Saturday Down South Top 20 Players Of 2011 – Pre Season Edition – No. 1

Alshon Jeffery has the ability to be dominant in 2011

Saturday Down South is continually counting down the top 20 players in the SEC for 2011 – pre-season style!

Alshon Jeffery – No. 1

I’m sure you have all guessed now who Saturday Down South thinks the number one player in the SEC will be in 2011: South Carolina’s Alshon Jeffery.

After just two seasons, Jeffery is well on his way to rewriting the USC record books. He will add to those crooked numbers in 2011.

In 2010, Jeffery was arguably the best receiver in the SEC. Yes, I’m not sure I would have taken even AJ Green or Julio Jones over Jeffery in 2010. He’s that dynamic. He can make the big catch in traffic soaring over the defender; he can take a quick post to the house. One handed catches and getting behind the defense are his specialty, and they are not out of the ordinary.

Jeffery is 6-4, 233lbs; therefore, he’s big, physical and he has soft hands – all creating a deadly combination for competition and a love affair for a quarterback.

In 2010, Jeffery had 88 catches for 1,517 yards and nine touchdowns, averaging 17.2 yards per catch and 108.4 yards per game. His 88 catches and 1,517 yards is a USC single-season record.

How did he compare to Green or Jones? Jeffery was second in the SEC in receptions per game with 6.3, only behind Kentucky’s Randall Cobb. He was first in the SEC with 108.4 yards per game. I know Green was out for four games to start 2010, but he only averaged 94.2 yards per game.

In 2011, Jeffery will be ready to help lead the South Carolina offense that returns a tremendous amount of talent, including Marcus Lattimore. Now, if USC can only get its knuckle-headed quarterback to get his head out of the sand, they would prosper.

However, Jeffery will light up your television once again in 2011 with his spectacular grabs. This young man has all-world potential.

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  • The funny thing though is that SC will get rolled by Bama or LSU in the SECCG.

    • DREAM ON dude! HAHAHA

      Just like saying Jeffery Lattimore are not the top 2 players, you are wrong again. Carolina beat Bama this past season, and the Gamecocks are only 1 year stronger and 1 year more experienced this season, and LSU… yea right.

      • to further elaborate on LSU… they got lucky to be where they were last season, the perfect storm struck and they were on the right side of that conclusion… Lightning doesnt strike twice

        • You say Perfect storm and how lightning doesnt strike twice, and you still think SC would be able to handle Bama next season? Running game igoes to Bama(Only because of the depth of Bama at RB), Passing goes to SC(depending on the QB), Defense goes to Bama and then special teams which is equal. Put the game in the Ga Dome where Bama is 3-1 and will have more fans in the seats making it a near home game I would take ALABAMA. What do you think Jon?

    • I am more worried about Arkansas than Bama or LSU in the CG

      • And why worry with Arky in a championship game, you wont see them or they wont see you in Atlanta. BECAUSE YOU PLAY THEM IN THE REGULAR SEASON! If SC beats ARKY they are out of the hunt bc BAMA and Possibly LSU will be undefeated. If SC loses UGA or UF will jump them(Insert Garcia FUMBLE in game HERE)

        • I did not say Arkansas in the CG… I said Arkansas (meaning regular season).

          And if you honestly think Bama has the edge at RB you are absolutely blind… we got Lattimore, plus Miles and Baker who are running extremely good this spring, plus we got a pretty good looking freshmen coming in by the name of Shon Carson. Ill give yall the QB, not that it matters, because we got Lattimore and Jeffery which can make any QB look like an NFL hall of famer. I would call defense a draw at best, we are going to have easily the best D-Line in the SEC if not the nation this season, and a stock of experienced DB’s. Bama will have great ones in Mark Barron and Dont’a Hightower (which Barron will be looking silly when he lines up with Jeffery).

          And as far as the whole lightning striking twice… Us beating Bama wasnt a fluke, we absolutely manhandled yall last season, so it wasnt a “perfect storm” incident… it was simply the better team winning.

  • Bama has the edge in the running game not only because of talent at the position but because of talent where it is need most. THE OFFENSIVE line, Alabama will have the more skilled and veterened line. Not sayin Lattimore isnt good just his line isnt, SC is a pass protect type line where Bama is a run block style. BTW, Barron wont line up w/ Jeffery for the fact that he is a Safety, locking down Jeffery will be the pleasure of the ONE called DRE KIRKPATRICK who WILL be one of the top CBs in the country next season. And honestly, where did you get that crap about SC’s D-line? Just because Clowney comes in doesnt make it the best in the country, Koundjo shut him down in the All American game, But Bama O-line v. SC’s D-line equals Bama win. It wil be a good game, IF SC can make it to Atlanta but Bama will be favored and Garcia will be playing QB and BAMA will win because of that fact!

    • Clowney hasnt even arrived on campus dude… im talking about the guys already here.

      Devan Taylor, Travian Robertson, Melvin Ingram, Kelcy Quarles… they all have All-SEC capability.

      Then you throw in Phillip Dukes and Jadeveon Clowney coming in after the spring, yea thats a SOLID d-line.

    • And if our o-line is oriented to one style of play, it is run blocking… they are not good at blocking for QB at all, which is why we turned to the running game so heavily in games. We also got a pretty solid o-line class coming in, Brandon Shell will be a 4 year starter and TJ Johnson could and probably should have some All-SEC expectations.

  • If I had to pick the SEC title game right now, I would have to go with LSU vs USC. Nothing against Bama but I think LSU is a little deeper on offense. Defense, they are pretty much even. I realize LSU had a giant horseshoe in their tail ends last year but this year will be more about skill than luck. Bama lost a lot of firepower in the form of Jones, Ingram and Mcelroy. The team I would keep my eye on in the SEC west is Miss State. Arkansas will be good but I do not know if Wilson can take them as far as Mallet did. I dont think Auburn can afford another title and Ole Miss well umm not too sure about them. As far as the east goes I know everyone is all about Fla but I do not see that happening just yet. From where I stand, USC is the most talented team in the SEC east. I never thought I would be able to say that in my lifetime. I would have to say Tenn is the dark horse in the east. UGA will be solid as well. But like every other year, The SEC will be far and away the conference in the country hands down.

  • As far as the top 20 players list goes, Pretty good list but I have to ask. Where is Devin Taylor?

    • Ah yes… the 6’7″ giant of a DE. He’s very worthy to be on this list, no doubt about that. Thanks for your comments. Would you have rather had Stephon Gilmore or Taylor on the list?

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