5 Opponents That Could Play The SEC This Year In The National Championship

NCAA FOOTBALL: OCT 24  Oklahoma at Kansas

We all know the winner of the 2011 SEC Championship will likely be playing in New Orleans for the BCS National Championship against a member that is not in the SEC.

Many different preseason rankings project Alabama, LSU, Arkansas or South Carolina as the winner of the SEC Championship; therefore, that team will most likely be playing for it all in New Orleans.

For this reason, let’s assume the SEC Champion has one loss and will be playing in the BCS National Championship game in 2012.

Here is a look at five opponents one member of the SEC could be playing come January:

1. Oklahoma Sooners, Big XII
The Sooners return a very good offense in quarterback Landry Jones and wide receiver Ryan Broyles. Historically, the defense is always pretty good. The nucleus is there for the Sooners to win the Big XII and try to disprove their “Choke-lahoma” ways. The Sooners are the favorite in the Big XII this season, but they will have to get past in-state rival Oklahoma State. The Sooners also play ACC preseason favorite FSU in Tallahassee early in the year, and that could make or break the title run.

2. Oregon Ducks, Pac-12
Like Oklahoma, Oregon returns a dirty offensive attack with quarterback Darron Thomas and running back LaMichael James. I’m sure they still have a bad taste in their mouths after coming so close to the big one a year ago in Glendale against Auburn. The Ducks’ championship hopes will either gain momentum or lose momentum after they play LSU the first game of the year in Arlington. The Ducks have to be the favorite in the Pac-12 this season.

3. Nebraska Cornhuskers, Big 10
Nebraska’s switch from the Big XII to the Big 10 immediately puts them into the National Championship discussion. Although, in order to win the Big 10 outright, the quarterback play of Taylor Martinez, particularly the passing game, has to pick up immediately. I do think this team is the best team in the Big 10, better than Ohio State and Wisconsin. This Cornhuskers’ defense will be one of the best in the country. Bo Pelini has his boys ready to contend for a conference championship and national title.

4. Florida State Seminoles, ACC
As much as I hate to say FSU is in the hunt for the national championship – they are. They have an absolute cupcake conference in the ACC, and if they lose early to the Oklahoma Sooners, the title run could come up short right there. FSU does return a solid defense but is breaking in new quarterback EJ Manuel. Florida State is stockpiling some talent in Tallahassee as we speak, but it will be what they do with that talent once it gets on campus that will paint Jimbo Fisher’s coaching picture at this university.

5. Stanford Cardinal, Pac-12
If Oregon doesn’t win the Pac-12, I look for Stanford to win it because of the return of Andrew Luck. Even though Jim Harbaugh is gone to the 49ers, he left some pieces in place to make one more run with this group. As long as Andrew Luck is healthy, he will be in the Heisman race and this group will play together as a team under his leadership. I just wonder if this team lost too much from a year ago to really be a player. For now, they are a contender because they have a shot to win the Pac-12.



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  • Oklahoma is the only team with a real shot hear. If they can handle FSU they will be there. Oregon stands no chance, breaking in a 3 new OLmen and opening with LSU, they lose the first game as well as losing to one other Pac school. FSU will get beat by Oklahoma AND one other game(possibly UF with a major upset) Not even going to really mention Nebraska because they will lose 3 games but still win the Big 10(12). And Stanford without Jim would be like Bama w/o Saban or LSU w/o Les.

    But lets play what if. This could go either way in the west but since im a Bama diehard lets say Bama goes 11-1 losing only to LSU who lets say goes 12-0. LSU goes to the SECCG and plays South Carolina who is 12-0 or 11-1. Now with those records all three teams would be in the top 4. Now, what if SCAR happens to beat LSU, who would they play in the NCG? Would it be Alabama who only has one loss and has yet to play SCAR? That would be amazing, it would ensure that the SEC wins 7 straight, I know it is high unlikely due to the fact that SCAR would have to go 12-0 or 11-1 which is like saying Vandy can win the East. But Oregon, Stanford, FSU, Oklahoma and I think Wisc. lose two games it could easily happen as long as UGA handles BSU to keep the smurfs out of the real game.

    • Whats funny is that you talk crap about Carolina but it shows that as much as you hate to admit it we are going to be strong. I can tell you know deep down inside you know that the Ole Ball Coach (aka The Man) is brewing something up in Columbia that may be to strong to drink. Im gonna go ahead and put my prediction out there. This may be a little biased but I really have a feeling about this. Kinda like the same feeling I had when we rolled the tide in Columbia last year. South Carolina vs Florida State for the NC.

  • No doubt, SCAR will be stong, in the east division, they have a cup cake schedule. The toughest test will be Arky which I believe SCAR will lose and Miss ST. will be a test for SCAR. So if SCAR doesnt go undefeated or 11-1 they should fire “The Man” because Ole MIss could have a winning record with that schedule. Nick has never lost to a program 2 consecutive times and that wont change if they have to play SCAR. Dont get to “cocky” your team which is nearly identical to last years team LOST 5 GAMES last year! Why are you so excited? Is it because Garcia is back or thad Clowney is already poppin up at the bars at 2 am? Your boys may have won the east but they were blown out by Arky and Auburn and lost to KENTUCKY as well as FSU who started an injured QB. BTW anyone who reads this, does SCAR really stand a chance against LSU or Bama in a championship game? And why would you want SCAR to go to the NCG just to be embarrassed when Garcia and Clowney get busted in New Orleans for disorderly conduct and DUI?

    • Well If you would do your research you would find out that while clowney was out for a night on the town he was not drinking or doing anything wrong. I think Garcia will be great this year. He has to or he will not be drafted and he knows that. Who do yall have at QB? Oh yeah a QB that is not established. While our schedule may be easier than some it is still a SEC schedule. I will agree with you that the Arky game does bother me some. Not so sure a about the cow bell ringers. What you seem to forget about our 5 loss team is that they were young. Im excited about our stud running back that has put on 20 lbs of muscle and lowered his 40 time and the best wide reciever in the country that is catching over 100 balls a day in the summer just to make himself that much better. Im also excited about a kick returner and wide reciever that is one of the fastest kids in the world(He can fly like a Byrd). I am also excited about returning two vetran Linebackers packaged with what could and most likely will be the best Dline in the country. While I know our secondary has some work to do, I think Ellis will have them ready to prove themselves. Why would GAMECOCK fans not be excited? We never know what could happen in the SEC but Im feeling pretty excited about it with the team that we have. Now lets look at bama… Lost there QB. Lost there best wide reciever. Has a RB that has never carried the load through a whole season. Took a key hit on there OL. Lost Key DB. Hmmm and yall still think you will be in the SEC champ game.. Kinda like last year when Mcelroy told Garcia “We will see you again” lol what happened with that?

      • Oh, yeah I forgot about losing our 7th round draft pick qb. We didnt lose a DB, actually Bama has probably th best LB and DB corp in the country. Yes Julio is gone but now Bama has a more spead out threat WR. Hanks Maze and Duron Carter(Chris Carters son). Trent is a physical freak and will be running behind the best offensive line in the country plus the stable of backs Bama has at the position as well as the stockpiling of talent that Saban has pulled in at every position means they have more depth than just about any team in the country. What happens when Lattimore misses a game or two? Or if Alshon pulls a hammy and misses a game? Uh OH, SCAR goes down to Vandy. 5 losses and you expect to be the team to beat in the SEC?

  • I kind of like Nebraska to be in the BCS this year. It’s more of a gut feeling than any real assessment of their ability, but I just like their chances.

  • Look im not about to try and compare Alabama to SCAR because there is none but but Mr. Tideroller has his tide goggles pulled too tight and an elephant trunk way up his butt. look its ok to be mad we beat yall last year yall had a bad game we played the best we ever had. come on man i feel the same way about our UK loss. and dude i know what your stupid comments are gonna be about our UK loss so save it and remember you blew an even bigger lead than we did to Auburn. regaurdless of the team its pathetic to blow a 24 point lead and just as bad to blow an 18 point lead all in one half of football. Back to my point go look at our confrence records. THEY ARE THE SAME. two of those losses came to the same team and the other loss well weve already discussed them. yall will be good but remember they said that last year and you still lost three games. SCAR has a reputation of not living up to the hype so save your arguement dont even bring it up look dude nothing you try to come back at me with will be any news to me unless you bring up some completely off the wall BS. which brings me to my reasoning for even writing this long ass message to you. to predict that Clowney will have three suspensions and 2 DUI’s and what ever else you said on another comment board is just down right BS. sorta F ed up. take the Tide goggles off your head and quit acting like Alabama is the god of college football. you definately were not last season and its no garuntee you will be this year. Im a pretty reasonable Carolina fan i never expect tons of greatness from Carolina and i definately dont talk us up like we are going undefeated. my guess we will go 10-2 lose to Arky and UGA or MSU and make the SEC Championship game and won or lose a close game. and hey wouldnt be suprised if that didnt even happen. but in the mean while Mr. Tideroller until football season starts shut your mouth go review your last season think about all the crap you are talking about on the site and re think what your saying. you may want to take those tide Goggles off and take some time off of backing down on to and elephant trunk before you dig yourself into a hole you may never make it out of because LSU will be world better this season and Arkansa if probably your biggest threat at not not even making it to the top of the west and missing out on a trip to Atlanta for a second year in a row. and yes i know SCAR has only been once and we blew it so again save your snobby ass comment because i know and again you will never be able to tell me anything new. Good Luck

    • Point taken, I have SCAR going 10-2 or 11-1 in the regular season. The goggles are on just right and you’ll be a believer after the season. It will be BAMA/LSU v. SCAR in SECCG due to the fact that the East is very weak. Sorry but SCAR will probably lose to either team. And look, if Gamecock is gonna talk smack I’ll throw it right back at him, is SCAR good, yeah but they are not quite as complete as Bama/LSU. Garcia is always a wildcard, Clowney hasnt taken a single snap all season(BTW, he didnt do much in the under armor game) and the D is good but not top 15 in the country like Bama/LSU will have. SCAR has my respect, they pulled a huge upset last season but all of these predictions all over the place putting SCAR in the championship game is a litte soon until they can prove that they can consistenly take down top teams. Yes they beat Bama but lost to AU twice and have never beaten top teams like Bama, LSU, Auburn and UF have done in the recent past.

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