-1) .500

SEC Football Records Conference Teams

Florida vs Alabama (14-22) .389*
Florida vs Arkansas (8-1) .889#
Florida vs Auburn (38-42-2) .476
Florida vs Georgia (40-46-2) .466
Florida vs Kentucky (44-17) .721
Florida vs LSU (30-24-3) .553
Florida vs Mississippi State (33-19-2) .630
Florida vs Ole Miss (10-12-1) .457
Florida vs South Carolina (23-5-3) .790
Florida vs Tennessee (21-19) .525
Florida vs Vanderbilt (33-9-2) .773

SEC Football Records Conference Teams

Georgia vs Alabama (25-36-4) .415*
Georgia vs Arkansas (9-4) .692
Georgia vs Auburn (52-54-8) .491
Georgia vs Florida (46-40-2) .534
Georgia vs Kentucky (50-12-2) .797#
Georgia vs LSU (12-15-1) .446
Georgia vs Mississippi State (16-6) .727
Georgia vs Ole Miss (30-12-1) .709
Georgia vs South Carolina (46-15-2) .746
Georgia vs Tennessee (17-21-2) .450
Georgia vs Vanderbilt (52-18-2) .736

SEC Football Records Conference Teams

Kentucky vs Alabama (2-35-1) .066*
Kentucky vs Arkansas (4-2) .667#
Kentucky vs Auburn (6-25-1) .203
Kentucky vs Florida (17-44) .279
Kentucky vs Georgia (12-50-2) .203
Kentucky vs LSU (16-38-1) .300
Kentucky vs Mississippi State (20-18) .526
Kentucky vs Ole Miss (13-27-1) .329
Kentucky vs South Carolina (7-14-1) .341
Kentucky vs Tennessee (23-74-9) .259
Kentucky vs Vanderbilt (41-38-4) .518

SEC Football Records Conference Teams

LSU vs Alabama (24-45-5) .358
LSU vs Arkansas (34-20-2) .625
LSU vs Auburn (24-20-1) .544
LSU vs Florida (24-30-3) .447
LSU vs Georgia (15-12-1) .554
LSU vs Kentucky (38-16-1) .700
LSU vs Mississippi State (66-35-3) .649
LSU vs Ole Miss (56-38-4) .592
LSU vs South Carolina (16-2-1) .868
LSU vs Tennessee (8-20-3) .306*
LSU vs Vanderbilt (22-7-1) .750#

SEC Football Records Conference Teams

Mississippi State vs Alabama (17-75-3) .195*
Mississippi State vs Arkansas (6-14-1) .310
Mississippi State vs Auburn (25-56-3) .315
Mississippi State vs Florida (19-33-2) .370
Mississippi State vs Georgia (6-16) .273
Mississippi State vs Kentucky (18-20) .474
Mississippi State vs LSU (35-66-3) .351
Mississippi State vs Ole Miss (43-58-6) .430
Mississippi State vs South Carolina (6-7) .462
Mississippi State vs Tennessee (15-28-1) .352
Mississippi State vs Vanderbilt (12-7-2) .619#

SEC Football Records Conference Teams

Ole Miss vs Alabama (8-48-2) .155*
Ole Miss vs Arkansas (26-30-1) .465
Ole Miss vs Auburn (9-26) .257
Ole Miss vs Florida (12-10-1) .543
Ole Miss vs Georgia (12-30-1) .291
Ole Miss vs Kentucky (27-13-1) .671#
Ole Miss vs LSU (38-56-4) .408
Ole Miss vs Mississippi State (58-43-6) .570
Ole Miss vs South Carolina (8-7) .533
Ole Miss vs Tennessee (19-44-1) .305
Ole Miss vs Vanderbilt (47-36-2) .565

SEC Football Records Conference Teams

South Carolina vs Alabama (3-12) .200
South Carolina vs Arkansas (7-12) .368
South Carolina vs Auburn (1-8-1) .150
South Carolina vs Florida (5-23-3) .210
South Carolina vs Georgia (15-46-2) .254
South Carolina vs Kentucky (14-7-1) .659
South Carolina vs LSU (2-16-1) .132*
South Carolina vs Mississippi State (7-6) .538
South Carolina vs Ole Miss (7-8) .467
South Carolina vs Tennessee (5-22-2) .207
South Carolina vs Vanderbilt (16-4) .800#

SEC Football Records Conference Teams

Tennessee vs Alabama (37-48-8) .441*
Tennessee vs Arkansas (13-3) .813#
Tennessee vs Auburn (21-27-3) .441*
Tennessee vs Florida (19-21) .475
Tennessee vs Georgia (21-17-2) .550
Tennessee vs Kentucky (74-23-9) .741
Tennessee vs LSU (20-8-3) .694
Tennessee vs Mississippi State (28-15-1) .648
Tennessee vs Ole Miss (44-19-1) .695
Tennessee vs South Carolina (22-5-2) .793
Tennessee vs Vanderbilt (72-28-5) .710

SEC Football Records Conference Teams

Vanderbilt vs Alabama (18-60-4) .244
Vanderbilt vs Arkansas (2-6) .250
Vanderbilt vs Auburn (20-20-1) .500
Vanderbilt vs Florida (9-33-2) .227
Vanderbilt vs Georgia (18-52-2) .264
Vanderbilt vs Kentucky (38-41-4) .482
Vanderbilt vs LSU (7-22-1) .250
Vanderbilt vs Mississippi State (7-12-2) .381
Vanderbilt vs Ole Miss (36-47-2) .435
Vanderbilt vs South Carolina (4-16) .200
Vanderbilt vs Tennessee (28-72-5) .290



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  • Very good work. A lot of fuel to add to the rivalry fires in there.

  • Great article Johnny, but I would love to see the same thing for the last 30 years. The Alabama record is, too me, skewed because there were no scholarship restrictions during the Bear Bryant era and before. You look at what has happened the last 30 years and I believe Auburn has a winning record against Alabama.

    • Really? Quit your bitching, Yeah Auburn has a bit of an Advantage over Bama since the Bear left but in 40 years if Aurburn gets a winning record would it be fine for Bama fans to bitch about the Tuberville years to even out the record? NO, it wont so just go back to the barn and pick up sticks(Toomers Corner)

      • Who was bitching. I just asked a question about wins and loses.

        It’s you mullets that have gotten all bent out of shape because you think someone is questioning the validity of your 4 million national championships.

        Have you said your prayers to “The Bear” today??? What a freaking joke!!!

        • Have you prayed today that the NCAA does not take away the 2010 NC from AU? Have you prayed the Heisman Committee will not take the Heisman back from Cam? 83 you sure talk a lot of crap. How old are you? Hey scooter english nor spelling is your strong suit.

          Your retarded qoute – “You Alabama people are two stupid to understand” Hey Scooter it should read “Alabama people are”. It should also read too not two. See the word two is for the number 2, like you.

          You call Alabama fans stupid. LMAO

    • Scholarship restrictions started I think in 1977. Check the records from that year and see who has the most wins.

    • 1983augoof, Auburn did not have any scholarship restrictions. What is your point. Are you saying Coach Bryant was far superior than Coach Jordan? Bryant was superior. In the years of Coach Bryant vs Coach Jordan the series was heavily in favor of Bryant. You must be a Progressive trying to remove a factor in order to justify your limit minded remarks. BTW Coach Bryant was 17 and 5 over Coach Jordan. It took AU 29 years to win a National Title even after Coach Bryant. Now here is the realism, The NCAA could take away the 2010 Title and Cam could loose the Heisman. Hold your breath if you can. This could happen. Then AU will be back with its 1957 Title. So please quit making AU fans look like yourself. Just Stop.

    • Wait a minute, if there were no scholarship restrictions during Paul “Bear” Bryants time, then that means there were no scholarship restrictions during that same period for Auburn and Ralph “Shug” Jordan and Doug Barfield. That’s a weak and lame excuse.

      • Bamaboy…why do you leave 1980 to 2010 out???

        You Alabama people are two stupid to understand what i was saying. Never said Coach Jordan was better than Coach Bryant. Never said you should elimate your total wins. I was simply trying to make a point, that in the modern era Auburn has been better than Alabama, but you keep hanging on to all that history. We will keep winning games.

        • Well genius, I didn’t leave it out. It was the first thing I posted and it starts out “The past 30 years”. I will post it again since you are too big of a moron to read it the first time. 1980-2010 (31 seasons) the record is 17-14 Auburn over Alabama. How many times do I need to post that before it sinks into your head? Again: The past 30 years the record is 17-14 Auburn over Alabama. Tell me if I need to post it again.

          If 30 years is “modern” era, then how is 40 years not? In the modern era Auburn has won more Iron Bowls, I never said they didn’t. I even posted that in the past 20 years (21 seasons) Auburn is 11-10 against Alabama.

          You simply wanted to bring up stats that are in favor of Auburn, plain and simple. However, that is not what this article is about. This is not about the modern era. It’s about the history of the SEC teams overall records. We understand what you are saying, and saying we don’t understand doesn’t make you any more intelligent, it just makes you an ass. And when did I ever accuse you of saying Shug Jordan was better than Bryant?

          Your point: Auburn has more Iron Bowls in the modern era, 10-15 years (or in your case 30 years), than Alabama. However, again, that’s not what this article is about. Do you get it yet? What history are we hanging on to? You’re the one talking about total wins over the last 30 YEARS.

          It’s not “two” stupid, genius.

        • I think you confuse “modern” with current. I rolled with it and got sucked into your stupidity, but I must correct you and myself. “Modern Era” can be debated in college football but is typically dated back to 1936 which means Alabama would have more Iron Bowl victories in the modern era. 1936 is when the AP in college football came on the scene. The past 30 years can be lumped into the category of “modern era.” Hell, right now (2011) and the past 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 and 70 years can be lumped into “modern era” when discussing college football.

          1908-1947 Alabama and Auburn didn’t play each other. Alabama and Auburn finally started playing each other again in 1948 which is 12 years after 1936 (modern era.) Since 1948 the record is 36-27 Alabama over Auburn.

          So that means Alabama has won more Iron Bowls in the modern era than Auburn. I know you only want to discuss the past 30 years like the Pac-10 only want to discuss the match-ups against the SEC since 2000 instead of the complete history.

          If I was an Auburn fan and used your logic (God forbid), I could say Auburn has more Heisman Trophy winners than Notre Dame in the past 30 years, according to you that’s “modern era.” But you would be ignoring the fact that Notre Dame has more overall Heisman Trophy winners. Do you understand what we’re trying to tell you?

  • You cant take out The Bear Bryant era. Thats part of Alabama’s Tradition. Need to keep looking for ways to take away records, SEC championships, National Champions. To make Auburn even comparable in your own minds.

    • Go take your medicine. Your paranoia is showing up again.

      • 1983autiger let us take away Shugs wins and instill Doug Barfield for the same period. What, that sounds stupid. Well you started it clown. To remove any coach and his wins to make Auburn look better is STUPID. You need to lighten up and grow-UP. Exactly how old are you junior? Come on a site talking stupid and acting if that is the way people really act. Auburn fans do not act in that manner. You are no AU fan. Please grow up and do not go through life a complete idiot.

        • hey warzone – You wax poetic you idiot. Your not an Auburn fan. Quit posing and give your best RTR.

        • Never said I was an Auburn fan, but several in my family are and they are not idiots like yourself. They actually have an education, unlike yourself. WarZone1 has nothing to do with the barnyard.

    • Like I said, that would be like Bama trying to void the tuberville era if Auburn ever to control of the record.

      • Leave it to a bunch of bammers to miss the point entirely!!! Relax Francis, no one is trying to take away the Bryant era or all your mythical hundred thousand National Championships.

        Man you guys are the most Paranoid group of people I have ever seen.

        • We understand what you’re saying. You would like to see records that are in favor of your Auburn tigers. You’re missing everyone else’s point. It would be the same if we said “let’s take out the Tuberville era and see what the record would be.” And just so you know, if you go to the official NCAA site and look up the Championships, they list Alabama with 11 Titles, not “4 million” like you exaggerated little buddy. You’re obviously the one with the problem by coming out of nowhere and asking to see what the record would be the last 30 years when the article is about the overall records.

          That would be the same as Tennessee fans asking years from now to take away the Saban era and see what the record would be against Alabama. It’s no different than Pac-10 fans saying “we’re 12-10 against the SEC since 2000” but failing to admit the overall record is in favor of the SEC.

        • The past 30 years, from 1980 to 2010 (31 seasons) the record is 17-14 Auburn over Alabama. Wow, 3 more wins.

          The past 20 years? 1990-2010 (21 seasons), the record is 11-10 Auburn over Alabama.
          The past 40 years? 1970-2010 (41 seasons), the record is 22-19 Alabama over Auburn.
          The past 50 years? 1960-2010 (51 seasons), the record is 30-21 Alabama over Auburn.

          If we take away the Bear Bryant era (why would we?), the overall record is 34-21-1 Auburn over Alabama.
          If we take away the Tommy Tuberville era (why would we?), the overall record is 40-27-1 Alabama over Auburn.

          If you want to go with who has the most streaks (3 minimum) then the record is 5-4 Alabama over Auburn. I could have went with a minimum of 4 game win streaks that would have both teams at a tie with 4-4. We can do this all day. I can post stats in favor of Alabama or Auburn. You can pick and chose stats all day, but when it comes down to it, Alabama has more overall wins with the record at 40-34-1.

  • Finally, an article written by Johnny that is 100% Auburn biased. Good work.

    • Though I dont like the cover art. I would say make it an Alabama(since they are on top of the list) scoring on Auburn scene, but that would be Homerism. So you should change it to every SEC team scoring on Vandy lol.

  • It is so nice to see every other team under .500 against Alabama. If I had a heart this would warm it.


  • Interesting that the only team Vandy has had any success with is Auburn.

  • Thanks Bamaboy – Didn’t see that at the start of your post. I’ve been so busy laughing at you mullets I can’t catch my breath long enough to read all the posts or type this. While you Bammers are getting all bent out of shape I am LMAO at all of you. You guys are hilarious!!!! What a bunch of dupes!!!!

    • You just don’t want to admit how big of a moron you are. You call us stupid but can’t even spell properly.

      Iron Bowl history: 40-34-1 Alabama leads the series.
      National Titles: Alabama 13 – Auburn 2.
      SEC Titles: Alabama 22 – Auburn 7.
      Bowl Wins: Alabama 33 – Auburn 21.

      I can post stats in favor of Alabama the same way you can post stats in favor of Auburn.

  • warzone – Thanks for the english lesson. That was my worst subject in school. Bammer nation needs to learn a little humility. Those years of UA domination are over. Accept that fact!!!

    • The years of UA domination OVER? You mean just begining? Auburn bought the best player in the country, put him behind the best offensive line in the country and play Alabama on a defensive down year. So really Auburn is 2-2 since Saban came in. Even you know that Auburn will be horrible next season and will lose to Bama, then the same the year after and if it happens again Auburn gets a new coach, he tries to get the program back on track and goes on to lose to Saban two more time and he is gone. So I guess you’ll have to wait til Saban retires from Bama before Auburn wins another Iron Bowl. And if you want to get technical, had Bama not been on recruitment restriction during the Tuberville era there is now way they win 6 in a row, 4 yes, but no 6. But that is why they play the game, Auburn is on the demise so just get used to it. Im sure even Johnny will agree that Auburn has a tough road ahead of them while Bama just keeps reloading with great players.

  • If one decides to manipulate the numbers then that is a sad attempt as making his team look better. Anyone can make numbers work in their favor. The overall record resides with Alabama. The number of National Titles resides with Alabama, The number of conference wins resides with Alabama, The number of All time conference wins resides with Alabama, The only team in the SEC that has a winning record against every team is Alabama. Prove me wrong Scooter83. Oh you can not. LMAO

  • Allow me comment on some of the Alabama-Auburn vitriol.

    1) – I’ve been accused of being a homer and using statistics to favor Auburn. In this study, I didn’t choose a certain era of football, but the complete records of each team against all of the others. I really don’t see how anyone can accuse me of manipulating the stats, when I use the entire body of work of each team.

    2) – The NCAA has worked side by side with the NCAA on the Cecil Newton-Mississippi State recruitment. The president of the NCAA has stated on three separate occasions that there is no evidence that Auburn or Cam Newton knew anything about the scheme that Cecil Newton and three former Mississippi State players were working on. Auburn is in no danger of losing their championship in 2010, though it’s ironic that the fans of a team that won the national championship while on NCAA probation in 2009 would be suggesting such. To further debunk this, the NCAA after interviewing all parties in the scheme did NOT issue a preliminary letter of investigation to Auburn. Even if there is a hint of an impropriety in recruiting, the NCAA’s first move is always to send a preliminary letter of investigation to the affected school(s). Additionally, it is extremely unlikely that the NCAA would strip Auburn of their championship even if it was later found that Cam Newton knew what his father was doing. As I stated before, Auburn worked hand in hand with the NCAA, and they both shared all of the information that each of them found. If they shared all of the information, Auburn didn’t know anything the NCAA didn’t, and they hve already shown they aren’t going to punish any party who wasn’t privvy to any incriminating information. No one who doesn’t have an axe to grind with Auburn will even suggest that forfeiture of the championship is a possibility. It’s really ironic that anyone would suggest major penalties for Auburn, when the focus of the investigation into illegal recruitment is Mississippi State.

    3) – For the one wanting to compare national championships, and claims Alabama with 13 to Auburn’s two, let’s not compare apples to oranges. If we’re counting the bogus championships like Alabama does, it’s Alabama with 13 championships to Auburn’s nine.

    4) – There’s a reason for Vandy’s successful record against Auburn. Before expansion, Auburn and Vanderbilt rarely played each other. Before the SEC, there was the Southern Conference. Believe it or not, Vanderbilt used to be a powerhouse in football. They’re no Yale, with their 27 national championships, but they were dominant in the South. Vanderbilt built a good lead in the series over Auburn over this period of time, and even with expansion, and Auburn playing Vanderbilt more often, Auburn did not take a lead in the series until 2007, and lost to Vanderbilt in 2008, to drop back into a tie in the series.

    5) – BamaboyinFl, if you like streaks, I like the past decade. Auburn 7 wins – Alabama 3 wins

    • 1. Well little buddy, the 13 Titles aren’t “bogus”, they were awarded by an existing voting body during those 13 seasons. The NCAA, on their official site, list Alabama with 11 National Titles. If you have a problem with that then take it up with the NCAA, not the Alabama fan base. We don’t control the NCAA so quit crying to us.

      Just to make you happy, I will explain the titles to you.

      1925, 1926, 1930, 1934 were all years Alabama was chosen as Champions by a specific voting body prior to the AP Poll. In 1941 Alabama was awarded by a poll that was not the AP.

      1961, 1964, 1965 Alabama was chosen as Champions by the AP.

      1973 Alabama was selected as Champions by the Coaches Poll. Notre Dame was selected as Champions by the AP.

      1978, 1979, 1992 Alabama was selected as Champions by the AP.

      2009 Alabama beat Texas to become the BCS National Champions.

      I don’t see you crying about USC claiming 11. They claim 2003 when LSU was the team who won the BCS National Title over Oklahoma. They claim the 1978 Title when Alabama beat #2 Penn State to win the AP Title. The NCAA stripped USC of the 2004 Title due to penalties they received. That’s 8 so far….and since the NCAA only counts Titles since 1936, that only leaves USC with 5 Titles. I don’t see you crying to them.

      Since 1936 (Modern Era/AP Poll), Alabama has been awarded the Title 8 times by either the AP or Coaches Poll. The NCAA has stated that Alabama is tied with Notre Dame at 8 AP Titles a piece. Again, if it bothers you, take it up with the NCAA, not the Alabama fan base.

      2. That is not a streak genius. A streak is when a team wins consecutive games. I know you’re butt hurt that Auburn only wins a Title every 53 years, but there is no need to cry to Alabama fans about it. Now go pray to $cam Newton and eat your Gene Cheezit’s.

  • What a crock of crap Smith.

    Alabama 13 National Titles
    Alabama 22 SEC Titles

    Auburn 2 National Titles
    Auburn 7 SEC Titles

    The seven wins by au and the three by Alabama in the last decade is not a streak. Losing two straight to Alabama is not a streak. A streak is like seven straight something the barn can not and will not ever achieve.

  • Just so you know Johnny Smith, I didn’t start this back and forth about Alabama/Auburn. The barner shot his mouth off about his version of “modern era” and talked about the past 30 years instead of the complete history of SEC opponents records against each other, which your article is about. I simply stated he would prefer to post facts that are in favor of Auburn rather than face the truth of the overall statistics.

    I know Auburn had our number for years and I sat back and gritted my teeth through those 6 years just as Auburn fans sat back and gritted theirs during the 1990’s when Alabama went 7-3 against Auburn. That’s the reason this rivalry is the best in the nation. The record is close and both teams are doing great right now with both winning a Championship in the past 2 seasons and both producing Heisman Trophy winners.

    There is no need for you to defend Auburn the way you did. I know what Auburn has accomplished the past decade and I wouldn’t deny it. Auburn has beat us 7 out of 10 times, I never once tried to deny that. I can admit when Alabama is down or when they lose. I don’t need to try to defend the facts like you and the other barner try to do. Facts are facts and can’t be debated, so chill out.

  • Great stats, Johnny. As an Auburn fan, I got to admit that the .500 record against Vandy is embarrassing. And to think that Vandy’s first win in 50+ years only happened back in ’08. Wow, just wow!

    Remember this painful loss? I was there in Nashvegas to watch my Tigers go down. I’ll never forget being taunted by dorky Vandy fans after the game. Definitely a big low as an AU fan.

    And to my Auburn and Bama bretheren, stop spewing the same old lines you guys always spill. Look, Johnny posted overall records…not a specific time period that makes either school look more dominant. Auburn has made this a rivalry again since the 80’s and do own a winning record during that time (17-14), but the last thing I want is to be reminded at how dominant Bama was during the 60’s and 70’s. Bear’s reign put new meaning to ownage. Truth is we have a heated and healthy rivalry. Bama has the championships and winning record against every SEC school to show, but Auburn is not exactly a pushover little brother either. Both schools just did the unthinkable to win back-to-back NC’s and Hesimans. This rivalry is peaking and it doesn’t show signs of cooling down. Dang, just chill the “F” out.

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