Slow Start For Tennessee Recruiting


A quick look at the commitment lists of the SEC schools might be a little concerning for Tennessee fans – and deservedly so.  With most SEC powers sitting on double-digit commits, the Vols are sitting on two, with at least one of those being fairly skeptical about his commitment to the Vols.

Khalid Henderson is the solid commitment for the Vols.  Most fans are hoping that Henderson was flying under the radar when Tennessee found him, because his only other offers (according to his Rivals profile) came from Air Force, UConn, MTSU, and Troy.  I think we have to give the Vols the benefit of the doubt with Henderson, though, because Tennessee coaches were able to evaluate his skills with their own eyes when he camped this summer at Tennessee.  They know what they want in a linebacker, and Henderson must have been what they were looking for.

Imani Cross is the other commitment to the Vols.  But recently, he told that his commitment isn’t completely solid.  “I’m committed but I’m not closing the door on other schools, if that makes any sense. There are no schools in particular that I’m considering, but I want to have an open mind,” Cross said.

Doesn’t’ sound very solid at all to me.

So with the worst current recruiting class in the SEC, do the Vols have something to be worried about?  Not yet, if you ask me. Remember, it’s only July and signing day isn’t until February.

Derek Dooley has a plan for recruiting, and he sticks to it.  He’s not big on taking early commitments, and he definitely wants to get recruits on campus before they commit.  He wants to see them with his own eyes and in his own “house” before extending a scholarship offer, and that might be a little different than some of the other SEC coaches.  But over the course of his first two recruiting classes at Tennessee, Dooley has been effective at putting together nice classes.

So I think you have to give him the benefit of the doubt in this case, but that’s just my opinion.  What’s yours?



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