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PHOTOS: SEC Football Fans & Team Tattoos

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Some passionate SEC football fans order season tickets and commit all their Saturdays int he fall to watching their team. Other fans kick it up a notch and make a life-long commitment to their team by getting tattoos. Saturday Down South would like to celebrate these extreme fans that take their love for their favorite team to the level of permanent ink.

Here are fans from every team in the Southeastern Conference except for Mississippi State and Vanderbilt (UPDATE: Brad sent us a Miss State tattoo, so now we only need a Vandy one…). I’m still looking for those tattooed fans, so please contact us with pictures if you have them. We always want to hear about passionate SEC football fans, so send us things about big tailgating events and other things that demonstrate a true over-the-top fan.

Enjoy these photos and leave us your reaction in the comments section:


Alabama Crimson Tide Football Tattoo


Arkansas Razorbacks Football Tattoo


Auburn Tigers Football Tattoo


Florida Gators Football Tattoo


Georgia Bulldogs Football Tattoo


Kentucky Wildcats Football Tattoo


LSU Tigers Football Tattoo

Mississippi State

Mississippi State Bulldogs Tattoo

Ole Miss

Ole Miss Football Tattoo

South Carolina

South Carolina Football Tattoo


Tennessee Vols Football Tattoo

*The Tennessee tattoo on the left is actually a Vols player, Malik Jackson.

What’s your reaction to these fans with SEC tattoos?

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Comments 9

  1. The Auburn one would be a TRAMP STAMP ha the florida and kentucky ones go hard!

  2. UK definitely the best tat of the group.. the SC tat looks good to…all jokes aside about having a cock on your back. LMAO!!! GO HOGS!!!

  3. Jon
    Commented : 3 years ago

    That UK tat is sick

  4. not the first time t hat guy has had a cock on him, I’m sure.

  5. Drew
    Commented : 3 years ago

    Just so you know, not all Auburn football fans have tramp stamps as tattoos… Here’s a much more manly one sent in by one of our readers:

    Auburn Tigers Football Tattoo

  6. Coming from an Alabama fan, that one is MUCH better!

  7. Zack
    Commented : 3 years ago

    Auburn Tramp Stamp= Priceless! My buddy has a pretty sick Bama tat and his brother has a Tenn. tat like the UK and UF one.

  8. Tattoos are a waste of time and money.

  9. Right now I’m just glad I don’t have a Mississippi State tat.