Three Good Matchups: Week 1


While we have already looked at three players to watch in week one, let’s now look at three good and interesting matchups in week one.

These matchups are not set up to be dominated by any one team, but they will be a true test, and they will present good matchups for the SEC in week one.

1. Kent State Rushing Defense vs. Alabama Rushing Offense

It’s true that Kent State is no powerhouse, but they performed very well as the fourth best team in the country in rushing defense in 2010. Kent State only gave up on average 97 yards per game, and they only gave up an average of 2.69 yards per carry. I don’t care who you play – those are gaudy numbers. Now, I’m in no way saying that Alabama will not be able to have their way with KSU; but rather we’ll get a glimpse at this Alabama rushing offense with Trent Richardson and this beastly offensive line in week one.

2. ECU Passing Offense vs. South Carolina Defense

The ECU Pirates, believe it or not, were ranked 8th overall in 2010 in passing offense, and they return their quarterback and 1,000-yard wide receiver. Junior quarterback Dominique Davis had a field day on offense last season, throwing for nearly 4,000 yards and 37 touchdowns. He did, however, throw 16 interceptions. I think this is a good measuring stick for how far the South Carolina defense has come in the off-season. I mean, let’s face it, the Gamecocks’ secondary was downright forgettable at times last year. They ranked in the bottom third of the SEC and were 97th in the country in pass defense. Stephon Gilmore and company better not take this ECU passing game for granted because they could be in for a surprise.

3. Oregon Offense vs. LSU Defense

This Oregon team plays fast, and their running backs are even faster. LaMichael James and Kenjon Barner are burners, and this LSU defense will be in for a very good challenge in game one. I think this LSU defense was better than Auburn’s a year ago, so it will be interesting to see how they fair against a veteran-led spread offensive team. LSU might not have a Nick Fairley in the middle of the defensive line, but they are an overall better defense. I am just looking forward to seeing what LSU defensive coordinator John Chavis has up his sleeve for this fast Oregon offense.

What other matchups are you looking forward to this weekend?



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  • Orgeon replaces 3 or 4 offensive linemen, they stand no chance.

  • I agree with no. 3.
    Oregon couldn’t stand up to AU defense… how in the world do they think they’ll do any better against LSU is beyond me.

  • Kent state? Last year they played the likes of Ohio, Western Michigan, Temple, and Akron. I think the Elon Vanderbilt matchup will be more interesting. Richardson, if he plays will do well over the 97 yard average and Lacy may brake that as well, hopefully both.

  • You gotta remember the 440 rushing yards Auburn put on LSU last year.. Could be a problem for them since Oregon runs a similar offense.

  • Finally someone other than myself giving ECU the credit they deserve. I honest believe South Carolina drops the opener. As far as ECU’s defense stopping the Gamecocks, I don’t think they have to. ECU will have a field day against a week South Carolina secondary. Plus you factor in Dominique Davis’ scrambling abilities and things could get ugly for the USC defense.

  • all my analysis and predictions are on here my first SEC video blog, would love for anyone to watch and give me feedback and spread it around, thanks!

  • Another game that I think could be closer than expected is Auburn/Utah State…Auburn is in transition and the Aggies scared a few teams last year…I’m not calling for an upset, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it stays close.

  • Oregon stands a better than average chance against LSU. Utah State is going to make a game of it against Auburn. And Boise State beats Georgia by 7.

    On a “down” note, Alabama only beats Kent State by 28 points…

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