Ranking The SEC Wide Receivers; Jeffery And Then Who?

The SEC is almost stacked at the wide receiver position for 2011. Four of the top 20 come from the same team: the Arkansas Razorbacks.

We all know who the number one wide receiver is in this conference, and there is no debating that. But who are the other receivers, and how do they stack up?

Here is how I think the SEC wide receivers stack up in 2011:

10. Tavarres King, Georgia
9. Emory Blake, Auburn
8. Chad Bumphis, Mississippi State

Tavarres King was under the radar somewhat in Athens, playing behind All-American AJ Green. Now Green is gone, and King will have a chance to make a name for himself. King is a great athlete, and he knows this offense for Georgia. He quietly caught 27 passes for over 500 yards last year. Now is King’s time to shine at Georgia…Emory Blake was a great asset to the National Champion Auburn Tigers last year with over 550 yards receiving. However, that was last year, and Auburn will have to find a quarterback to get Blake the ball. He is a good receiver, and I fully expect Gus Malzahn to get him the ball every opportunity he can, somehow…Chad Bumphis has somewhat underachieved during his time at MSU. He was a can’t-miss recruit out of high school who has not fully developed at this level – partly because of the lack of success in the passing game and partly because he just hasn’t blossomed yet fully. I do expect Mullen to get more creative in his offense and use Bumphis much like he used Percy Harvin at Florida.

7. Rueben Randle, LSU
6. Jarius Wright, Arkansas
5. Justin Hunter, Tennessee

Rueben Randle is a great looking wide receiver prospect on the Bayou. He has yet to get a quarterback who can get him the football, though. Randle has great size, and he will use that to his advantage over the smaller defensive backs. He did catch 33 passes for 544 yards and three touchdowns last year, but those numbers could be significantly better once the passing game picks up. He needs a quarterback, and if LSU is going with Jordan Jefferson, I’m not going with Rueben Randle having top-five receiver numbers in this league. I could be singing a different tune at the end of this year…Jarius Wright gets lost in the mix somewhat behind Greg Childs and Joe Adams in Fayetteville. However, Wright can be just as much of a weapon as those two when he is on his game. He is one of the fastest players on this football team, and I expect him to have a great year…Justin Hunter will be the next great wide receiver in the SEC. From what I saw of Hunter last year, he has it all. He didn’t get much playing time, but he did average 26 yards per catch, which is just stupid-good numbers. Hunter has an adequate quarterback in Tyler Bray, and he can out-jump any SEC defensive back to get that football. He should be the No. 1 receiver on Bray’s list; therefore, he will get a lot of balls thrown his way. I love the way this kid plays the game.

4. Marquis Maze, Alabama
3. Joe Adams, Arkansas
2. Greg Childs, Arkansas

Marquis Maze should be the primary receiver at Alabama this year for the quarterbacks. Maze is an older and wiser player than a year ago. He did have 557 yards receiving and three touchdowns on the year. He is so important to this team for so many reasons, namely his experience and leadership for transfer Duron Carter. Maze will use his blazing speed this year to shake defenders right off him…Joe Adams is such a different player than many on this list. I believe he has a chip on his shoulder to prove himself once again after dropping a couple of passes in the Sugar Bowl and also prove he can be mentioned with his fellow teammate and receiver Greg Childs. Adams’ health is of utmost importance to this Arkansas football team because he is so vital in the punt return game as well…Fellow Razorback Greg Childs looks to be the best pro prospect on this Arkansas team. Childs has the size at 6-3 to make any play on the field. He is as good of a possession receiver in the country, and he should be dynamite for this passing game. Hopefully his health is restored because he suffered a nasty season-ending knee injury early last year.

1. Alshon Jeffery, South Carolina

Was there any doubt about this pick? Alshon Jeffery is the only receiver in this league who could total 100 receptions on the year. He is the primary receiver on a talented team with a quarterback who – when he’s not on a binge – can play as good as anyone in the conference. Jeffery is the top pro prospect in the country for 2011. He can do it all for the Gamecocks, and he has speed that is very deceptive. The sky is the limit for Alshon Jeffery. He can be as good as he wants to be – just get him the freaking ball!

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  • If Jeffery catches 100 passes, Carolina may not have a team as good as they were in 2010, because defenses will key on him and the gamecock QB won’t have many other reliable receivers to go to. Key on Lattimore and Jeffery, pressure garcia, and you can beat Carolina.

    • I dont know why you people seem to think those 3 are our only weapons on offense. We found a nice compliment to Jeffery, in the form of DeAngelo Smith… he looked alot like Jeffery just not wearing #1. And also after Lattimore most certainly wears down the defense, just try and stop Kenny Miles or Eric Baker (both very highly touted RBs out of high school). Not to mention that O-line, which is probably the best Carolina has had since the Black Magic days.

      • I’m sorry but Smith was injured for all but 1 or 2 games last year? And he was on the practice squad before that. Same situation for Eric Baker…torn ACL all year last year. And Kenny Miles had 150 yards on carries last year. So if you’re gonna base it all on potential, then every team in the SEC could have potent offenses and stout defenses. Fact is, you guys rode a great back in Lattimore and receiver in Jeffery last year but if they get injured or if they get keyed on, the rest of the offense will suffer. Can’t say the same of Garcia…

  • Marquis Maze is on the list?!?! He is short and slow. Yeah he catches the ball great when Julio was being double teamed. Throw in the fact that they have the worst starting QB in the SEC and I don’t see how he is going to do better. Crazy!

    • Kid, get off this site. Do you even watch football or do you just play NCAA on football and look at there speed rating? Maze was a KO and Punt returner last season and if you did watch football you would know that height isnt everything. Here are a few notable WR in college and NFL that(if you know them from other than NCAA and MADDEN) you should have heard of: Tyron Prothro(frm. Bama), Percy Harvin(UF/Vikings), Hines Ward(UGA/Steelers), Dexter McCluster(Ole/Chiefs), DeSean Jackson(Eagles), Steve Smith(Carolina). All great college and pro wide outs all under the height of 5’11. Get a life kid, actually think before you speak or post. Quit hating on Bama, that is all you do, the worst QB in the SEC? You mean the number 3 QB from the ’09 class and the number 1 QB from the ’10 class. I can name a few more QBs like, Trotter from Auburn, Hartline from Kentucky, Smith/Funk from Vandy, Mackey from Ole Miss and of course Garcia from SC!

      • How could you say that Alshon is the only reliable receiver for South Carolina? Both Jason Barnes and DL Moore have proven to be quite reliable when thrown to in the past. When you have Alshon and Tori Gurley on the same field there just isn’t much of a reason to throw the ball anywhere else. On top of those two you have Deangelo Smith who has all the potential in the world, and gave the world a preview with a 3 touchdown performance in this years spring game. Then you have Alshon’s little brother Shamier coming in as a true freshman this year. Who knows what kind of impact he’s going to have this year. South Carolina has a deep receiving core, and to think otherwise would be foolish.

  • Joe Adams certainly does have a lot to make up for in that Sugar Bowl. He’s a great player, and I’m sure he will!

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