South Carolina vs. Georgia Preview


The Matchup: No. 12 South Carolina (1-0, 0-0) vs. Georgia (0-1, 0-0)

When: September 10, 2011

Where: Athens, Georgia

Game Time: 4:30 PM


What You Need To Know About South Carolina:

The Gamecocks are rolling into Athens fresh off of a shootout win over ECU 56-37. Steve Spurrier will start Stephen Garcia in this matchup after benching Garcia for Connor Shaw last week. Garcia led the Gamecocks back last week and performed very well.

The Gamecocks can get the early leg up in the Eastern Divisional race with a victory in Athens, but it will not be easy. This Georgia team might not have looked good in week one against Boise State, but you can bet the Bulldogs will try to throw the football all over this South Carolina secondary, the same secondary that gave up 260 yards and four touchdowns through the air a week ago.

South Carolina brings in a dangerous running game and a dangerous defensive line. Both are figured to be in the top of the SEC this season.

What You Need To Know About Georgia

As everyone knows, Georgia was kicked around the park against MWC member Boise State. Boise was more physical than Georgia, and they basically gave it to them all night on offense and defense.

The offensive line right now is really struggling, after giving up six sacks a week ago. The running game, minus Brandon Boykin’s 80-yard touchdown run, was dismal, and Aaron Murray had absolutely no time to sit in the pocket and throw the football.

Head coach Mark Richt’s seat is feeling even a little bit warmer since all the preseason talk, and if he were to start the season 0-2 and lose his first conference game, I’m not sure he will survive the season – quite an interesting storyline entering this week.

Key Matchup:

I am particularly looking forward to seeing how Georgia’s offensive line holds up against what could be the best defensive line group in the SEC in Devin Taylor, Travian Robertson, Melvin Ingram and Jadeveon Clowney.

If Georgia cannot protect Murray like they were unable to last week and if the running game never gets going, it could be a long day at the park for the Georgia fans and crowd.



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  • The battle of the lines is the biggest match up for this game. It seems that USC has a few to many weapons to be consistently stopped and UGA just doesn’t seemt tackle well. USC will score some points, can UGA match them? They may want to look to some screens and draws to slow down the pass rush. If they have the same game plan with Boise they will lose. This could be a coming out party for Clowney. Look for him to have a play or two that really shows his speed and strength. Prediction USC 31- UGA – 21

  • USC31-UGA-10

    If this game was in Columbia, it would be worse. Murray gets sacked 3-4, if not 5, times. Screens to a quick bunch of receivers makes UGA pay for stacking the box.

    • Yep. They can pick their poison, but they are not good enough to stop the run and passing ability of USC. I think only Bama LSU and maybe UF can really contain the offense – and those teams don’t have the best offense in the world.

  • South Carolina is great this year.Easily the best team that the “Ol’ Ball Coach” has assembled with the gamecocks.But considering this is in the hedgerows of georgia and the fact that the bulldogs have been known to be exceptional on their home turf I got to say it will be good.
    South Carolina-41 Georgia-31

  • I couldn’t predict a score for either of these teams. I will say it is defenately the must watch game this week end. The EAST is on the line with this one. I can’t say USC has the team to handle UGA like boise… I also can’t say USC has the team to beat in the east. great match up. Cant wait to see who leads the east into week 3.

  • The Gamecocks truly have the better offense and deffinsive lines. IMO the S.C. D-line may be the best in the nation (pure strength,speed and depth)! I watched ESPN’s College Football Today an Hershel Walker was asked who his favorite RB is in college football now and without hesitation he said “Marcus Lattimore” later stating “his power allows him to run over defenders”!
    Changing subjects I for one am very opposed to ANY SEC expansion! It will only serve to water down our talent pool ! Then of course a 14th team will be needed to even out the east and west! They are all talking about 16 total teams!! We are the SEC and we MUST not be influenced by media whims and rumors! Again as the SEC we need not rush into anything that may effect our status!UGA says they do NOT want GA.TECH, UF says the same on FLA. ST.& MIAMI.Well The GAMECOCKS will say NO to CLEM’S SON!! Expansion will not be easy …Louisville?? Will UK rebuff this?? Carefull SEC!! Tread lightly!

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