SDS Getting You Caught Up On All The Latest Suspensions In The SEC


Well, it’s October, and the suspensions just let loose, from alleged failed drug tests for LSU to post-game garbage on the field after the Georgia-Vanderbilt game.

LSU Suspends Three For Auburn

As you know yesterday, the news broke that running back Spencer Ware and defensive stud Tyrann Mathieu would be suspended for the Auburn game because of possible failed drug tests.

It turns out that the early reports were true, and Ware and Mathieu will sit the Auburn game. Also, defensive back Tharold Simon is also suspended as well.

In a press conference last night, Miles would not address the suspensions with the media:

“I certainly understand the interest surrounding what seems to be news,” Miles said. “The problem with that news is it’s internal discipline and internal function of a team. And I’m not inclined to be forthcoming with information. I’m not reactionary to needs of media and things external to this building.

“There’s a process that I go through and it’s not going to be short-cutted for the need to communicate. When there’s information to be shared, I will. I can only tell you I’m doing this for the best of our football team and to maintain a deportment and procedure that I’m true to and a process that I’m very comfortable with.

“There’s no real information about any specific player that I’ll address at this point.”

Now, this removes the two best players on the field on both offense and defense for the Auburn game in Ware and Mathieu. Not many LSU fans are worried about Auburn because LSU should be fine in this game, but all are worried about the possibility of these players being suspended against Alabama on November 5th. What a really stupid judgment on the players’ parts on the timing of the issue.

Mathieu is the heart and soul of this football team on defense, and Ware is the battering ram Les Miles uses to move the football on the ground. We will see more Jordan Jefferson in the Auburn game than before to compensate for the loss in rushing ability Ware brings to the table.

Three Players Suspended For Post-Game Actions Last Weekend

Two Georgia players – nose guard Kwame Geathers and safety Shawn Williams – have been suspended, along with Vanderbilt center Logan Stewart, after last Saturday’s game in Nashville. All three players will sit the first half of the next game, and that means Geathers and Williams will have to sit the first half against Florida after the bye week.

Vanderbilt’s Stewart committed a flagrant personal foul early in the fourth quarter when he dove at Geathers’ knee after a play was over. Geathers then retaliated by diving on him and punching him.

Williams was suspended after he launched himself into Vanderbilt receiver Jordan Mathews’ head. The foul wasn’t called on the play, but Rule 9-1-4 of NCAA Rule Book says, “No player shall target and initiate contact to the head or neck area of a defenseless opponent with the helmet, forearm, elbow or shoulder.”

This game has already made headlines about James Franklin and Todd Grantham’s post-game scuffle. The SEC decided not to pursue punishment.

Here is a video of James Franklin telling Mark Richt what happened after the game, in case you missed it:



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  • I applaud Coach Miles for both taking this action, and refusing to comment on the suspensions. Some things should be private between an administration and a player. Many people think that the media is entitled to this information. They’re not. When it is something that involves the public, such a the commitment of a crime, then the public has the right to know. Otherwise, a violation of teams rules and any subsequent discipline should be between the coach and player.

    IF…. “I-F” the suspension is for failing a drug test, you have to assume these players won’t be back this season.

  • It seems LSU has had nothing but problems, but when you have hood rats and thugs on the team what do you expect. the SEC is way too classy for this junk. I dont care how good of an athelete they are, a criminal is a criminal. Jefferson, Simon, Ware, and Mathieu should be dismissed from the team, and if it were anywhere else but LSU they would be. these guys are supposed to be members of an elite athletic group and they should act that way. the SEC, and the NCAA need to step in and take control of this matter. If Les Miles cant control his thugs, then someone else needs to.

    • LSU has had no more problems than any other major player in the NCAA or SEC throughout the years. Kids do dumb stuff and a positive drug test doesn’t get you automatically booted from any D-1 school… Maybe except BYU or something like that. And to say the SEC is too classy is kinda funny. And I say that as a fan. I have a brother that plays in the SEC and I think you are a bit detached.

    • comment for ramrjamr

      I do understand that the roles that these players have towards their staff, fellow teammates, and fans but you have to remember that these are just kids. Rule breaking is what people do at there age. I agree with their suspension for the auburn game and more but indefinitely no! Weren’t you a kid at one time, I mean come on. Ur comment on the them being thugs is highly impropriate. Do you know them personally? Take your judgmental comments elsewhere and worry about yourself.

  • Franklin is a whinny crybaby. Where did he play football? He seemed to make no reference to his or his players involvement in the melee. He’s no different than the 20 yr old kids he let get under his skin. Welcome to big boy football Franklin. Grow TF up

  • Last time I checked doing drugs was a crime…The Hat took back with open arms a guy charged with kicking and injuring someone serious enough to warrant felony charges.

    Just because they were dropped to a Misdemeanor doesn’t mean Jefferson didn’t do it. Jefferson never made a statement, “It wasn’t me, I didn’t do it” and he is still back on the team??

    A little weed if that what it was won’t get these guys suspened for the Bama game.

  • It’s obvious someone wrote that little spot for for him, it was far too eloquent and coherent to be straight from the Hatter.

  • Look kids you can get drunk and smoke dope and still play ball in college. And you don’t even have to learn to read or speak english then you get to go pro and make millions.

  • It seems to me that Miles has a HUGE discipline problem and it’s not just because kids are being kids it’s because he continually allows team leaders to break rules and all they get is a slap on the hand and he lets em back on the field. The only way to stop these activities is to DISMISS a player who breaks the rules! If a player is afraid of his coach and the consequences he will NOT break the rules! The message Miles is sending to his team is that He wants to win so badly that no matter what they do they will still get to play. It is unfair to the players who abide by the rules, it hurts the team, the school and the fans. Give me a break with this “kids will be kids” when a kid is given this kind of opportunity and he can’t tow the line…then someone else deserves the opportunity! This reminds me of another “super star” team in 2009 (Florida).

  • Also let’s not forget the incident with Jefferson happened after a team mandated curfew… not only is he out past when he should be, he’s getting into bar fights…..and he is STILL allowed back on the team.

    How many Fulmer Cup points has LSU gotten this week???

  • Pretty obvious that Miles wasn’t worried about the reflection on the school or the other players on the team when he let Jefferson come back. These guys will get a slap on the hand & then be back in the line up. It doesn’t seem to matter that they have commited a crime, & I know that it happens with all school at one time or another, but it should come to an end. Put these guys out & open their scholarships to someone who deserves them. But I guess it’s all about winning.

    • Some facts to consider before people pass judgement:
      -The District Attorney brought felony charges before they had collected all the evidence, seemingly because this was a high-profile case and they did not want to be seen as soft on LSU.
      -They pulled all JJ’s shoes and checked them for DNA. AFTER THAT, when they found no DNA matter connecting him to Andrew Lowery (the kickee, who had been stalking his girlfriend that night), they sent the case to a Grand Jury, probably as a “butt-covering” move.
      -Here are just two reports, including video from the event – the video shows JJ in a light-colored shirt and the guy kicking the man on the ground to be in a dark-colored shirt, hence the reduction of the charges.
      -Team discipline – it’s team tradition, apparently, for the team to “sneak out” on that night of camp.
      -Was JJ in the wrong place at the wrong time exercising poor judgement and not thinking of himself as the face of the LSU Fighting Tigers? Yep, but he’s had a very good behavior record, otherwise.
      -JJ lost four games, lost his starting spot, and got buried under a pile of national scrutiny and scorn. His reputation will always have that stain, “…fight at Shady’s bar…” ALL of which he brought on himself, but it IS fair punishment to fit his actual crime – being near and possibly involved in a fight:

      -TRIVIA? LSU Athletic Director Joe Alleva was the AD at Duke during the “lacrosse incident” that cost the job of an award-winning coach and ruined many reputations – he had come out strongly against the players, who later were acquitted and instead, the DA turned out to be corrupt. He seems to have learned from that incident because he let the judicial system take its course and left JJ as an LSU student, “innocent until proven guilty.”

      I’m not a Jordan Jefferson fan. I don’t like the way he runs it himself when he can get it to his playmakers, and I don’t like his statement that he “intends to be the starter” (video here at SDS). I think the team is better with him as backup and am not hoping he will become the starter.

      JJ is an American, has had his day in court, and received appropriate punishment. Miles has handled a tough situation with class, neither sacrificing his own player to save himself nor “slapping him on the wrist” as you say.

  • Must be nice wearing “Purple and Gold” tinited glasses…….

  • You can bet your sweet A$$ they will all be back for the Alabama and Arkansas games!!

  • Like I said, I’m not a JJ fan. The comments about him did not cite any of the facts, and it seemed unfair.

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