Three Possible Reasons For Mark Richt’s Demise In 2011


Mark Richt is on the down slope of his career at Georgia. If you don’t believe me, just look at the last couple years of this Georgia program and the mediocrity that surrounds it. It’s everywhere – just ask a fan of the program how good of shape their current program is under Mark Richt, and they will simply shake their head.

The Dawgs have never had a problem recruiting, and they have more talent on campus than many other programs in the SEC, and the rest of the country for that matter. But it has merely been on the field and the translation from top-prospect to putting them on the field that has been terrible.

I do not think Mark Richt will survive another six- to seven-win season at Georgia, and I do believe six or seven wins could be in the cards for the Bulldogs, even with the weak schedule.

I’m just not sold, yet.

Obviously there have been many factors that have attributed to the fall of the program, so to speak. Here are three possible reasons Mark Richt is gone after 2011:

1. The reluctance of ridding his staff of Mike Bobo

Mike Bobo has been on Mark Richt’s Georgia staff now since 2001, and he took over the offensive play calling in 2006. Mark Richt reminds me of a Phillip Fulmer-type coach because when his tenure and best years were going south, Fulmer was very reluctant to change up his staff or any of his ways at Tennessee. I’m sure Bobo and Richt have had a few cocktails together and been on more than their share of recruiting trips. So, they’re good buddies. But when your program and career is on the line at a major university, and mediocrity is the norm, you have to make a change. Richt has been very reluctant to change any staff members except for former defensive coordinator Willie Martinez. I think Richt has held on to Bobo entirely too long.

2. No vital signs

This Georgia program is dead. It’s been dead since Matt Stafford and Knowshon Moreno have been gone. Richt shows no emotion on the sideline. The last emotion I’ve seen from this team was their rain dance against Florida in 2007 and the false-fire that was created because of it. Georgia went on to beat Hawaii in the Sugar Bowl, a game in which the Rainbows had no business being in that football game. There has to be some vital signs this year because the morale, or lack thereof, is killing and every Georgia fan.

3. Lack of a running game

Georgia’s attrition at running back has to have some type of effect on this team. With the losses of first Washaun Ealey and then Caleb King, Georgia will be relying primarily on a freshman and a converted tailback to linebacker to tailback. Caleb King turned out to be a bust, and that did not help any. It will take a year for freshman Isaiah Crowell, in all likelihood, to get the offense as a whole. He has been banged up in preseason camp, and he has missed reps and valuable learning experience during that time. I’m not convinced he will have a Marcus Lattimore-type season as a freshman. Also, converted linebacker Richard Samuel, who switched back to running back because of the lack of depth, has also been banged up in camp. This position in particular could spell disaster for this team and for the future of Mark Richt at Georgia. There has simply not been a playmaker here for several years in the Georgia backfield.

But let us not forget that in the SEC, we are continually forgiving and forgetting, and we tend to do so rather quickly. If the Bulldogs start strong against Boise State and continue throughout the season, all of the above will be nullified.



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  • Year Off. Def
    01 27.6 19
    02 32 15.1
    03 26.5 14.5
    04 27.9 16.5
    05 29.5 16.4
    06 25.2 17.6
    07 32.6 20.2
    08 31.5 24.5
    09 28.9 25.9
    10 32 22.1

    1. Having a problem with Bobo is OK I guess but, the numbers say the DEFENSE is what has been missing.
    2. Agree
    3. Agree

    Georgia would be hard pressed to find a better coach than Mark Richt. And, it’s ironic you bring up Fulmer. Tennesse has sucked since his departure.

    • Obviously, who ever wrote this article is clueless! I am sure that Mark and Mike have not had “cocktails” together…..Mike Bobo is a GEORGIA

      • GEORGIA man, and he has done an excellent job for the program. When Mark left Florida State, the talk there was that it was time for him to go, as his offense was stale and everyone knew what to expect. What has FSU done since then? Mark Richt would have his pick at most any university in the country that needed a coach with integrity (Miami) (Ohio State) and others…..He is a winner, just like Tom Landry (who didn’t show emotion on the sidelines, either)…..Georgia will be just fine. Oh, and, by the way, real Georgia Fans know what we have in Mark and his coaching staff, and a couple of sub par seasons will never turn us into “fair weather” fans. Go Dawgs!

  • Not exactly sure why Bloggers and mostly “out of state” people and media insist on putting some coach on the “Hotseat”. This year it’s Richt. It was “The Mad Hatter” who continues to make bizarre on field mis-calculations. And by the way has as much talent year end and year out as UGA.

    Richt has been very reluctant to change any staff members except for former defensive coordinator Willie Martinez.

    Richt has cleaned house basically except Bobo. Matinez and all the assistants on defense including special teams and strength coach. Along with Oline coach being helped along to Texas. So to say Richt has been reluctant to make changes is total BS or that person is ignorent to UGA football.

    It is debatable about the performance of Bobo. Stats prove it has been a defensive problem. However, personnel has been a problem. Eaely (highly recruited) King (highly recruited) Samuel (highly recruited) Green leaving, Metlinberger (highly recruited). Losing these people at skill positions hurt.

    The loss to UCF is what soured the fan base. I can remember a day when Missy state, South Carolina and Arkansas dreaded to see the Dawgs on their schedule because it was an ass whooping. And even Florida.

    Richt , some would say needs to turn up the intensity this year. And 6 or 7 wins sends him packing.

  • I agree with ADB so there’s no point belaboring those issues.

    Judging by your previous posts, you’re pretty clearly a Floriday fan, “Educated” analyst. Mark Richt is still one of the winniest and most highly-respected coaches in all of the NCAA. We had a few bad years, but I firmly believe he can turn it around. The only people “calling for his head” are the fair-weather fans who troll the blogs constantly because they have nothing better to do and have no concept of true loyalty.

    I also agree with ADB that another 6 ot 7 win season could spell the end for Richt (or any coach), but I don’t think that’s going to happen. He’s made the personnel changes (athletes and coaches) to shift the focus of this team and turn up the intensity, and I think we’re going to have a solid 10-win year. GATA

  • I’m sick to death of all of it!! Coach Richt is amazing and yes the last couple of years haven’t been the best. But he has made changes, so why don’t all you people from other schools that like to be “Head Couch Coaches”, shut up and wait for football season to start!!! And to those fair weathered fans who don’t want to stand behind your school or those boys. Out there practicing in the heat/rain/cold, running drills on days when your home in bed sleeping. Only to show up on Saturday either home or away and not get support!! And what I mean by support winning or losing you sit your butts in those seats until they leave that field!!!!
    And to the idiot that said we have a weak schedule—we are an SEC school and the last time I checked the SEC is bad ass!!!!!!!! For a team that sure sucks the way some of you make it sound, at the end of the year we are playing in a bowl game! Now how many teams start out at the beginning of football season???? All I can say is GO DAWGS……ALWAYS AND FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!

  • Having gone through the Goff years during my time at UGA, I’m thankful for what Richt has done at UGA and I’m pulling for him to turn it around this year. However, I agree Bobo has worn out his welcome. It’s obviously a tough move for Richt to make; it’s unfortunate that his loyalty to Bobo is what will undoubtedly cost both their jobs.
    It’s worth noting also that the O-line always seems to be a weakness; there’s no excuse for that, and this falls on Richt. A one and one start is a must this year….should be interesting.

  • Mark Richt has been with the program going on 11 years. His record is 96-34 and his bowl record is 7-3. He has won 2 SEC championships.
    2001 Georgia 8–4 5–3 T–3rd (East) L Music City 25 22
    2002 Georgia 13–1 7–1 1st (East) W Sugar † 3 3
    2003 Georgia 11–3 6–2 T–1st (East) W Capital One 6 7
    2004 Georgia 10–2 6–2 2nd (East) W Outback 6 7
    2005 Georgia 10–3 6–2 1st (East) L Sugar † 10 10
    2006 Georgia 9–4 4–4 T–3rd (East) W Chick-fil-A 23
    2007 Georgia 11–2 6–2 T–1st (East) W Sugar † 3 2
    2008 Georgia 10–3 6–2 2nd (East) W Capital One 10 13
    2009 Georgia 8–5 4–4 T–2nd (East) W Independence
    2010 Georgia 6–7 3–5 T–3rd (East) L Liberty

    You cant be perfect forever your team will have to go through some hard time sooner or later. So to say that Richt is on a down slope is complete b.s. The guy just had a top 5 recruiting class and revamped the strength and conditioning program. What else do you want from him? All anyone cares about is what have you done for me lately? The guy is a very good coach.

    Under Richt’s direction, Florida State had some of college football’s most explosive offenses; in his seven years as offensive coordinator, the Seminoles ranked in the nation’s top five scoring offenses on five occasions, were top twelve in total offense five times, and top twelve in passing offense five times. The 2000 Seminoles offense finished the regular season ranked first nationally in total offense (549.0 yards per game), first in passing offense (384.0 ypg), and third in scoring offense (42.4 points per game).

    While an assistant coach at Florida State, Richt coached two Heisman Trophy winners, quarterbacks Charlie Ward and Chris Weinke, and was part of two national championships (1993 and 1999).[1]

    So what’s the only thing left to do? Of course win a national championship at UGA. We all want that including Richt. Obviously some changes need to be made and he is trying to do that with strength and conditioning, changing the attitude and giving better discipline.

    It would be a huge mistake to get rid of Richt. He is the best thing to happen to UGA in a long time.

    • cody1988 and Joe8—thanks for saying what I have trouble saying!!! I get so mad and frustrated with the so called fans that have those rose colored glasses on. They seem to forget the years before Coach Richt. Our team is a part of the best conference there is in my opinion! So as long as we stay strong and compete we will be fine!!

  • For some reason a few people like to pick on Bobo. The offense clearly is not the problem it’s the defense. We have no problem scoring points. Examples from last year scoring alot of points against opponents: Florida, Auburn(national champs, held oregon to hardly any points in nat’l championship), Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ga Tech.

    Its very obvious its the defense. And hopefully with grantham in his second year will show better results. Ever since Van Gorder (fu dude) left the defense hasnt been the same.

    Are special teams are awesome and so is our offense. Our defense has sucked, bad. Thats it. Its not hard to figure out. Look at the numbers since Van Gorder left.

  • I agree with most of the folks above. The way Richt has handled things is appropriate and even further cements my opinion that he is a great- yes GREAT- head coach. He makes decisions based upon data, rather than committing knee-jerk reactions to appease the fan-base. He gave Martinez a chance to improve, and when Willie failed to, he made a change. As much as the fan base likes to complain about Bobo, the statistics show that he isn’t just a tolerable play-caller, he’s a damn good one. He’s stocked the program with talent, but a lot of that talent has failed to live up to the billing. The one critique you might have is that he is too patient with the kids, and as a result, some of them get away with too much.

    No, the real problem with UGA are the fans, who for some reason think that they are entitled to a team that wins the SEC every year. Those people seem forget how long it was before Richt that we won an SEC title. I like to laugh at them when they complain and say Richt should be fired; fortunately, the people who actually can make that decision are both more intelligent and more rational.

    Mark my words: the *ONLY* way Richt gets fired is if the team goes winless in the SEC and it is blindingly obvious that he has lost control of his players. (And it would have to be both of those things.)

    • Joe, Really? “The real problem with UGA are the fans, who for some reason think that they are entitled to a team that wins the SEC every year.” Joe, I disagree. The fans are not the problem. Meyer coached UF for 5 years and won a National Title. Saban has been at Bama since 2007 and he’s won a National Championship. Chizik just got to Auburn and he’s taken them to the top. Are we (the fan’s) expecting too much, really? I am a UGA grad thats been going to Athens on Saturday since I was a tot. I now live in Ala-dam-bama. The fans here are unlike any I’ve seen anywhere. This state ONLY knows college football. I can tell you, Joe, UGA fans are not the problem.

  • I think Richt is a good coach. However this is the SEC and we are BIG TIME football. Everyone is on the hot seat, Its win NOW. That’s just the nature of the beast in this business.

  • Ron Zook

    SEC football didn’t start in 1990. I know that most Florida fans came along after then. Check the record books. UGA vs Florida.

    • Right, it didn’t start in 1990, but I’d say college football is nothing like it was prior to 1990. Are we making our points by referencing previous eras of college football now? In two decades, Florida has not feared Georgia on their schedule one bit. Bottom line.

      I’m not saying Georgia is a bad program. It’s not. But let’s be clear.

      Say, I think Harvard might have a shot this year. Did you know they had several national championship prior to 1900?

  • This dude is a moron…plain an simple…whomever is responsible for this site should kick him off of it …the offense averaged 34 points per game and bobo coached a freshman qb to a record breaking year so take you UNEDUCATED ANALYSIS and shove it up your UNEDUCATED A–….everyone should seriously stop reading or commenting on these articles and maybe hell just go away.

  • I fully believe in CMR! I get so tired of seeing people who say UGA football is on the decline. Richt has turned the program around and the numbers confirm that. I am actually wary of what may happen if we dont have the season everyone is expecting because I do not want to see Richt go. I believe if Murray and Crowell come out and play serious ball this year, then NEXT year could be a very amazing year. Murray as a Junior and Crowell as a Sophomore both with added experience only spells success in my opinion! I picked out those two guys just because they generally get the spotlight but there is a TON of other talent on that team and I understand that it takes 11 guys on either side of the ball to make plays and it also takes the rest of the team to give those 11 starters the reads they need during practice.

    I dont know about the rest of you but I cant wait for Sept 3rd so we can get past all the preseason drama! Lets play some ball and see where the teams end up at the end of this season!

  • Ron Zook

    Typical Florida fan

    All the arrogence of Notre Dame with the history and tradition of Wake Forest!

  • CMR is the best coach by far since dooley was at the helm. Would not most in here agree that Vince was arguably top 6 or 7 head coaches ever? Even Vince had down years. I think CMR has done an awesome job since coming to Athens. With the parity that we now have in college football, heck to win 8 games is a feat. Now combine that parity and play in the SEC….Come on. Name ONE SEC team that is a guaranteed win for you this year? There isnt one. Last year was a bad year for us record wise but lets not forget several of them losses were just heart wrenching because we had them games won and didnt finish the drill. We DAWG fans have a lot of reasons to think we will have a GREAT year and possibly win SEC east and play in what I call the “real” national championship game……the SEC champ game. 1) Aaron Murray- best qb in the sec, Arguably the nation. 2) Our “D”…last years new defense really wasnt understood until late in the year. Its 100% understood now. 3) Mike Bobo-granted hes sometimes predictable but hes put up solid winning numbers the last couple of years. 4) Isaih Crowell- this kids a beast, ive seen him play in person and all I can say is..hold on. 5)another guy….Bacari Rambo, the guys been knocking players out since pratice started…..with all this said…I truthfully see us maybe losing 2 games this year. Maybe fla and Aub because theyre fla and auburn any true fan knows the line there.

  • Dawgy1, I have no idea what you are trying to show with your offensive defensive numbers for all 10 years, but it obscures the facts that UGA’s Offense has ranked in fact, an average for all 10 years to-date of Mark Richt era, the # 52 Total Offense in the NCAA of 120 teams. Our offense has been poor, sir. Any blaming on the defense of what has happened to the offense, is a smoke screen, with all due respect sir, otherwise we would not be sitting here discussing that it is not Mark Richt’s fault that his offense all 10 years, averages just the # 52 Total Offense.

    cody1988 & ADB &

    njfjr0001, Mark Richt has the pick of any football program in the nation, you say. Well, what is that based upon ? Him telling you that he is the # 4 best college football coach in all of America as he has stated to the newspapers repeatedly all year 2011. He isn’t even the # 4 best coach in his own conference, let alone as he lies in the nation. For the last 5 years, we are # 23 in won/lost record. Over the entire 10 years, he has (1) Lost to 16 less-talented football teams and of those 10 of them did not even end up in the AP Poll Top 25 even with their win over Mark Richt’s “coaching staff.” The other 6 would not have ended up in the Top 25 without their victory over us. Continue to ignore that we lose 1 game a season on the average all 10 years to really truly lousy football teams, that there is no excuse for. Good teams are measured by this, losing to really bad teams. (2) Lost to nearly every team who finished in the AP Poll Top 10 all 10 years. 12 games. Won 3. Of the 3 wins, they all 3 were in years he lost 4 games, lost 3 games and lost 4 games. In other words, he has never had a great season where he even beat so many as One (1) team who finished in the AP Poll Top 10. 2007, for example, LSU beat 2 teams who finished in the AP Poll Top 10 and Mark Richt whined to the press and through them to you sir that he should be in the NC Game. LSU was far better than us 2007. Look it up. Another example, last year, Auburn won 7 games against teams who finished in the AP Poll Top 25 and 2 of those in the AP Poll Top 10. No sense discussing that we were 0-5 vs teams who finished in the AP Poll Top 25 and no win again against a team finishing in the Top 10. Mark Richt, for another example, bragged to the press how he had knocked the lid off the UGA program by beating eventual # 4 vols AP Poll 2001. He lost 4 games 2001, and UGA is # 11 all-time in 1-A wins. That is knocking the lid off the program ? Who are you to believe, sir ? These facts, or the lies of Mark Richt on this point, sir ? 2002, the next year, there only was 1 other team who even finished in the Coaches’ Poll Top 25, with # 14 Auburn; and so while it is not Mark Richt’s fault that The SEC was down way down in 2002, there is this liittle problem of not having beat a team who finished in the Top 10 and this little ole loss every year (2-8 vs FL) to a team who did not finish in the Coaches’ Poll Top 25, Florida – a game which I remind you OUR OFFENSE was 0-11 on 3rd Down Conversions for the whole entire game.

    mdlee5555, Sir, there is no way for a another 6-7 season. We have 10 of the easiest cupcakes on our route to 11-3 this season. So, according you, if he goes 6-7 again – when you have to go back 58 years to 1953 to find another Bulldogs’ football team who lost more than we lost last season – he could be gone. Guess what if he goes 11-3 ? (1) He will have lost to a team who did not finish in the AP Poll Top 25 as he does every year on the average all 10 years t0-date and (2) He will not have beat a team finishing in the AP Poll Top 10.

    10 cupcakes : (1) bowl game against another nobody team – who has Mark Richt played in bowl games, go ahead who ? (2) Georgia tek (3) Kentucky (4) New Mexico State (5) Florida will never end this season in the AP Poll Top 25, never (6) Vandie (7) vols (8) Ole Miss (9) Coastal Carolina and (10) averaging # 69 recruiting class the last entire 5 years according to with a 8-23 record vs the 6 BCS Conferences, Boise State.

    There are those of you repeatedly I address in reply to your defense of Mark Richt’s “coaching staff” who has stated that Auburn is no bloody good this season, too. How great is South Carolina with 5 Losses last season ? Mississippi State has better talent than UGA, or better coaching, especially on offense ? Who do we play ?

    No one.

    That is whom it is we play this season. Of course, if we back into The SEC Championship Game 2011, we will face off against Les Miles LSU or Nick Saban’s Alabama or even Bobby Petrino Arkansas, who lost their RB for the season last week. We will be CLOCKED.

    Please, let’s all compare Mark Richt one more time to Ray Goff, since that is all you aspire to. For the rest of us, we long to beat the top teams and not lose to the bottom feeders, if that is ok with you please ?

    • Wow way to write a book and make no point…..Richt has beaten FSU, and Hawaii in the Sugar Bowl….which is a BCS bowl game that isnt exactly easy to get to. He also beat Va Tech, Michigan State, Purdue, Wisconsin, and Texas A&M…none of which can be referered to as small programs.

  • BuLLdawg,

    Let me dumb it down for you. If you read point #1 it tells you that Bobo took over the play calling in 2006 and suggests that Richt should get rid of Bobo because our W/L record from 01 thru 05 when Richt was doing the play calling was 52-13. And, from 06 through 10 when Bobo was doing the play calling our W/L record was 44-21. But, now please read closely….from 01 through 05 our offense averaged 28.7 pts./game and the defense gave up 16.3 pts./game. From 06 through 10 our offense averaged 30 pts./game and the defense gave up 22 pts./game. More importantly the last two and worse of the 10 years our offense averaged 31 pts./game and the defense gave up 24 pts./game. Does this compute?

  • Averages paint a prettier picture than reality. Reality is we put up 55 on Louisiana-LaFayette, 41 on Tennessee, 43 on Vandy, 55 on Idaho State, and 42 on Tech. In our losses, we struggled to get 6 on the Gamecocks, 12 on Miss St, and 6 on Central Florida. Offensively, we struggle against a good disciplined defense and pad the averages against weaker opponents. Our offense is predictable and there is no creativity.

    The junkyard dawgs left Athens when Van Gorder left. The effect he had on the program lasted through the Hawaii bowl game, but I haven’t seen any fight from our defense since then. When’s the last time our D-line got penetration and made a tackle in the backfield? How many yards did the Tech fullback have running right up the gut of our defense?

    Let’s not forget that when Richt took over at UGA, the SEC was down. Cutcliff had left UT for Ole Miss and the Vols struggled. So. Carolina, Vandy, and UK were bad. Zook was at UF, Bowden was in Auburn, and Alabama was in the toilet, yet we never ran the table. We backed into the East title because Florida couldn’t be Auburn, or LSU.

    You won’t find a bigger UGA fan than myself. I love UGA football, but I think it’s time for a change. Or, we can wait until the evil genius leave Columbia, hope Dooley fails at UT, pray that Muschamp doesn’t pan out. If we’re lucky, Auburn’s year will turn out to be a flash in the pan and Tech will keep Johnson forever. If we expand to 16 teams in the SEC, we won’t have to play Miss St, LSU, or the pigs but once every 12 years or so…

  • Dang!!1
    I tell you what y’all sound like a bunch of damn beat down girls. Why dodn’t y’all start pulling for the frigging Badmitton team or something.??

    I don’t need a dang book full of stats to prove some lame point. AND I will never bend over and cpitulate to Steve Surrier or nybody else for that matter.

    Glad I’m not in a Foxhole with you Skirts.

    GO DAWGS!!!!!!

  • 17-24 Auburn (7-5) 2001
    10-24 Florida (10-2) 2001
    09-14 South Carolina (9-3) 2001
    16-20 Boston College (8-4) 2001
    13-20 Florida (8-5) 2002
    10-17 LSU (13-1) 2003
    13-16 Florida (8-5) 2003
    13-34 LSU (13-1) 2003
    06-24 Auburn (13-0) 2004
    14-19 vols (10-3) 2004
    30-31 Auburn (9-3) 2005
    10-14 Florida (9-3) 2005
    35-38 West Virginia (11-1) 2005
    20-24 Kentucky (8-5) 2006
    14-21 Florida (13-1) 2006
    22-24 Vandie (4-8) 2006
    33-51 vols (9-4) 2006
    14-35 vols (10-4) 2007
    12-16 South Carolina (6-6) 2007
    10-49 Florida (13-1) 2008
    30-41 Alabama (12-2) 2008
    42-45 Georgia tek (9-4) 2008
    27-34 Kentucky (7-6) 2009
    17-41 Florida (13-1) 2009
    19-45 vols (7-6) 2009
    13-20 LSU (9-4) 2009
    10-24 Okie State (9-4) 2009
    31-49 Auburn (14-0) 2010
    31-34 Florida (8-5) 2010
    12-24 Missy State (9-4) 2010
    24-31 Arky (10-3) 2010
    06-17 South Carolina (9-5) 2010
    27-29 Colorado (5-7) 2010
    06-10 Central Florida (11-3) 2010

    34 Losses 1st 10 years. 3.4 Losses per year (14 game seasons top teams)
    Richt-0-Files talk about Wins (14 game seasons nowadays) Never Losses
    Of the 34 Losses, 10 are against teams who did not finish AP Poll Top 25
    6 more of the Losses are against teams who without their Win are not Top 25
    Of the 34 Losses, 9 are against teams who ended up AP Poll Top 10 (3 Wins)
    Of the 3 Wins vs teams finishing Top 10, Lost 4 in 2001, Lost 3 in 2005, Lost 4 in 2006
    In the 34 Losses, 616 points an average offense of 18 points and many of those 18 points a game were in fact points by the Defense and Special Teams.

    18 points a game in 34 Excruciating Losses. Fact.

    For 10 years, we AVERAGE 3.4 Losses a year.
    For 10 years, we are 3-9 vs teams finishing in the AP Poll Top 10.
    For 10 years, we have 16 Losses vs teams not Top 25 or aren’t without win over us.
    For 10 years, we have 10 Losses vs teams who did not finish AP Poll Top 25.
    For 11 years, we have given Mark Richt great credit for Avg # 7 Recruiting Class
    Avg Rivals and Recruit Rank all 11 years, Mark Rictht # 7.
    There are 3 states with more high school recruits who go on to NFL than Ga.

    When Mark Richt got here, The SEC was DOWN.
    We have not beat the top teams and we have lost to lousy teams all 10 years.
    If we are The Best team in SEC 2005, why did we finish # 3 best SEC Top 25 ?
    If SEC was not DOWN in 2002, why only 1 other # 14 Auburn in Coaches’ Poll Top 25 ?
    If Mark Richt was screwed by BCS in 2007, why no win us over team finished Top 10, while LSU has two (2) wins 2007 over teams who finished AP Poll Top 10 ?
    If Mark Richt so screwed by BCS 2007, why did we lose to 6-6 South Carolina who did not even play in a bowl game 2007 ?
    If Mark Richt so screwed by BCS in 2002, why did we go 0-11 on 3rd Down Conversions 2002 vs a Florida team who did not even end up in the Coaches’ Poll Top 25 at 8-5 who then fired their Ron Zook coach ?

    No, I think I am fine not being forced to root for just the Badminton team at UGA. I believe it is you sir, who is responsible for SETTLING for this as something great when it clearly is mediocre, sir.

  • Nobody is SETTLING for anything. We have a coach in place sir. We can sit around digging up BullCrap stats to prove a point. As amatter of fact I can pull up stats to prove how Richt is the winningest coach in his first ten years. Ahead of some of the most greatest coaches to ever grace the Gridiron. Nobody disputes UGA’s slide. It’s how you handle the adversity and Richt has more than earned the time to turn this thing around. He brought us back from what you call mediocraty. I call the Goff, Donnan dark ages. Richt is the coach this year and he WILL get all my support if he doesn’t succeed we will talk about it after the season. BUT you researching a bunch of worthless stats will have nothing to do with his firing. It is this year that counts. AND personnaly I want him to succeed!!!! I think he can recruit Georgia’s good players (something we hacen’t done since Dooley) And he represents our school with dignity. See Lane Kiffin etc. So yes I want him to win. And he will have too. But wait a couple of years for a new coach to establish a system is up to the AD not us.

    I suggest ..instead of looking up stats to prove UGA is mediocre. You pull for our team this year. And let the chips fall where they may. Your stats don’t matter to people that matter.

    Grat Richt article.

    • Well said….Either support our coach and Roll With Us or join “educated” analyst and get RolledOver on our way to Dome. Gonna be funny to see all the CMR lynch mob try to jump back on board over the next few seasons.

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